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With The Season Approaching, Tell Us A Little About Yourself

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Name: Mike & Cynthia

Age:37 & 36

Residence Location: Fife Lake MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished :Grand Traverse Bays, Frankfort, & Leland.

Years of Experience: Was probably holding a fishing rod when I popped out!

Boat Size and Info: Mako 19B center console & Slickcraft SS245 Hardtop

Boat Name: Smells Like...Fish!

I grew up on Lake St. Clair and got hooked by the salmon bug on Lake Huron when you could still catch a 32# king! Cynthia had the boat in the backyard as a kid on the St. Clair river and MIGHT have fished more than me! Some how we found each other and I am one of the lucky ones who has a full time fishing buddy!

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Captain: Shawn 31, CEO(Wife): Becky 28

Kalamazoo, MI

1986 21’ Trophy hardtop.

Mostly Fish out of St. Joe and South Haven.

“Snag Hagâ€

Since a kid I have always enjoyed being on the water and fishing, although I have to be honest, until I did Lake Michigan I was never hooked like I am today. My wife is my co-heart on the “Snag Hagâ€â€¦yea, she hates the name, but it came on the boat, what can I say? My first boat was an OLD 14 aluminum and mercury 15 horse. That was 11 years ago, and since had a 17 Sylvan that we just sold this last fall and purchased the Snag Hag.

We started Lake Michigan 3 years ago and have not looked back. We are still very new to this and learning a ton. We tend to crack jokes and laugh instead of being serious, so we don’t always fish our “A†game but we sure have fun doing it.

We are always looking to meet new people, so if you see us on the water or shore give us a shout.

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Name: Andy

Boat: 1985 Sea Ray Sundancer 250DA

Port: South Haven and beyond

Bio: Been fishing on Lake Michigan since a wee lad. Love to go out fun fishing as much as possible but enjoy the tournaments for the excitement. I get the most fun taking people out that have never been salmon fishing before or helping someone learn the sport. I am an engineer so its my nature to always tweek the spread and presentation and figure out how and why something works. If your fishing out of South Haven give the 2UNREEL a shout on 68, always willing to give and take info.

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Name: Tony Childs

Age: 42

Residence Location: Frankenmuth, MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Saginaw Bay, Ludington

Years of Experience: 32 years

Boat Size and Info: 19' Striper Walkaround

Boat Name: Eyefull

Rigging: 2 Cannon Mag10's, Big Jon doubles, arch, 10 scottys for walleye

Rods: Vast array of my customs, most stuff doesn't match, mostly scraps from spec rods

Reels: Mostly cheap Okuma Mags for walleye, Diawa Accudepths for salmon. Really would be ecstatic for someone to fully outfit/sponsor me decent reels like Satlists or Tekotas:thumb:

Bio: I grew up fishing Saginaw Bay, since I am guessing from the time I was around 10 or so. Been fishing it ever since. I took up salmon fishing about 8 years ago now to better understand my customers needs. That was the best move I have ever made, been hooked on them to the point of obsession. Building custom rods started about 10 years ago, just messing around in the offseason, and now it is job #2.

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Name:jimmy Vanbrocklin


Residence Location:holland MI.

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Holland,Portsheldon,Saugatuck

Years of Experience:???lots:p

Boat Size and Info: 1979 20 foot sea ray cuddy

Boat Name: Jimbobber

Grew up in Holland less than 2 miles from lake michigan and 3/4 mile from lake macatawa ,have fished since i can remember. Fished on several of other buddies boats and have had 2 or three of my own. In 2005 I purchased a 17 ft sea ray and started to fish salmon hard core agian.In 2006 myself and a buddy sterted JP Slammer Lures and have been having a blast ever since!I purchased my latest boat in 2009 and am curently and continually restoring it.... a labor of love! Cant wait until spring!

I am married and have two daughters Jessie 12 and Abbie 6 they both like to hunt and fish!:thumb:

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Residence Location:Waterloo,MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Ludington, St Joe, Erie

Years of Experience:30+ got "hooked" on salmon in 1975

Boat Size and Info: 21 ft Admiral, got her new in 1990 and she has been very good to me.

My dad took us to Manistee in 75 and we all got hooked on salmon then. We fished the piers and harbors for the first few years. The number of salmon stacked up in Manistee harbor if you hit it right back then was awesome. I'll never forget those days with my dad.

First started trolling in 1979 and I knew then I had to have a great lakes boat. Went through my greenhorn days in the early 80's in small boats. Had some awesome catches in my 14 ft'r when I started to get a clue. 2 homemade downriggers, a depth finder and two rods and me. Got skunked and paid my dues a bunch too. My buddy Jimmmy Jack in Ludington in the mid 80's to early 90's really taught a lot about trolling. We really got into offshore steelies after the salmon crashed due to BKD in 86. Milt Bennet on Highliner was also a mentor back in my early days. He was an offshore angler too. I remember he gave me some coordinates at St Joe in May and when we cleared piers, I realized it was 12 miles out. Made the run, saw a speck on the horizon and it was him. We were the only boats out there and just smoked em. I burn a lot of truck gas where I live and I don't mind burning boat gas either.

I've been on the water almost every weekend in summer ever since. I'm married to the coolest wife in the world, she let's me run but we like to have fun. I have two beautiful daughters who like to fish. Thank god the family loves Ludington and we have a place there for the season. Hope to see more of you guys around the docks this summer.

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Name: Scott Newman


Residence: Lima, Ohio

Areas most often fished: South Haven, MI and Catawba, OH

Experience: 30 years on Lake Erie, 3 years on Lake Michigan

Boat Size: 21 foot Wellcraft

I have been fishing Lake Erie walleye all my life, I think my first trip out on the big water was when I was 6. Caught my 10 walleye and loved every minute. :D Three years ago I saw a show on Lake Michigan salmon and it looked a lot like how I troll for walleyes on Erie. I convinced my dad who has a place in Coldwater, MI, that we should drive over and try salmon fishing. Our first trip we caught a 13lb king and a 12 lb steelie, from that point on I was hooked. Over the last 3 years we have made almost 40 trips to South Haven and St. Joe's. Last fall I got the chance to purchase a 38 foot trailer which I put on a lot at Sunny Brook Resort in South Haven. The campground opens April 15th(driving me crazy counting the days). My wife and I are teachers, so June, July, and August are going to be great for me and my fishing addiction:grin:

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Name: Brandon Reno

age: 34 years old (look 18- feel 34)

Residence: Clio, MI

Area(s) most fished: Have a place on Houghton Lake, do a lot of fishing on Sag. Bay

Experience: 25+ years fishing, very little for trout and salmon

Boat Size: 16.5 Lund Angler SS with 90 Horse Mercury and 4 horse kicker

Boat Name: sslopok

I am just getting into salmon/trout fishing. My cousin had a boat when I was younger and we use to camp and fish out of Harrisville. I had a great time catching and fishing for salmon and lake trout. Just bought downriggers and I am currently riggin my boat for the big water. Can't wait to fill the live well being the captain! Love walleye fishing but always looking for a new challenge. I am a teacher so I have the perfect job to get out on the water. Hope to meet some of you guys/girls on the dock.


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Name: Brandon Failing

age: 24

Residence: Flint Mi

Area(s) Saginaw Bay and Genesee County Local Lakes

Experience: New to the Bay, been fishing since I can remember

Boat Size: Lund 1700 pro sport 75 merc and 6 kicker

Boat Name: Flat Busted

Ive had the pleasure of being taught alot throughout forums and they are a wonderful tool. I dont know where I would be with out it. :thumb:

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Name:Adam Marchbanks


Residence Location:Kawkawlin

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Saginaw Bay and Ludington/manistee

Years of Experience: 24 years on the bay and about 10 on the west side

Boat Size and Info:21' hydra sports

Boat Name:AJ

I grew up near Saginaw Bay and have been fishing there since i was 5 when Dad got his boat. It turned into an obssession and over time we expanded our recreational fishing to tournaments and then my Uncle got a charter licesnse and dad worked on their as mate. Fishing and hanging around the docks i landed a job of my own on Summer Remedy III Charters and resided on that boat for a solid 10 years. Learned a ton about Saginaw Bay, Walleye and Walleye fishing. Also cut my teeth Salmon fishing off this rig and also worked out of Port Austin or Oscoda in the fall years ago before heading west to Manistee and Ludington...Like is said, i do the majority of my fishing on Saginaw Bay. Start the year avidly pursuing walleye on the ice from December thru late March and god willing into early April. Nothing like pulling walleye through a round hole. Then its time to tukey hunt. Once thats over its back to the Bay from May-late June for walleye, then its off to the gold coast to fish salmon from July-late September. Then its time to goose hunt, then duck season, a little deer and phez and other small game until its time to hit the ice again. Basically if it runs, slithers, flies crawls or swims im in pursuit.:thumb: Michigans outdoors has allot to offer and i try to experience all i can....Too bad we have to work!:rolleyes:


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Nick Thelen


St. Louis, Mi

Normally fish Lake Michigan from Holland to Muskegon

Fished all my life, salmon fishing 5-6 years

22' Sportcraft

"Sugar Mama"

I grew up fishing perch on Higgins Lake with my grandpa. We also did a lot of ice fishing and fished on the creeks and ponds around our house. About 10 years ago my brother and I booked a charter for our first time salmon fishing with a few friends. We actually had a horrible experience but decided to go out again the next year on a different boat. Stumbled upon Ed Stell out of Ludington and had a ball. Went back for a few years until he retired. By then a couple of guys from work had taken me out on their small boats so I bolted a board across the back of my 20' Regal bowrider and gave it a shot. Now I'm hooked! It seems like there is always something to learn and a new challenge to keep me on my toes. We upgraded to the new boat with a bathroom for my wife, whom the boat is named after. I started doing a little walleye fishing in the past few summers and plan on expanding on that. Ready for the summer!

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Clyde Richardson


Experience: Big Lake 4 years, freshwater river and lake fishing - 45.

Waters: Lake Mi out of Muskegon

Boat: 16.5 Lund, "Real Therapy"

I grew up in Northern IL fishing the Mississippi River. I moved to MI and got into inland lake fishing, then fall fishing for salmon in the Kzoo river, fly fishing and tying, then finally into big lake fishing. I have had the privilege of fishing from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Chesepeake Bay and Bar Harbor to tuna fishing on the Pacific out of Oregon, and down to Mexico to catch sailfish.

I don't live to fish, but fishing makes me easier to live with.

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Dan Trieloff

age 47

reside in Whitewater Wi.

Fish out of Millwaukee down to Kenosha

This will be my 4th yr on the pond. Best times out is when young kids on board.

Boat- MirroCraft 18'

No boat name as of yet.

Have fished all my life, mainly gills and walleye. Jiggin is my fav. Wife used to fish. Tells me I fish enough for both of us.

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Name: Terry Armstrong

Age: 38

Residence Location: Whitehall, Mi

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Whitehall to Muskegon

Years of Experience: 25 years, 6 years Solo with my own boat

Boat Size and Info: 23 ft Slickcraft

Boat Name: BigTreble

My first trip was with a 3 of my dads friends. When I was a wee-lad my years ago. We up with 20 kings in just a few hours, and from that moment is was totally hooked on big lake fishing. And I still get that feeling, I got on that day every time I go out. And I do not think I will ever lose that feeling. And for that I would to thank my Dad and Captain Hector. If any you are up Whitehall way give me a shout on the radio.

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My name is Mike Chamberlin the boat is a 23' 1973 John Allmand citation II. The MC2 named after my self and my partner Mike Corder. We are going to be slipped in slip #113 at Brians Marina in St Joseph this year. Give us a shout any time always glad to share information. I have been fishing the great Lakes and Lake Michigan in particular since 1970, and have fished St Joe extensively in the 80's and 90's also spent a lot of time out of Manistee. Last year we were in South Haven. Moved to St Joe for the fishing and its about $1,000 less for a slip. See you on the lake. We are set up with 4 Walker electrics, 14 rod holders and our electronics include a Garmin GPS, LCX 17 Graph and standard marine radio we keep on channel 68.


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Residence Location:Sarnia, Ontario

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Lake Huron east shore. Lake St Clair, Lake Erie north shore.

Years of Experience:who knows do you just count trolling or go back to the kid with a bobber and worm.

Boat Size and Info:22' Reinell day cruiser

14' Sylvan Sea Snapper

2000 Skidoo touring w Clam Yukon

Boat Name:Fishin'Machine

I just found this forum last week and signed up.

We start out in lake Huron for Spring Salmon, Move Ontario for some bigger Kings than what are available on Huron and then to Erie for the Walleye and Steel. We fish Lake St Clair for Perch and Musky. Ususally a trip up North in the summer for Bass and Walleye. Ice fish as well for whatever will bite usually perch. Along with the lakes listed above I like to fish both Lake Michigan and Ontario for Salmon.

Edited by GLF
Removed plug.
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Name: Tom Torrice

Age: 55

Residence Location: Chelsea, MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Detroit River, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan-St Joe, Muskegon, Manistee, Lake Ontario Oak Orchard Creek.

Years of Experience: since I was 5 so 50 years

Boat Size and Info: 19.5' Starcraft Fishmaster, 150OB 15 kicker

Boat Name: Tangle Factor

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. I started on the great lakes around 1995 fishing for walleye on Erie. My first boat was a 16' Lowe Lunker with a 50hp OB. I caught a lot of fish in that boat. I fish as much as I can now. For the last 3 years I have spent a week on Lake Ontario fishing for the "Big Kings". I also have a small business tying flies for fly fishing for some of the local fly shops, and enjoy casting a fly rod on a quiet river.

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Name: Scott

Age: 46

Residence Location: Kalamazoo

Area(s) Most Often Fished: South Haven, St. Joseph, St. Ignace

Years of Experience: 10+

Boat Size and Info: 24 ft Seaswirl

Boat Name: Damsel Fly

The picture below is from about 1979 or 1980. My dad had a friend with a nicely rigged Trojan sport fisher. We would sit by the phone on Sundays dreaming and hoping that we might get an invitation to go to South Haven and catch salmon. We frequently did.

In 1982 my dad decided to buy a boat of his own. He aboslutely loved it, and together we learned more and more about salmon fishing on the great lakes until he unexpectantly died 3 years later at the age of 48.

My mother, siblings and I continued to use the boat for a couple of more years, but it wasn't the same, and we eventually sold it.

Now, for the last several years, I have been taking my kids out, and I'm certain I love it more than they, but they humor me. I honestly cannot tell you how fun it was, the very first time out with the kids, telling them all the old stories, and trolling around for a couple of hours without a bite. All of a sudden a rod popped, my 10 year grabbed it, and 25 minutes later I netted a 15 pound king. His eyes were as big as saucers!

A few years later, he brings 'em in like a pro. I sure hope they have the same memories that I do.

Wow that was a long time ago. Check out these pictures! Where'd my hair go....?


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name- sherman brown

age- 59 60 in may

home- muncie in.

area fished- genava ohio=walleye

yrs fishing-as long as i can remember

boat sz- 28 ft amberjack=this year

boat name- last chance

i started fishing farm ponds and small rivers in tenn. age? moved to indiana in 1965. fished small lakes and rivers. got married in 71 went into the marine corps in 72 got out in 76. started fishing manistee lake in fall of 76. started the big water of lk mi. in 77. did most of my salmon fishing in new buffalo mi and southhaven mi. still loved fishing manistee lake. somewhere started fishing western basin lake erie. first trip was in 16 ft tri hull open bow. last trip for that boat.LOL. about 12 yrs ago moved to fishing central basin geneva oh then about 8 yrs ago got sick and quit fishing. 2 yrs ago my oldest son talked me into going with him and his family for vacation in my 21 ft cobia. with him doing most of the work, i fell in love all over again. went again last year. last fall got some back pay on disibility bought a 28 ft amberjack. never had it in the water yet. but with my sons help we plan on useing it plenty in july and aug. this year. my wife dont fish but she loves to camp, works out great. really look forward to useing the chamberlain release on my 4 new electric downriggers. my favorite fish is when someone hasnt ever caught a big fish and they get a rod with a big steelhead on it. i never reel one in anymore. if i get the rod, i hand it off and just smile.LOL. have a great season to everybody


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Just shy of the big 50

Been fishing for ever.

I love boats, and currently have 3 of them.

Style points are worth something, but good old fashioned hard work is the best way.

2 children (krista 20-Jacob 16), and a forgiving wife of 21+ years.

I get bored with television, so I spend way to much time on the fishing sites :)

Photography is a second passion.


1, Tiara 2000 polished, and decked out.

2, 17' Sea Nymph for Walleye wishing.

3, 1965 16' MFG Custom. Just for fun.

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Name: John S.

Age: 42

Residence Location: Zeeland

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Port out of Holland, Saugatuck, Grand Haven, Port Sheldon

Years of Experience: 10

Boat Size and Info: 2003 Baha Cruiser 277 GLE

Boat Name: Docked Wages

Started out salmon fishing in 2001 when I bought my first new boat. I had a 17 foot Lund Fisherman with a 135 Hp Mercury Optimax, and a 6 Hp Yamaha kicker. Fished this boat for a few years, and then kids came along. Wife thought boat was too small so I sold it and saved up for another larger one. Fished on a buddys 14' tin can in the interim pariod. Found a boat two years ago that met the wife's requrements, and my needs which is my 28' Baha.:thumb:

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