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  1. I decided to get a new one… But sold my old one first while the selling was good last year. Part of my delay of buying the new boat is deciding on what I really want, the question of slip or no slip small or big old or new… I guess at least it's a good problem to have, but still wish I could find what I want. I also figured that I could learn a lot by doing some riding early this year with other people as well…
  2. Hey Terry, I will fish it if I find a new boat:eek:, if not then I will donate through the HSH, website link. Great idea… This a good way for fishermen to unite and protect a great natural resource.
  3. Agreed......I have dealt with them several times and was disappointed...
  4. Whats wrong with the dog? I was able to hook a piece of clear hose to the carb port and use a shop vac to "pressurize" the tank through the fill port, one it started syphoning it worked till empty....... Just a thought
  5. . :lol:LMAO!!! Never heard that one, needed that thanks!
  6. Great job driving the boat terry! lol Great job catching those fish!!
  7. Great job Roger, I am sure the Huns in packerville would like if you shared
  8. Hey, I just saw this on craigslist, you selling already?
  9. Great job on the slow June bite, his smile says it all..
  10. In the pursuit of saving automobile gas to burn in my boat, I found a summer storage facility in South Haven that has worked really well for me. Maple Grove Marine is a storage and repair marine located south east of South Haven. It is 1 mile north of the round about on M-43. I have been storing my boat there for 3 years now and have zero complaints. Mark the owner is very laid back and easy to get along with. My boat is stored in a locked pole barn back off the road. It is easy 24 hour access and big doors for backing up. I have figured it out that it takes 7 trips to break even on fuel alone, but I really like that I can leave EVERYTHING on and ready to fish out of the sun and weather. Just thought I would pass along a service that has worked great for me. If you call Mark be sure to let him know Shawn Pollack reccomended ya. Maple Grove Marine Storage, LLC 9391 C.R. 689, South Haven, Michigan 49090 Telephone: (269) 637-7825 www.SouthHavenMarineStorage.com [email protected]
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