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  1. Steve, Was he in a marina or was the boat in his yard?
  2. We tie the main line to the bead chain, then the 2 to 3 foot leader then tie a swivel to the end of the leader.
  3. We run a bead chain with about a 2 to 3 foot leader in front of the paddle. This will stop the line twist which is causing your break offs.
  4. That is there Orange Monkey Puke. Blade is gold with orange edges. The Stock number is # YOO. But they are out of business last I knew
  5. Nice job. We are heading over there on the 24th of this month to pre fish for a tournament on the 27th out of linwood and we have been setting up copper rigs for that. Glad to see they will work like we were hoping.
  6. They are by far the best in that aspect that I found. Saw them at the show in Grand Rapids and that is where see saw the quality first hand. Top Shelf all the way. We got the Captain Package. Rock Solid.
  7. Put one on last year and love it. Great people and super product.
  8. What water were you working? We went 12 for 14 yesterday in 110 to 140. In front of old channel trail.
  9. You are welcome! Ray is a great guy and likes to talk. He also will make any spoon you can dream up. Good luck and full coolers
  10. It is a Flintstone. It is called Do-Little or Do-More not sure. One has the purple and the other is orange
  11. Nice job, Glad to see the fish are in THE HALL
  12. Nice work Don, glad to see the fish are starting to turn on.
  13. Heading over Thursday and Friday hope we can find some fish. Great Job
  14. Saw your pic from Saturday great day. Sunday sounded slow all over. Nice job Don!
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