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With The Season Approaching, Tell Us A Little About Yourself

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In looking at the few threads and seeing the wealth of knowledge here, I was thinking it might be nice to share a little information about ourselves potentially in an effort to help others.

It's nice to know someone who fishes the same area as you, lives nearby or wants to bounce info off of one another.

Here's the basic format I was thinking of for those who want to share their information:



Residence Location:

Area(s) Most Often Fished:

Years of Experience:

Boat Size and Info:

Boat Name:

Feel free to supply as little or as much information as you would like and feel comfortable with. I just thought it might be a nice starting point for those who fish the same waters to get to know each other and perhaps begin an information share or something similar.

I'll Begin:

Name: Phil Metz

Age: 36

Residence Location: Palatine, IL

Area(s) most often Fished: Waters off of Winthrop Harbor, Il and Kenosha, WI

Years of Experience: 2 months on the big lake but 31 years on east coast saltwater and freshwater locations

Boat Size and Info: 17ft Tracker Dual console with 115hp Mercury outboard

Boat Name: In Too Deep

My wife and I relocated to Illinois 3 years ago and after spending a few years on shore decided to pick up an aluminum dual console last year. We launch most often out of North Point Harbor in Winthrop Harbor, IL.

Due to circumstances, we only had the boat out for the months of July and August but did well enough to be excited about this coming season.

Over the years I've done everything from kayak fish saltwater bays and marshes, shark and tuna fish off the Jersey coast to tying flies for finicky east coast trout.

Now that we have the boat there's a whole new realm of possibilities. Looking forward to an exciting 2011.

Thanks all.

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Matt Mishler

16 years old

evart michigan


21ft rinker the bob-along

charter boat i work on 31 silverton Killin' Time 3

I grew up salmon fishing and thats about it at the age of 8 i was hooked by a 5 pound coho. I never quit learning and for my age i do know how to run the back deck

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Peter and LeAnna Stockoski (Age 33 and 31)

Portage, MI. (In transit within Portage area)

Lk. Michigan: South Haven. Lk. Huron: Port Austin/Grindstone. Lk. Superior: Munising Bay.

Only about two years salmon fishing experience. Been fishing entire life.

The "Troll 'N Yooper" is a 17' Tracker Deep-V with 40 hp Evinrude.

Wife is from the U.P. so we fish up there alot. Got the boat about two months after we were married. Love perch fishing in South Haven, bass and walleye fishing in Port Austin and salmon and trout in the U.P. Learned most about salmon fishing from this site and trial and error. Love all the info and discussion this site provides. But we fish mostly inland lakes for bluegills and anything else, but salmon fishing has gotten into our blood over the past years.

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Name: Aaron Holoway

Age: 38

Residence Location: Jenison

Area(s) Most Often Fished: holland, monroe, benton harbor, ludington

Years of Experience: 30

Boat Size and Info: 22 bayliner sierra sunbridge

Boat Name: Line Dancin

I have grown up around the salmon industry. I started custom building rods at 11 for angler tackle in port huron. I worked the shows for angler tackle. michigan fisherman magazine and the detroit area steelheaders starting at age 6 with my dad. At 16 i was asked by Herter Shuller and Spy to start field testing for Penn Yakima Helin Worden and Silstar(penn product). I love rooster tails for browns in the spring still. Most of the field testing was on river fishing equipment for trout and steelhead, including fly equipment. While working for them till 23 when i moved to east jordan. we did a trip a year to washington state to tour plants and fish(and get free equipment). Wish i would have never moved north and got out of that gig. Shortly after i moved Mr Herter was diagnosed with a inoperable spine tumor and passed a couple years after moving north. The company changed direction without Jim there and i lost contact with the other guys there. I worked under Karen eppinger at Eppinger tackle in dearborn while in high school and under Chuck Cartwright at eppinger tackle before he created Wolverine tackle. As a teen i worked on a few different boats in the ludington area during the summers. I for years did all the tournaments with my dad around the state. Now i am just an everyday fisherman out for the fun of it. I got tired of fishing being a job and got away from fishing all together for a couple years. i just needed a break. Now it is just for the fun. I still dont do much river fishing anymore.

I always had an interest in diving as our steelheaders booth was always next to a dive shop at the shows. When i was old enough to do it without my parents say i was registered in dive classes and have never looked back. Now my two and a half year old walks around the house with an old regulator saying he is diving to catch fish.

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Adam Robakowski

29 Years Old

Milwaukee, WI

Fish any water between Milwaukee and Port Washington

Fishing the pond since 2007

24' Sea Ray, upgraded from a pleasure boat to a salmon fishing machine, this is my first year with it though, all other years have been a Lund 16.5'

Boat Name: One Adam 12

I am from Milwaukee, always lived in the city and will until 2032 when I retire and move to a secluded cabin in the woods in northern WI.

I love fishing deep water, and I normally start early early in the morning, hate slide divers, and I am looking to expand my board set ups this year. I'm married no kids 2 dogs..... Wife doesnt like fishing so most mornings it's just me, my thoughts, and some backwoods cigars (quit cigarettes so I need something). I also like any fishing forum other than lake-link.....

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Steve Kelly

32 royal oak, mi

Huron I fish Sebewaing, Port Austin, Harbor beach and Grindstone. Detroit river, Luna pier (Erie)

Lake michigan Manistee, St Joe

Boats 18 lund ssv ( Bladerunner) and 23 donzi fisherman (project boat) Privateer.

I Started really getting back into salmon 2 years ago after changing to walleye after the Huron collapse. Mainly fish Erie till april for early may for walleye and then Saginaw bay till mid june and then outer bay and S Huron for salmon and walleye. I will be fishing the WMFL out of Holland this year for my salmon fix and Manistee in the fall. Last year was my best season for walleye and a good start to my salmon numbers. I am lucky enough to fish 3 weekends out of the month But will only be going over to L Mi once a month.

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Name: Joel Zoller

Age: 27

Residence Location: Grand Rapids

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Pentwater, thinking whitehall next summer

Years of Experience: going on my 3rd year

Boat Size and Info: 22' crestliner sabre g/l

Boat Name: currently Ms. Kathy, havent gotten to the ritual of changing the name since we bought it last summer

Occupation: High School Science Teacher

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Name: Josh Keeran

Age: 29

Residence Location: Caledonia, Wisconsin

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Racine, Wi (fish N. to milwaukee and S. Kenosha)

Years of Experience: 18

Boat Size and Info: 2000 Tiara 29 Open

Boat Name: First In

I started first mating on charter boats at the age of 12. From there on all my time from April to November was devoted to salmon fishing. While most kids spent their summers playing with friends i was out on fishing charters, often three trips a day back then. I knew from the start i wanted to run my own boat.

The first thing i did after graduating college in 2005 was buy my own charter boat. That was a 27 foot Baha and i have just been trying to grow my operation ever since.

I still occasionally work on other charter boats, but i really love the stress, excitement, thrill, and sense of accomplishment running my own boat. There is no better feeling then seeing the look on someones face when they catch their first lake michigan fish.

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Name: Mike Heckman

Age: 43

Residence Location: Otsego, MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished: South Haven last season, 3 years before that in Musekgon

Years of Experience: ?

Boat Size and Info: 27' Sea Ray Amberjack

Boat Name: GLF

I started fishing with my father on Lake Michigan in 1975. We fished alot through 1979 when my parents divorced. In 1983 my father purchased another boat and we began salmon fishing again. In Dec 1985 I went into the worlds finest navy. I got out of the navy in Dec of 1989.

In 1993 I got into bass fishing. I purchased a bass boat in 1994. As soon as the ice was I was chasing coho in St. Joseph. I got into tournament bass fishing in 1995, and found myself fishing tournaments all over Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. After 8 years of tournament bass fishing I got to a point where I did not enjoy bass fishing unless I was fishing in a tournament. I sold the boat in 2004.

In November 2003 I started building our house. We moved in 1 April 2005. We made two house payments for 18 months. Our other house finally sold in Oct 2006, and I signed the papers on our boat the next day. I fished 3 years in Muskegon and the last year in South Haven. If we keep the boat, it will be back in Muskegon.

I was playing around with domain names in December 2005 and came across this domain name. I opened the doors to this website in January 2006. If you build it they will come. ;)

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ali beydoun roseville, michigan

age 25

experience over 15 years

waters fished, harbor beach,port sanilac, portsheldon, st clair river

boat 16.5 tracker targa

i started fishing at 5 old at my granpas house in harbor beach everyday during spring and summer for jumbo perch and salmon and trout on his 22 foot starcraft i still love chasing fish on the eastside and do ok i make a few trips over to the west side each year i boated over 140 salmanoids last year even with some serious health issues and plan to improve that this year. i also whip at night on the river and want to start jigging and learn how to troll better this year for walleye. i ice fish st clair quite a bit as well look forward to this upcoming season as im getting tired of the cold usually its just me and my girlfreind fishing and she usually sleeps or just reads a book dosent even like to reel them in i hope to change that this year as last year one night right as the sun broke the horizon all hell broke loose every rod went off within 5 minutes some how between me sterring the boat relling fish in and her just watching and holding net managed to land all i have leared to do quite well fishing solo or with her lol:grin:

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Name: Steve Ash

Age: 52

Residence Location: Charlotte, Michigan (Eaton County)

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Bays de Noc. Practically lived on Big Bay de Noc

Years of Experience: Grandpa took me fishing when I was about 6

Boat Size and Info: 19' Thompson I/O, Lowrance HDS5, T-mast and planer boards, Shoreline trailer

Boat Name: Kristen Lynn

I'm probably the only person on this forum who doesn't fish for Salmon/Trout. Not that I don't want to learn, just never had the opportunity. I am mostly a walleye, perch and northerns guy only because that's all I have done.

My wife loves to fish which is a blessing....no complaints about buying more tackle, etc. in fact she asked me today if I have bought any Berkley Flicker Shads yet.

I was raised on a 2,000 acre farm, but left it in 1989 to become a building contractor which I have done since.

I love the water, not only love to fish but I have been into scuba diving since 1974. Served on two sheriff's search and rescue dive teams, certified advanced open water, ice diver, equipt. maintenance, night diver along with training in search and rescue.

There.....you know just about everything about me.

Oh, I also have done a complete frame off resoration to my 1969SS396 Chevelle which we used to go all over the state competing and participating in car show.

Now you know it all....:grin:

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Name: Bob LaBorn

Age: 39 :eek: Dang! How'd I get this old already!!!!

Residence Location: Villa Park, IL.

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Grand Haven, MI.

Years of Experience: Salmon-4, other 30+

Boat Size and Info: 19.5ft Proline w/ T-top, 115 Mercury

Boat Name: Summer School

I spent my summers, as long as I can remember, at my grandfather's cabin in Ferrysburg. I started fishing there at a young age and haven't stopped. I fish mostly with my dad and sometimes other family members. Dad and I started this 4 yrs ago and we're still learning. We're usually on the water from late April to September. Looking forward to spring and hoping for another good year.

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hey all, Name=Eric , Age= 28, live in Mt.Pleasant MI , Fishing location =primarily the saginaw bay, getting back into the the salmon on lake mich, Boat= Lund 1800 fisherman,length=18.9 ft with 90 hp 4 stroke honda and a 15 horse johnson kicker,all rigged up for river jiggin and also mast planner boards for trolling, Experiance = have fished big water since i was 10, as a capt. of my own boat 8 years, boat name= BEATZ WORKIN. I am still learning alot of techniques and have over the last couple years started to get a solid gameplan for most trips, thats keeps me succesfull, i work for a utility company and work alot of hours, so its hard to stay consistent but as i would love to get out more but that depends on alot, thanks everyone, good luck be safe

Edited by Beatz Workin
forgot all the info
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Name: Dave and Jenn Ash

Age: 28 and 31

Residence Location: Holland Michigan

Area(s) Most Often Fished: I spent many of my younger years fishing kings on lake michigan with my father. During high school he sold the boat as we did not fish as much as we use too. I did not fish again until I started in during my freshman year in college. This time I was fishing on the piers for Kings, browns, steel. After a while however the now Mrs. Ash was sick of my all night adventures and insisted I buy a boatl:) OK;) I ended up buying a new to me boat last year and havent looked back. As much fun as people make of me I also love to fish carp on light line when I can not make it on the big pond... DONT KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT.

Years of Experience: All of my life

Boat Size and Info: 18 foot Lowe 2 riggers 2 triple rod tree's 2 divers.

Boat Name: "Black Ops" or "Too Short" cant decide... nothing is painted on her now as the entire boat needs a new paint job

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Location:Livonia Mi (west Detroit suburb)

  1. age :37
  2. Years

    1. I have been fishing the big Lakes since being a kid. I have just learned the Detroit river as I have only been fishing that for 10 years or so

      : 30 trolling for walleye and salmon

      1. Waters fished: mostly Detroit River and Lake Erie but nothin beats a sunrise on Michigan with a double!
      2. Boat:19 ft Smokercraft w/ 135 Opti,pro kicker,soon a Terrova I pilot,23 rod holders,with a blood hound nose on it to find fish

I have spent a ton of time on the water since the late '90s, I fished on a 26 ft sea ray with big boards and a full 12 rod spread for walleyes every weekend for 6 years out of Luna pier Mi. While doing this,during the week I would take my small boat out to learn the Mighty Detroit River. I really figured out that I was not as good as I could be when I saw the Detroit River Pwt weigh in (they all had huge fish). So I spent a ton of time reading InFisherman books (walleye wisdom and some critical concepts), fishing every method in all the books, and learning from the Captains at Luna Pier. At this point I was pretty good;) I still was lacking something and was stalled out in my learning. Thats when I met Lance Valentine and his walleye 101 program. This program did for me what was not going to happen with out it. It organized all that info I allready had. A couple years later and I was keeping up with all the tourney guys. I fished a couple of small tourneys and I found out that I don't like it. I hate having to leave a hot bite when I am catching fish and know they are not gonna win. Everyone allways asked me"what do I have to do to get on your boat?" So I spent the last two years taking girls and new people out to practice teaching them to fish.Then I got my Captains License. I am helplessly addicted to fishing! I allways want to spend more time on the water and I believe that I can teach most anyone at least a couple things that will help them catch more fish ( most I could teach a ton). I love teaching people how to fish!!!

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Name: Jon Marvin

Age: 43

Residence Location: Dorr, MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Port Sheldon, Holland, MI.

Years of Experience: Salmon-3

Boat Size and Info: 1987 FourWinns 245 Vista

Boat Name: N II DEEP

Equipment: 2 older cannon digitrol II, home-made trees & several rod holders, (thinking about building a rocket launcher across the trees)

Rods & Reels is a mix and match bunch.

4 - braided dispy rods

1 - wire dispy rod - in the making

2 full cores

2 half cores

3 SWR - 1.5, 2, 3 color lead

2 copper setups

4 rigger rods

This will be my 3rd year of fishing Lk Michigan. Have had the boat for the past 15 years as a family cruiser. Went fishing with my buddy Ryan and I was hooked, I started buying used equipment off craigslist so I don't have alot $$ wrapped up. I enjoy doing the WMFL, it a good bunch of guys. the first time I fished the Port Sheldon aboard N II DEEP we took big fish and 1st place for that weekend with Ryan and Ken in the boat. Ryan"undertoe" and Ken "Nailer" have taught me alot and I enjoy fishing with them.

Now that I am back in Michigan full time I plan to get out at least every weekend this summer.

Spring is almost here 4 - 6 weeks and the boat will be out of storage.

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name: milt coppersmith


reseidence location:manitowoc,wi

areas most often fished:manitowoc,two rivers,kewaunee,and sheboygan

been fishing for ten years on lake michigan

yar-craft 1785dc(171/2 foot):thumb:

trained for 2 years with a local captain. I have been hooked ever since.:grin::grin:

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Name:Terry Price


Residence Location:Allegen mi.

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Holland/ Saugatuck

Years of Experience:I started salmon fishing at 7 with my dad and his freinds and have been at it ever since. And now I first mate for Tangled Mess charters when im not on my own boat.

Boat Size and Info:221 Starcraft Islander

Boat Name: Dirty Dog II

I grew up fishing on the rabbet river for every thing from salmon in the fall to steelhead all winter and spring and pike and small mouth all summer, and after I grad. from high school I bought my first Islander in 1990.

Now I fish out of the Holland Saugotuck area 3 to 4 days a week weather permiting from April to November. I also have a addition chaseing panfish mainly on the ice, but also from a boat, I have a 15 ft sea nymph that I fish all the small lks in Allegan , Barry and Van Burren co. along with the Kalamazoo river for steelhead and walleye.

Ive averaged 257 times on the water/ ice a year for the past 20 yrs.

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Name; Kevin Lacey

Age; 55

Occ; Farmers Insurance Agent

Boat; 22' Century 4000 Cuddy

Exp; 50 years but only 7 on the big lake

Area; Port Sheldon, Holland

Home; Zeeland, MI

Sold the bass boat 8 years ago and started fishing for salmon with my 3 sons. Have fished about 30 tourny in the last 5 years with at least 2 sons on board. This is as good as it gets for me. Try to get out a least twice a week. Love the challenge of trying to outsmart the fish on every trip. Lake MI is an awesome resourse.

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Name:Tom Andris


Residence Location:Rockford Mi 4 days a week/Chesterfield,mi 3 days a week

Area(s) Most Often Fished:Port Sheldon

Years of Experience:12 on the big lake

Boat Size and Info:1996 221 Islander

Boat Name: Dirty Laundry

Started fishing for salmon from the Petoskey pier when I was 7 years old. First fish was a 16lb lake trout. Spent a couple summers in my teens fishing from a friend of the family's boat out of Pentwater. In 1998 I finally got a boat I could put downriggers on and went back to Petoskey and caught my first salmon on my own boat. Dinked around out of Grand Haven for a few years and got a bit more serious in 2001.

I was a part of the first Manistee fun tournament back in 2002 that was the birthplace of the WMFL. Fish the WMFL every once in a while but can never commit to an entire season.

Currently a committee member for the Dreamweaver Charity tournament. I'm the fat guy that calls out the raffle numbers.

Married with 2 children 14 and 12

Here's my first big lake fish


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Name: Kyle Jansen

Age: 28

Residence Location: Wausau, Wi

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Sturgeon Bay

Years of Experience: not quite sure

Boat Size and Info: 26' Century 7000 w/ custom hardtop

Boat Name: Slammin Salmon

I started going out fishing with my Dad as soon as I was old enough to hold a fishing pole. Since we live in central WI the majority of fishing for us was on lakes and rivers but we usually made it out to the big pond a couple times a year. For the last six years or so though I have been spending more and more time on the big pond and less time on the inland lakes, I just can't get enough of it.

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Kevin E.


Holland, give or take 100 miles

Caught my first salmon in 1979, was taking out dad's Holiday as soon as I got my license (learner's permit in my family meant you learned how to back the boat in at noon on Saturday) and bought my first boat with a student loan in 1995.


14' Sea Nymph

215 Four Winns Sundowner

14' Rouge River canoe

13' 1956 Chris Craft Baracuda.

All above have been used to catch salmon.

I'm pretty much the first boat out of Holland (3-13 last year) and the last boat to leave (12-4). I can fish about any program anywhere but really love throwing down in the harbor or fishing the skinny water. Also troll the rivers as all winter weather permitting, and sometimes not.

Wife sometimes fishes with me, 7 year old daughter is a tear, 4 year old loves to ice fish but will only fish on the boat with the cabin. Amazing how many of life's lessons have been learned by the kids while on the water.

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Name: Jim Wolfe

Age: 47 with a young mind and old body

Residence Location: West Allis Wisconsin, suburb of Milwaukee

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Fish out of Milwaukee

Years of Experience: One , Started fishing the gaps in my small 16ft boat and been hooked ever since.

Boat Size and Info: Tracker Targa , 17v, 115hp optimax, 15hp 4 stroke kicker. Full controls.

Boat Name: Woof-N-Fish

Autobody repair Technician 26yrs. Married w/ 2 kids , 20 and 18. My wife does fish with me but not every time out. I think she enjoys eating all the fish more. I used to fish inland lakes for bass, walleye, panfish. But I think I have finally my place on the water. I plan on fishing for more perch this year possibly down in Waukeagen Il. Also trying out of Racine this year also.

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Name: Ben Lubbers

Age: 21

Residence Location: Zeeland, MI

Area(s) Most Often Fished: Holland, MI

Years of Experience: Been fishing as long as I can remember, Salmon fishing for 5 years

Boat Size and Info: 1974 Slickcraft SS-235 (23.5')

Boat Name: Undecided right now

I'm the oldest in a family of 6 kids. I picked up fishing from my uncles and cousins because my dad never really fished much. For as long as I can remember i've been asking my parents to take me fishing and they have obliged for the most part for which I am thankful. There have been more time than I can count that they have gone out of their way to make me happy, even to the point of spoiling me. I've been fishing out of a 16' tin boat for 10 years mostly on inland lakes. I love to fish for anything from bluegills to catfish using anything from stick and line to a fly pole. In the past five years I was introduced to big lake fishing by some friends at church and have been hooked ever since. After being kept off the water a lot this year by conditions and having trouble trying to take friends out in such a little boat I decided to upgrade and bought the Slickcraft. I haven't had the boat on the water yet but can't wait to get out this spring. I'm hoping that I get the chance to take a lot of family and friends out with me.

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