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  1. Holland am, 9-21

    When I solo fish, which is most of the time, I will put a meat rig on one rod if nothing else is working. Extra rods always helps. September seems a little slower this year.
  2. Were you bouncing the bottom with your spin and glows or just running deep as you stated?
  3. Holland am, 9-21

    I had the same problem earlier this month with meat. I guess it's all in the timing. They said the meat rig was bit pretty quick. It was a very nice looking steelhead.
  4. Holland am, 9-21 1/1 with a 4# laketrout taken on 270 cu with Green RV-1 Flounder Pounder, in 129 fow at 10:16 am, 2.8 sog, north troll. I must have had the fish on for awhile. When I brought the line in, it got stuck in the eyelet when the copper started to separate and unraveI. I cut away the bad parts, rejoined the line and brought the fish in. My swivel must not have been rotating. No other releases. Very bouncy 3-4 ft rollers not the 1ft forecast. Another boat out there caught a 12# steelhead in 145 fow on green meat rig down 100ft on a rigger. I was lucky enough to weigh it while I was waiting to clean my fish. They were fishing friends of mine. I guess I need to buy some more meat?
  5. You did better than most of us, congrats! PS. It's not fair you caught my fish. Enjoy though!
  6. Lots of bait but only one release in 107 fow at 7:54 am. Dropped lines in at 80fow, fished 110-130 mostly. Used variety of lures, flies and plugs. I saw only two other boats out. Attached pics of bait piles.
  7. I saw you in the channel as I was coming in around 12:30, you were nearing its end. Kids looked like they were still having a good time. I was wondering how the channel fishing was going? Thanks for the update.
  8. Holland 8-12pm, 9-14-17 I thought I would go deeper today to see if the bite might improve. Fished 180-260, but mostly 245-260. Results: 1/1 3.96# laketrout on flounder pounder green RV-1 on DR down 102 bk 35, se troll, 2.3 sog, ball temp 45 in 237 fow at 8:44 am. Nothing after that. Attached a few screen pics to show you what was out there. Alot of fish hanging at 50 degree mark. Ran all spoons from thermocline to 250 down. Hope the bite improves!
  9. Holland 8am-12 My 3 rods struckout today. Fish were on otherside of the lake. Lots of marks 125-150. 90 ft down was 50 degree mark. Also pounded the bottom for laketrout in 110-123 fow, nobody home. Used a variety of lures and trolling directions. Attach some screen shots. Hope this helps others.
  10. No wake laws should apply to all, regardless of boat size, even throw in a little courtesy too.
  11. No wake laws only apply to boats with small beams from what I have observed in the channel. I guess we will have to keep a closer eye on you cut down on all that channel commotion.
  12. Timing is everything! What did your king weigh?
  13. 19lb king is still quite a prize!
  14. Port Sheldon am, 8-30-17 1 for 2. Lines in the water at 7:50. 1st hit at 9:30, DR down 77ft, 2.6 sog, nw troll, in 143 fow, ball temp 49.7, on speckled dick meat rig, spit hook out on way to boat. 2nd hit 11:17 am, on mtn dew crush SD with green meat rig using walker wonderbread diver back 180, set 3, SE troll, 2.3 sog, in 128 fow a 9.64# laketrout. Brad join me today also. I thought 3 more rods would help. Bite has gotten a little tough lately. Pulled lines at 11:45am.