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  1. littleboat

    Perch- Muskegon lake

    Perching been good and occasionally you get a surprise. A 17 lb. pike 40 " long. Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Fished from 7:30am-11:00, 9-14. Shot out to 260 today. Found a pod of fish, but only got one rip on a meat rig. Fish were 55-80 down. I only had a three rod spread. Made several patterned passes, but I couldn't get any hookups. Went thru a slew of baits. Slowed trolled back to 185 fow the last hour, with very few Marks. Picked up and came in. Good luck maybe the bigger bunch was farther out. Lake was like glass. Surface temp was 69. Sent from my SM-J737A using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Super catch! Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. No flouro at all? Doesn't seem to change the bite percentage?
  5. Do you use the tubing for the braid?
  6. What size and kind of wire are you using on the slide diver?
  7. Fished 7-11am 3/3 with one throwback king. 7.08# king and 5.85# steelhead Depth fished 140-160 1/1 braided diver with chartreuse SD 8" and Irish Shallow fly, 2.6 sog, north troll in 156fow at 7:22am, steelhead 1/1 DR with alewife meat rig and blue flasher, se troll, 2.2 sog, bk 30, down 75 in 146 fow, ball temp 47.4, 10:03 am, king. Village joined me today.
  8. One thing I have learned you might be the captain, but she is always the ADMIRAL! Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. How are the weeds etc, when you pull your trailer out? I hate cleaning all that off out of Port Sheldon.
  10. littleboat

    PS 8/3 AM

    Any swr on that rigger?
  11. littleboat

    Holland 7/28/18

    Nice catch. Very rewarding after a long day. Great determination!
  12. littleboat

    Holland am, 7-19

    Nice fish, glad you put the picture in. Really shows it's size! Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. Fished 7am-12, 80-135 fow, calm waves, surface temp 59.5-63.7. Village joined me today. Nice to have those extra lines! 3/3 15.5# king, 5# laketrout and 3# laketrout. 1/1 8:19am, stb dr, chartreuse grease trap with green spin-n-glow w/skirt. 2.3sog, se troll, down 100, bk 25 in 109 fow, ball temp 41.4, 5# laker. 1/1 8:35am, 250 cu with mag Holo Blue Dolphin, 2.5 sog, se troll, 115 fow, 15.5# king. 1/1 9:38am, port dr, green speckled meat rig with yellow speckled flasher, down 71, bk 25, nw troll, 1.9 sog, ball temp 41.7, in 97 fow, 3# laker. Meant Salmon_Slammin at cleaning station 1st time. Great day!
  14. Fished 7:15am-12, 3/5 all small laketrout, 20-30 fow north of harbor, North troll, 2.5sog, 4C and 5C with artic ice and glow lemonberry spoons. Went out to 50 fow and had one lost hookup and one hit that destroyed my home made green fly I call Irish Shadow. Nice day, 1 ft waves. Water was very cold in shallow.
  15. Fished 3 rods, 7:30-12pm, 1 for 4, 210-250fow. First catch came at 8:03am, 8# steelhead on rigger 44 down and back 40, in 236fow, 2.4 sog, sw troll, ball temp 50.8 with a michigan stinger std UV Veggie. Next two rips came off Hawg Wild flasher and Catch-a-bunch fly with 7C. The final rip was on the UV veggie again. It was getting hot but few biting flies for a change. The lake was fairly flat with surface temp 72.4 The launch ramp was packed as well as the channel, but everyone seemed to have their senses about them for a change.