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  1. Holland AM, 7-27-17 2 for 3, 15# king and 9.69# steelhead. Both males. King on slide diver back 140 with bloody nose std spoon, 2.3 sog, sw troll in 110 fow. Steelhead on Craig's flounder std as a slider on rigger down 90, 2.7 sog, w troll in 176 fow.
  2. Looks like a great time and memories!
  3. Fishing seems to be spotty lately. Still a nice catch. Like your report.
  4. Nice catch. Glad your back on the water.
  5. Sounds like a great day. Congrats on the catch. 22# king...GREAT!
  6. Holland 4:30-8pm, 7-13-17 2 for 2, one small 2.68# steelhead and one 18.58# king. Lake had 3 ft rollers and settled down. Water temp was 48 at 69 down on DR in 130fow. King came in 131 fow on 10C with gold std jagerbomb, 2.8 sog, sw troll. Steelhead in 139 fow on std bite-me-transparent slider on ne troll 2.6 sog. There was a larger boat trolling and using real copper leaders with a swr rig setup. I wonder what he caught?
  7. Holland 10-1:30pm, 7-11-17 I was able to take my 88yr old uncle on the big lake for the 1st time. Didn't catch but one 10.06# steelhead, in 112fow, on an Artic ice spoon, with 300 copper, east troll, 2.7 sog, nw of harbor. We had a great time talking about friends and family until the fish interrupted us.
  8. Holland 6am-12, 7-4-17 Fished 115-147 fow, 3 for 6 all laketrout. 6.41#, 3.46# and 2.86# Spoons steeliestomper, jp slammer nbk, and Hud. Trolls mostly North and South, Slow day, 2.4-2.8 sog, one on DR slider, others on DR down 103 and 300 copper chute planer.
  9. Early morning bites seem to be the ticket. Great catch!
  10. Soha 6/21 Pm

    Good catch. More steelies caught lately.
  11. I agree alot of boat nats out. My boat was covered also. Nice catch!
  12. Port Sheldon 11am-4pm, 6-21-17 2 for 3, Laketrout 6.65# and steelhead 6.79#. Both came on 10C chute planer. One with mag Blue Dolphin (147fow), other with mag UM Froggie (164fow). SE & W trolls. Fished 135-170 fow. LT hit going 3mph sog other 2.5 sog. Pup was pretty excited about the fish.