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  1. Fished 3 rods, 7:30-12pm, 1 for 4, 210-250fow. First catch came at 8:03am, 8# steelhead on rigger 44 down and back 40, in 236fow, 2.4 sog, sw troll, ball temp 50.8 with a michigan stinger std UV Veggie. Next two rips came off Hawg Wild flasher and Catch-a-bunch fly with 7C. The final rip was on the UV veggie again. It was getting hot but few biting flies for a change. The lake was fairly flat with surface temp 72.4 The launch ramp was packed as well as the channel, but everyone seemed to have their senses about them for a change.
  2. Fished 6-9pm, 1 for 1, 12# king in 115 fow at 8:12pm, north troll sog 2.5, on 210 copper with a mix veggie flasher and blue meat rig, a little southwest of the harbor. No other rips. Tough on 3 rods. But it was a lot cooler fishing this evening. Launch was a green mess. Also, leaned up against one of my poles and put a treble hook in my arm. I had to pull it through and cut it off, before I could bring in my rods. A nice night otherwise.
  3. Great catch! What a monster! Congratulations! Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. littleboat

    PS 7/04 AM

    Nice brown and steel.
  5. Long time on the lake today 6:30-2pm. Started out for a laker bite, but could not get it to go between holland and saugatuck 120-140 depth. Headed out for deeper water 200 ft, but no marks. Went back to 120-140 range. Marks but no takers. After 6 hours and lots of heat thought I would call it a day. Started to pull my lines in then BANG!!! 10.33# steelhead hits. Another fish hits my slide diver 1/2 hour later. Both in the 120 ft range and lots of marks also. 1 for 2, both hits came at the last hour. 1-1 rigger with mag blue dolphin back 45, down 81,east troll, ball temp 47.8, sog 2.5., surface temp 72. 0-1 slide diver with green nbk mag. Hate those flies!!!!
  6. Love to see the dog's expression when that fish suddenly shows up. Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. littleboat

    Slide divers breaking line

    I use the bead about a foot up the line and a snap swivel not the swivel provided for years.
  8. littleboat

    Slide divers breaking line

    Are you using the heavier weight and larger ring in you setup? Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. littleboat

    Slide divers breaking line

    I didn't find any nicks on the guides, but it only happens on the slide diver when I use the heavier weight and ring regardless of the line type. I noticed on the larger ring that the part that it's edge seems a little sharper and that the front of it where it is somewhat square it's edge is even sharper. I have since sandpapered all of the rings edges and the square area just in front also on the larger ring. I'm going to test it without the ring at first just to see if it happens at all without the big ring. I have never been to crazy about that spring set up. Is the surgical tubing you use the same length as the spring? The standard dipsys don't have the sharp edges on the ring or the little square form near the front on the larger ring if one is attached to them. The rings are very smooth. Thanks for some ideas to try. Have you used the heavier weight and ring? Sent from my SM-T713 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. littleboat

    Slide divers breaking line

    Has anyone been experiencing slide divers breaking the line as they are being retrieved near the back of their boat without any fish on or caught on anything obvious on the boat. I have experience the lost of 3 slide divers in the past week on different line types. I have used these units for several years with no problem and the proper knots for the type of line. These were new divers from different stores. I'm wondering if they are having a quality control issue leaving edges on different components that fray the lines, leaving them to break under non fish load conditions. Anyway for the report. Launched late 11:30am-4. Fished from 110-150. Went 1/2 catching 9# king in east troll, 2.5 sog with SS mag blue dolphin on 250 copper. Marked lots of fish. Catchable fish in top 50 fow. Lost 1st fish when it spit the hook as it neared the boat. Waves were a choppy 2ft and laid down very late.
  11. littleboat

    Holland am, 6-2

    Nice looking boats, your Crestliner looks like it has some size to it. What's it's length?
  12. littleboat

    Holland am, 6-2

    This is my actual "Littleboat" a 16 -1/2 ft Crestliner Sport Angler. I use both on the big lake, but the smaller, I use for walleye and perch on the little lakes and rivers.
  13. littleboat

    PS 6/2 AM

    I hate those weeds!
  14. littleboat

    Holland am, 6-2

    The fence weigh in at about a pound, but it put up the bigger fight! Easier to clean though.
  15. Fished 70-200ft, 1-3 ft rollers, surface temp 60. 2 for 3. First bite broke my hook on my RV MS Blue Jeans and took off. Second bite was a 9 ft piece of orange snow fence that wrapped around my prop. I had to hang on in a very challenging position to cut it away. I lost about 30 minutes while I worked on it. The final hit made it all worth while. A 22# king, taken with a Mag RV Flounder Pounder, on a 270 copper, 2.3 sog, east troll in 195 fow at 11:41 am. Also ran into another owner of a boat like mine only a foot shorter up from St. Joe on a coast guard exercise.