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  1. best reels for wire rods

    I use Okuma Convector CV30lc for my wire rigs, and after 6 years they still perform flawlessly. I have replaced drag washers, only as a preventative measure.
  2. Great Lakes Salmon Initiative

    Science says that if we keep going the way we are with the Kings, we will have a catastrophic failure of the forage base, remember Lake Huron, People are short sighted, these reductions will benefit the fishery for years to come, remember Lake Trout , Steelhead, Coho and Brown trout are not dependent on the alewife for forage, they do terrorize the goby population though. The Ideal way to get things in balance would be to attack the mussel issue, not worry about the number of Kings you catch.
  3. We have taken sheephead the last 2 trips in 80 to 100 fow out of St/. Joe. Would be nice if the weather would cooperate and get a good temp break set up again. That being said. We will not be fishing this weekend. Back at it next week.
  4. Nice work Kevin. Tell your Dad I said Hi.
  5. for sale Big Jon Downriggers

    Would you take 1200 for the lot?
  6. Navionics and fishing.

    I am not sure an Ipad is a good fit for fishing, is it waterproof? That is a big issue. PM Priority 1 and he can give you some more information.
  7. Navionics and fishing.

    Check with Frank( Priority One) on this website, he puts together a Toughbook with chartplotter and GPS combined in an almost indestructible package. I bought one and love it . It is visible, and simple.
  8. St Joe 4/17

    I fished with my Buddy Sunday, first time out for his new boat.. We went 7 for 8. 1 coho, the rest Kings, 65 FOW. north south troll and we got bit every time we crossed the dirty water line. Riggers were set at 11 and 14, we got fish on 4 color , 5 color and 6 color of leadcore with stingray bloody nose and mixed veggies. On the rigger at 14 with 0000 red dodger and a home tied red and gold coho candy fly. I didn't post a report because we were not on my boat.
  9. St Joe 03/12/16

    Nice job Tarrey.
  10. Looking at purchasing a fish finder / gps combo

    I can say that the Humminbird units are great units, but I will say also that the bigger screen is much more user friendly and gives a lot more detail than the 5". I personally would have spent the extra 200.
  11. 100_6070.jpg

  12. Looking at purchasing a fish finder / gps combo

    I see you will be fishing mostly inland lakes, a Humminbird 800 or 900 series with a Down image and an 83 200 transducer will work for both. Don't get a 5" screen unit as it is really hard to read. I run a Humminbird 858cdi, and use only the fish finder for my GPS I use one of Frank's Tough books with chart plotter. Big screens are a lot easier to read. and y9u can really pinpoint waypoints.
  13. Size limits on Salmon

    Lake Trout are still being stocked, they are the native fish of the Great Lakes, they eat things other than Alewives, they are there for the Native Americans, (Netters) heaven forbid we lose them. Steelhead are also a non native species, they were stocked too. Right now we are decimating the King population, by taking the young that are planted and the natural reproduction fish. My original thought was to at least give the little guys a chance to grow into a decent size fish, but that got shot full of holes.