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  1. Thanks Ed! It’s been a good season. Got my butt whipped up there the other day. I think I gotta look farther down next trip. Water was high and dirty but the increase in suckers is telling me the fat lady is singing. We caught a couple chrome hens that were spawned out and lost a couple and a nice walleye popped off right at the boat. Pretty quiet trip otherwise.
  2. I’d put one on. You never know when your engine could fail and how long before help can arrive.
  3. It’s been a good spring for steelhead despite the cold temps. Get out there’s still lots of fish in the system. spawn, beads and jigs have been producing for me.
  4. Running Daiwa SG47 LC's and Daiwa Heartland Roller Rods. 1000' of Blood Run wire fills the spool perfectly. Good luck with your purchase.
  5. I think there are seveal factors involved. If i know im on fish and my baits are in the right spot, almost always speed or troll direction is the the problem IMO. If that doesnt solve the problem then its time to start changing baits. IMO too often proven fish producers are swapped out before troll direction, speed and presentation placement are evaluated. No sense in swapping out your A game for second best until youve covered those things IMO. If your confident there arent any fish around, then you have to make a choice of going out farther or going in closer. Water temp will likely be a big player in this decision.
  6. I dont think there is a set rule. Put em out and theyll hit one or the other or both. Just like any presentation, they all have their day. Most times i have a mix of 8,10,12" out and they usually all take fish. So, my advise, run em, find whats working and give it to em.
  7. If you can set up two sets of lights Jason id recommend a set of standard bulbs with amber covers and then a set of halogens. The amber lenses dont blind you and you can leave them on if you want. Gives light to rig etc, and then when you need it, kick on the halogens. Good luck buddy.
  8. Great report Ed. Sorry to hear about the boat. Good luck witht he repairs. Glad you made it in safely.
  9. Nice work Matt. Some awesome fishing over there right now. I hate my new job right now...LOL
  10. 200,250,300 work great for me in the 32#. But, there are times when those short 100-150's are invaluable tools. Its a tough choice.
  11. Yep those yellow rods are all Wolverine Charter rods from Ugly Stick. Im not sure why they quit making them. I buy em everytime i find them.
  12. It was heavy and there was no ice in there either. It wouldnt fit. The young buck and i had to stop three times before we got to the cleaning station. Been snacking on smoked salmon all week and this morning i made a smoked salmon pate. I absolutely love it. Cant wait to get back to the gold coast.
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