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  2. Decided to try fishing off the north pier this morning. Ziltch! Fished spawn off three rods from 6:15 am until 10:30 am. Occasionally I'd pull one of the baits and cast a spoon. Saw some guys fishing the beach, didn't see where they caught anything either. Saw some big fish cruising along the breakwall, brought the baits in closer. Stiff southwest wind with waves breaking well over the south wall. Water seemed warm an the weather was fair. Got to try out my new fishing cart. Loved being able to take out a chair and other amenities with almost no effort. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Yesterday
  4. It was such a blast to see my son fight with one and reel it in! My buddy got one, and I reeled one in as well.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with this unit?. I would be using it mainly for the GPS as I'm using a Helix 7 (no gps) now. I realize it has the external antenna but I already have GPS antenna mount so thats no problem.. Mainly concerned about how the mapping works and ease of use. Also if the map cards are readily available and can the software be updated.
  6. Last week
  7. The King Salmon are in the river now in the Milwaukee River. We caught these fish on Sunday. There will be more and more of them over the next three weeks. Catch a few before they spawn out.
  8. 2 cold water pro Okuma rods and 2 cold water reels for sale great shape $300 (616)377-9685
  9. 2 shimano talora 7’ rods for running wire $225 for both like new great shape (616)377-9685
  10. Two ugly stick rods two daiwa accudebth reels $150 for both (616)377-9685 great condition
  11. Two shimano talora rods 10’ two Okuma cold water reels like new (616)377-9685 $450
  12. 2 ugly sticks tiger elite 2 Okuma cold water reels $250 (616)377-9685
  13. What a difference two hours makes. This data is from the Ludington buoy. 1.2 feet to 4.1 feet in just two hours.
  14. No, sold Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  15. Trying to remember what year I had 1256# on 171 fish in October. Usually add a couple hundred more # in Lakers if we can get out from Thanksgiving to New Years.
  16. I run mine in Excel and can sort / filter or pivot chart by any column. Most handy and I've used it to shut down more than one person that's called bs on a post. One thing with steel late in the year. Find one hit that area hard.
  17. Looks like I need to keep a journal like FBD. Very helpful year to year i bet. I've got a couple of trips left in me. Thanks for the info guys!
  18. Deep: 10/9 Holland 215 DR 190' NK 28 Mixed Veggies Stand Up 91 116 78% 465 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 190' Size 3 J plug Silver pickle Steelie 9 91 115 79% 474 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 190' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 8 92 117 79% 482 10/9 Holland 215 PB 225/45 Cu 190' Nailer Watermelon Steelie Lost 92 118 78% 482 10/9 Holland 215 DR 1 color 190' Nailer Bloody Nose Steelie 6 93 119 78% 488 10/9 Holland 215 DR 200' NK 28 Mixed Veggies Steelie Lost 93 120 78% 488 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 200' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 6 94 121 78% 494 10/9 Holland 215 DR 200 NK 28 Mixed veggies Steelie 7 95 122 78% 501 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 220' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 5 96 123 78% 506 Or not: 11/6 Holland 215 DR 15' Jr. Flutterdevle Hammered silver / orange Steelie Lost 96 124 77% 506 11/6 Holland 215 PB 15' J-9 rapala Orange Coho 1 97 125 78% 507 11/6 Holland 215 PB 15' J-9 rapala Orange Steelie Lost 97 126 77% 507 11/6 Holland 215 PB 1 color 15' DW LD Alphonse Brown 2 98 127 77% 509 10/21 Holland 14 PB 8' Thin Fish Red w/ black squiggles Steelie 8 Released 171 236 72% 1256
  19. Ditchmafia: I live here now so will be my first fall fishing here. if I get out this week or next I’ll run some high lines in the river and around the pier heads. Then run out to maybe 50-130’. Covering top to mid water for steelies and down to 80’ or so for maybe some 3 yr old kings. Most of steelies we caught this yr were 40-60’ down.
  20. I fished the morning on the 19th, marked a few large fish in the river on the way out, fished for silver fish all morning, nothing. Marked a lot of bait fish in the 45 to 100 fow. Also was marking fish at 45 to 60 in 160 fow.
  21. Do you fish for immature kings and steelhead in October? If so how deep do you go ? Never fished that late on the year but I hear it can be good fishing Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  22. Thks. I’ll be out a few more times. Saw guy last week at fish cleaning had 4 smaller lakers he got in 120’ and one guy in small boat got a dark king in the river. It Il Do charter is running 4 boards n 2 riggers up n down the river and heard that day they had 2 rips but no one home.
  23. Skin mount. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  24. This guy is in WI, but does nice work: https://www.facebook.com/MitchMartinTaxidermy/photos/?ref=page_internal. Not sure if you're looking for a skin mount or a replica.
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