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  2. I run a Gen 3 9 and Lake Michigan is on it. Not the best for contours but it works. Has my port (SoHa) and is pretty accurate in the river.
  3. Check ends of cable for fraying as suggested and replace the terminal hardware to the cannonballs. Couple bucks to replace the terminal connection so it is new and strong as it can be for new year of trolling. Pay me now or later is old saying when you watch a $$$$ cannonball go to bottom or worse a probe. Started doing that few years back and just buy the multi packs of replacement terminals so it can be done anytime anywhere. Yes, I lost a fairly new cannonball on first outing years back and it was from not replacing the terminal ends. Can they last long? Yes but the investment you have at the end of the cable is far less than couple bucks for a terminal connector. Just preventative maintenance. I know, folks will say they never had a problem. OK, I fish more than most and I like to keep my "balls" off the bottom.
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  5. Straight forward, thanks bud Sent from my SM-N900V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. I just acquired a Lowrance HDS9 gen3. (Which has not arrived yet). Does anyone know if the Great Lakes (Superior & Michigan) are included in their pre-loaded maps? Also, which map chip would you recommend for the Great Lakes? (I have an older Lowrance dedicated GPS that I will be using to allow the new HDS9 to be used primarily for Sonar). Thanks for any and all replies! -srb
  7. Here is a reel fill calculator, its also on this site Salmon Page reel_fill_calculator-1.xls
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  9. Amish Outfitters tube caddy. Drilled a 3/8 hole in both caps. Run the leader thru one cap and ease the fly into the tube. Cap the other end. The flies dry out with both caps vented. I leave the leaders loose in the box, they don't tangle much and they sure don't kink or coil like a spring. Hook points covered.
  10. Someplace on the Lake Ontario United site. Reel size, feet of copper, feet and size of backing. Plain English, no app.
  11. I think around 145$ Sent from my SM-T290 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Hello what’s the asking price? thanks paul
  13. All seasons canvas in Fremont does great work on custom covers.
  14. Late fall, southern Michigan ,Baw Beese lake, I explain how I put fish in the boat in different depths, in different water conditions on the same lake chain
  15. Searched a little deeper and found the info. Sent from my SM-T290 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  16. Capt. Chucks out of Ludington. Upgraded drags at a very reasonable price Sent from my SM-T290 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. Searched and can't find anything! I have a convector 45. Setting up a 45lb bloodrun 150 with 50lb PP and a 250 copper on a convector 55. how much backing will they take? I'm not a mathematician so the formulas are Chinese. Sent from my SM-T290 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  18. Video Link - I took the kids out on a boating trip in the Milwaukee Harbor, not fishing too seriously, and hooked up with a nice northern pike.
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  20. Welcome to GLF BigBlue! Glad to have ya!
  21. Welcome. We'll see how soon we'll be able to start fishing this spring. Not as much activity on this site since Facebook groups have become much more popular. Contributions are appreciated! -JD
  22. Hey everyone, I've been an outsider reading your forums for about a year now and finally decided to join. I'm always cautious joining sites but you guys have provided a great deal of knowledge especially for a beginner like myself. I fished out of South Haven last year and plan on doing it again this year and hopefully will be able to contribute to this site. I thank all that have posted.
  23. Late season salmon fishing on the Manistee. My twins had a blast
  24. Thanks! I usually check out a spot to see if there's fish before I take any of my kids out. I caught a small burbot there before (here's the video) but nothing like the one he caught!
  25. Nice rig - good luck with the sale 👍
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