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  3. 3 for 5 on steelhead. Mag lips 50-70 back. Channel is almost clear of ice. Talked to a guy on shore who claimed to have caught a coho.
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  5. Your answer addresses the situation perfectly. I've updated my copy of the line spec table. Thank you.
  6. Here are the numbers for the Okuma. 580/20 (0.42mm), 430/25 (0.48mm), 330/30 (0.55mm) Notice they us a mm line size for the numbers also. Convert those to inches an plug them into box 1. 0.42 mm = 0.0165 in, 0.48 mm = 0.0189 in, and 0.55 mm = 0.0217 inches. Results in calculated reel volumes of 4.465 in3, 4.343 in3, and 4.394 in3. These are much closer to each other. I'd assume that you have approximately 4.4 cubic inches to work with. Also, see if you can find the line diameter of the exact type of line that you're using when plugging in the data. In general for coppers and leadcore, I've found that the 45's work well for up to 200 coppers and up to a 7 color leadcore. For more than that I prefer the 55's.
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  8. Something is wrong in the first box. Using the capacity for an Okuma 45 in #test and yards of 20/580, 25/430, 30/330 and your and line on the spreadsheet, I come up with reel capacities of 5.313, 4.8, 4.5 respectively. Sorry to be a potential spoiler
  9. Wife and I just returned from a trip to FL. Got a much needed rest. It was my b-day on Feb 25. Turned 57. Her uncle took us out on a boat trip in and around the sound area. He doesn't really fish much so we just did our best to figure it out. Had to use some borrowed equipment. The boat trip was fun just seeing the sites. Managed to catch a few fish. Mangrove snapper, and sheapheads. They aren't like our sheep head in MI. Much prettier and good to eat. The locals told me they are highly sought after. Fun to catch. My wife got too much sun on the boat and that shut her down for fishing. Uncle got sick, we drank a lot of alcohol. I think he over did it. But it left me sitting in the house jonesing to go fishing. I studied up how to catch em by watching videos on the net. Talked my wife to taking me up to a tackle store were I stocked up on the "hot" lures. Then she took me up and dropped me off on a fishing pier up at Charlotte Harbor. I fished for like 7 hours. Got a bunch of Lady fish, some Jack Cravelles, a Bonnet Head shark, and from what they tell me a really nice spotted sea trout. The trout was pretty cool. Looks very similar to our Browns. Also made friends with a Dolphin. He would watch me catch fish and release them and then he would swim over and eat them. I tried releasing them on the other side so he wouldn't see but evidently they have good eyes. And they are really fast swimmers. At one point he sat on the edge of the pier staring at me waiting for me to release a fish. I could have touched his nose. Kinda cool. Had a great time. Hoping to make it down there again someday. Getting old and it sure felt nice to fish and be comfortably warm instead of freezing and hurting. KIMG0362.JPG.crdownload KIMG0364_2.JPG.crdownload
  10. For Sale Like new Cannon Down Rigger with 4’ collapsible boom . 300’ new wire with ball retriver, swivel base , dual rod holder, Cannon Cover: $ 525 Also 12# fish weights $ 25 each Chrome Gimbal mounts $ 30 each additional swivel base $ 50 Cannon releases $5 each (Battle Creek) Pls call me at +15179182157 if interested Pls no low.ballers...
  11. Looking for lodging during your fishing trips? Check out Driftwood Cottages. Large cabin/lodge - 10 beds and additional sleeper sofa. Cottage - sleeps 6. Plenty of truck/boat parking on site. Located to easy access to Sandusky Bay (Clemons) or over the bridge to Dempsey and Muzurik. Find us on VRBO, Air BandB, and our FB page / Driftwood Cottages.
  12. Thanks for the report. I hope you have a fast recovery. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  13. Thanks Marty. I think I'm going to try 12" behind the cap and 60" up the other side of the cap. Should give me enough runway for the rigger off the back with plenty for space for other items like the rod tree (good idea).
  14. Also rod trees, dipsy rod holder, ......so much flexibility with 72" for a nominal incremental cost., Marty
  15. I was contemplating putting track behind the gas cap and still may. For now I am only running 2 riggers off the side. I am a believer in putting as long a piece of track as possible to get maximum load distribution. My boat is in storage so I can't comment on length behind the cap. As far as the 48 versus the 72 up front of the cap, I like the flexibility of the long track for all kinds of accessories for tool holders, net holder, board holder, cup holder........ Marty
  16. By the way you are going to love that boat. I have the 250 ProXS and 15 hp kicker. It is an awesome fishing machine! Good luck to you!! Marty
  17. I have a 2020 2075 Tyee Magnum and mounted 72" traxstech track on each side. No issues with my 2 Scotty DR's. I have the track back to the gas cap on the port side and in the same relative ending point on the Starboard side. Marty
  18. Ice is gone. Now we just need the whole lake to open up. Watch for those logs that come down the river and end up in the lake. Maumee River Providence Dam View
  19. Heard some guys have been getting limits of Coho Jacks in St Joe River near pierheads. Here in SoHa in Black River few days ago friend got a brown by launch area and nice female farther up river at Stealheaders Park. Today is slow with no bites. Would like to be fishin Black bank right now but am on crutches until 3/24 with slight fracture at end of femur at my knee, torn meniscus also. End of the month I’ll be out in St Joe cruising 12-30fow south for Coho Jacks.
  20. I just look on my finder for a solo fish and try to work my lines a couple of feet above him, it worked very well for me last year getting almost a fish per trip. But as for colours I think a watermelon spoon is just old reliable I can't count how many fish I have gotten on that spoon. Another thing is purple and orange worked well during the summer at around 80 feet of water trolling it at sixty.
  21. also it seems like the plain spoons have been working better for the larger salmon but it could just be that my colour and sizes are wrong.
  22. I am kind of new to fishing flasher flies but have had luck on spoons, do you guys have any suggestions on colours and sizes.
  23. One thing that I have found is that a fifteen pound fish shaped cannonball works quite well, I started with eight pound balls and for some reason after I switched to these fifteen pounders I caught more fish. It might have been a coincidence but I haven't had a problem with the weights. They are a bit expensive but in my opinion they are worth it.
  24. Hello kind of new to the salmon fishing thing been around some great fisherman from manistee...taught me some things but just acquired the necessary equipment for trolling. I'm having problems with my blowback im running 12 lb balls coated. Does anyone have any idea if the torpedo style or fish style help with this?
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  26. Fall fishing on Lake Erie. East winds are never good, but sometimes it can be a blessing when it forces you to fish somewhere you didn't plan on. I'm sure those that fish Lake Erie might recognize this area. Hope you enjoy the video, and good luck to you on the water this year. Lake Erie Fall Fishing
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