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  2. For what it is worth, I always check that split ring before setting the lure out. Last trip out I found one of my to to spoons with the treble hook working its way up the split ring. Missed that on the previous trip pulling lines. Still surprised this happens but it does. Love your pic and thanks for sharing - best of luck next time out.
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  4. Shifting winds may have played a role, but in any case there were few bites. 1 for 2. Lost the first in 85 fow, straight out. 150 copper strangely returned a mixed veggie magnum minus the hook and split ring. I think the fish, I’ll call him Houdini, was soon showing off his lates piercing. Never had that happen before. Trolled for 3 more hours before throwing in the towel. When we popped the last rigger line, it popped back. My son was pleased. Raspberry dolphin with orange back, down 85. Thank you dear lake, till we meet again.
  5. Thanks for the website info Three Dogs. I donated.
  6. Last week
  7. This is not new, and these “negotiations” are not going to go well for recreational or charter fishermen. The Coalition to Protect Michigan Resources (CPMR) is a gathering of fishing clubs and conservation organizations that pool our money together to pay lawyers to speak for 1 million fishing license purchasers…vs 40 tribal licenses. And the tribes will win with this woke BS we are Living through. Go to their website and paypal the CPMR what you want. But, when you don’t, don’t badmouth the guys that fight this decree every 20 years (yes, the same legal team from 1980, 2000, and now 2020). They have been frustrated, pissed off, and now worried they will become the scapegoat of “the reason there are nets at every tributary in the Great Lakes”, or “why are there nets covering Saginaw Bay?” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hoping for the best...it has a chance to be very disruptive for many anglers. Sent from my SM-G991U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Thanks for the report. Beautiful steelhead! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Took some neighbors/friends out looking for the evening bite. I was too busy managing the gear and entertaining to keep up with the catch log. Set lines half way between Holland and Port Sheldon in 130FOW @ 5:45pm marking small bait pods 30-40' down once again but could not get anything to go. Fearing skunk, pushed out past 200FOW in very flat water. The fish finder was very silent on the way out to deeper water. Three small boats were beyond 200FOW to the North and one to the South. We had 5 baits between 45-65' above the thermocline and on one below at 77'. Our first hit came in 220FOW on the full lead core line. I did not coach up my neighbor on how best to get a board to the boat and we lost it somewhere in the fight. In 224FOW the same rig got bit again and this time we got the board to the boat, off the line and landed a nice Steelhead (pic below). The lure was featured on a previous post but I don't remember who to give the credit too. Reset both dipseys a bit higher with SH favored spoons. Stinger Green Veggie UV, 2-set, 44' down took two hits over the next 30 minutes between 228-224FOW. One shaker we sent back to grow big and the other strike got off. Pulling lines in 188FOW a SH hit the SWR deep line after it was popped from the release however, it got caught up in another line we were bringing in and it came off. Janet said it jumped twice but I never saw it as I was putting gear away. Radio reports were in the small numbers from a couple of other boats out deep. I updated my profile to include our boat name and sit on channel 68 for future contacts. Cheers!
  11. Got some rock snot on my waders and boots, want to make sure it's fully removed as it's technically invasive - apparently even one cell of it can be transferred to other rivers and lakes. What's the most effective way of removing it, advice online about it is different on different sites and the clean drain dry is a bit vague? Also, for future reference, how can it be cleaned from boat, I'd probably need to drain everything and pull the plug if in water?
  12. Friend Carl got 1 today in around 85’ around 4 miles north.
  13. I was out there aswell this morning and went 1-2. 8 pound stealhead on 400 copper with pickled sunshine fly and sliver and green spindoctor in 119 FOW NW troll. 2nd hit was also on the 400 copper in 110 FOW on NE troll it took off and ran and fought hard until about 50 feet from the boat and shook off.
  14. Thanks for the report. You have dinner and then some! Hope to try in the am. Where are the cohos??
  15. 2 for 2; laker n steelie, both around 8lbs. Steelie on 300 copper in 114’ on mag bl/gr/silv crippled alewife Gander Mtn spoon; laker on 150 copper on red pepper DW spoon in 140’. No hits on meat, riggers or dipseys. Worked 90-180fow straight out n north of the pier. Speed 2.2-3.1, waves around 1’.
  16. I have a Lund with all Big Jon rod holders and 1 tree. They all work marvelously. I am glad the tracks work well for some. I love my rod holders. And I advise to get the big Jon net holder too for your Lund. Good luck rigging and tight lines. Clyde Reel Therapy Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  17. My only glitches with it are the top speed is one mph faster when trolling and 10 mph faster when running. I hope to be able to calibrate that. Couldn't get it to calibrate on the trailer, so maybe it has to be in water. If not I have that info on my graph. I didn't have a good spot for the transducer to mount, so it might be affected being in between the trolling and main motor. Good luck Clyde.
  18. The Gander spoons were called Crippled Alewife, and that is definitely one of those. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  19. Nice to see some big fish being caught. We were out on the 19th but came up empty. Cheers!
  20. https://www.shorelinemedia.net/ludington_daily_news/news/local/states-secret-talks-with-tribes-could-reshape-great-lakes-fishing/article_981994a3-8812-5068-a136-869987f3d48d.html
  21. Scuba, I know right? I talked to two guys today who went out Sunday evening, three guys in the boat brought in four kings. The clincher is they said they were in around 220 fow, and all of them came from the top 40-50'. The fish are really scattered apparently. Once the water stratifies I think we are going to have a really good year. Good luck, hope to see you out there sometime. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  22. Randy, Very interesting report here. I also fished out over Frankfort over the weekend. We had one King that was probably a little over 10 pounds Saturday and lost a few more. Sunday we landed the bites and ended up with 5 salmon. We did best fishing deep (around 150' down) in 200 FOW is where we hooked more fish on both days. We marked more fish up high and had high lines dragging spoons up there but only caught 1 fish above 50' and it wasn't big. Interesting to here you found a big one up that high.
  23. This is Chris from S Pup “Sweet Puppy” I may take you up on that phone call. I’ll be out Friday and Saturday Mine is 517-610-2481 Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  24. Great report! A buddy and I are new to using the fish hawk too so I appreciate your comments on it. Hopefully I will hit the water again Friday and Saturday. Clyde Reel Therapy Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
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