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  2. The reason I heard was because they planted so many walleye and musky they determined they'd just eat through most of the smolts before they make it to the lake. I try not to dump on our DNR but if that's the case then they effectively ruined a great local fishery Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. I participated in the Sep 20th Zoom call hosted by MI DNR with the proposed stocking plan for salmon beginning 2023. Unfortunately, salmon will no longer be stocked in Holland by DNR going forward due to the low natural reproduction coming out of this location. Saugatuck however will be increased by 25%.
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  5. wish you were wrong but think you're probably right! regardless, we will have fun trying and we aint after no 3 year olds... we want the behemoths so we can put em on the wall got a 41.75 inch male on Oct1 2019 (Saugatuck mud - freezing rain sideways east wind howling) got a 42.5 inch male 3rd week in Sept last year (Holland Channel - 11 footers banging pier from the North)
  6. A buddy and I trolled it two Sundays ago during overcast and a hard NE and got nothing. In my experience most of our kings show up after three years so with us only getting a plant on even years the even years are relatively dead. I did really good on late summer mature kings straight out from Holland in 2017, 2019 and last year before the tropical heat screwed it up but 2018, 2020, and this year were dead for me. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. uggh... bad sign they weren't even biting down in Saugatuck stay tuned kids and I may brave the rain and give it a whirl a few more times in Holland Channel in the next 48hrs... if they are gonna run and however many are left this cold front has gotta be last call
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  9. Fished the mud outside the pier for 1hrhalf went out to 125 3 for 5 2 kings 5/6# and a stealhead 8# farmed 2 trout . All on riggers and mag spoons.
  10. finally some colder water so decided to give the mud and channel a shot fished a couple hours... was honestly a little disappointed that there were not more fish eating in there had 3 strikes... all in channel and east of big red... only one stayed hooked up - size3 plug 15 down on rigger anyone else figure something out with the salmon run here off holland or even saug then sure appreciate info!
  11. No sir Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Did you mark much bait? Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. 2 For 2 , Solo run. Got a late start dealing with condensation on windshield. 1. 7:30 am, 9 lb King, rigger down 40 ft, 112 FOW, moonshine spoon 2. 7:50 am, 4 lb King, 10 color, 117 FOW, wonder bread SD and spoon Trolled out to 165 ft and back in to 100. No more takers
  14. I'll take them out on any of their 2' wave forecast in my 14'. After that, they'll be motivated to get it right,
  15. I go worst case and always look at open water even if I plan on fishing shallower. With all their technolgy, satellites, radar, software, etc how can they be so wrong. A joke!
  16. NOAA has been letting me down all season. It used to be my most reliable forecast but I've had several trips this season where 1-2 footers have magically turned into 3+ when I get out there Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. I try to look at the open water forcast for greater than 5 miles, if it says 2-4s you are in for a bumpy ride or worst even if the near shore say 1footers. Not safe enough for me when fishing solo. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  18. You should be ok, just turn the gain up between 3 and 5 higher than you have it on. I run mine higher on the gain than I used to and get a better steadier signal even with it on the same side as it's downrigger. I have both transducers on the same side opposite the kicker motor. New probe came today. Boom pulley, cable, terminator fittings a couple more days. I have all the rest. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  19. The APEX 13 MEGA SI+ CHARTPLOTTER provides the clearest sonar imaging on the sharpest multi-function display that anglers have ever seen. Industry-leading MEGA Imaging+ and Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar come standard, with even more performance from a dedicated sonar channel for accessory 2D CHIRP transducers up to 2kW. See it all clearly with a 13.3" Full-HD touchscreen that provides a customized display of information from advanced network options like NMEA 2000®, HDMI In/Out, WiFi and Bluetooth®. Add the power of the One-Boat Network™ to integrate the accuracy of Humminbird GPS charts, unrivaled boat control from Minn Kota®, and reach new depths with wireless Cannon® Optimum™ downrigger control. The APEX Series is a new kind of MFD that will take you fishing to a new level. This unit has 21 hours on it. Bought new and used for two weeks. Price is $3000
  20. Love our new Hewescraft, but they installed the Garmin transducer on starboard, with Fish Hawk transducer on port, which is same side as 15hp kicker. Apparently I was not smart enough to tell them mount them opposite, in order to keep downrigger cable with Fish Hawk probe away from side with kicker prop. Learn sumpin everyday...... TWICE this season now, while fishing over 100' deep for right temp, we've now caught and cut off cable in kicker prop and lost Fish Hawk probe, cannonball, release Nothing like going back to same store and asking, now can I buy a second one? Try not to think about gas I could have bought... We've now decided to run Fish Hawk probe on starboard downrigger for rest of season. Works perfect over 95% of time with probe on opposite side of transom than transducer. Other than that, we had a great time catching fish at different ports on Lake Michigan since March. Still not done yet
  21. Skunk in a few hours. Noaa lied again; supposed to be 1-3s coming down to 1-2s. By the time we set lines in 60’ 2-3s; got to 100’ n 3-5s; trolled back in to 60’ n pulled lines. The Reel Woman, my 21’ Grady, needed a new water pump so she unfortunately went into storage 6 weeks early. Wanted to work 130-150’ at least, but not today. From reports from 2 boats in the river today and yesterday the kings aren’t in the Black River yet.So they should still be staging up in Big Blue. So we’ll try to get in another trip or 2.
  22. Bajas5199

    for sale 2014 Crestliner

    2014 Crestliner 2150 Sportfish 1 owner 200hp verado 15hp pro kicker with full helm Controls Hummingbird Helix 10 Fusion radio Fish hawk Garmin Autopilot Vhf radio Raw water wash down Vinyl floor Custom storage cover Custom travel cover New trailer tires Tons of rod holders and fishing extras $64000 obo
  23. Thank you every one for your input. I live in Western Canada so there is not much selection! I want a dependable reel, not one picked out by a box store buyer motivated by bonus and price point. jim
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  25. New in box. Ordered wrong. Not supported by my unit. Cost $212. Sale price $175
  26. Good point on the batteries. Once I finish my stock pile of alkalines, I will revisit the lithiums. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  27. Ouch! That stinks. Not to hijack your post but what is everyone using for batteries in their FishHawk probe? I only use Energizer Lithium. They last 3-4x longer than alkaline and you don't have to worry about corrosion or leaching acid if you accidentally forget to take them out at the end of the season. Gotta protect those probes. Dang things are a must have!
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