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  2. Cool picture and great memories. We're reminded that fishing is about so much more than the fish. When we motor in, my dad always grabs the comfy deck chair and sits back facing the wake. He will be 75 at the end of this month. He has survived 4 heart attacks. I have a great picture of him sitting there during one of our return trips. At some point, that picture and the memories will be all I have. Until then, I invite him out every chance I get. Sorry for your loss. Sent from my LM-K500 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. That's a tough one.... I am heading out of Muskegon Monday and Tues to fish.... Will see definitely post what's up... Sent from my SM-G973U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Started setting lines at 5:30. Marked lots of bait (finally) in 45 - 55 fow. Fished that range all the way out to 170 fow. Maybe 1 hit on a 100 Cu, or it was a wave that pulled it under. Started the morning with 1 footers. Finished around 11:00 with 3 to 4s with the occasional 5. Had good water temps 45 to 60 feet down (temps in the 40s). The currents were brutal. Had to run shorter rigger leads or they would get into the wire divers. Watched waves breaking in two different directions at the same time. Because of the currents, I opted to pull the laker setup. I have had 3 skunks in the last two weeks out of Pentwater. I must be forgetting how to do this. Sheesh. At some point more fish will show up...right? [emoji1696] Sent from my LM-K500 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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  6. Good Vibes sent Man, RIP to your friend. I lost my fishing partner (8 1/2 years ago), my Pops. Miss him everyday! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  7. Feeling a bit low this weekend. My best fishing buddy that I've known for many years passed away. He was with me the day I caught my first steelhead. He keeled over from heart attack. Just returned from a bike ride with his daughter to go get ice cream. He sat down to relax and next thing his wife knew she looked out and he was laying face down on their back deck. He was on vacation and we were talking about getting together to catch some gills. I'm having a real hard time wrapping my head around it. Seems like I've been saying good bye to the people I love way too much these last few years! I've been searching old photos from some of our trips. But I don't have many that have been digitized. My old computer crashed a few years back and I lost alot of my old pics that had been uploaded. I did find this one.I uploaded it to my flikr account several years ago and fortunately it was still there. Probably nothing great about the pic but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. We had the weekend to ourselves. Rained on us the first day but the fishing was really good. The next morning we got up before the sun rise and when we arrived at our spot we were greeted by a rainbow that seemed to shine down right on the top of the hole were we catching fish. Its not just any hole. And its not exactly a secret hole, but every late august into early sept it literally fills up with fresh from lake mi salmon. I remember we caught so many fish that day. Our arms were sore. One of those trips where time seems to stand still and nothing else matters. I will never forget it! I know I've got more pics from that trip, just I can't find them. The pics were all taken on film and I had to scan them to be able to upload them to my computer. I'm thinking about maybe taking my hard drive from my old computer and see if theres a place that might be able to extract the files from it. Anyway, I don't mean to bore everyone. Just feeling kinda low. I don't have many people to talk to about these things. Seems like so many people that I grew up with are not here anymore. I sure miss them all!!
  8. Blueish one with dots....either Mongolian beef or dancing anchovy. Took my dad and his buddies out a week ago and Caught a 23lb on same rig. Sent from my SM-G981V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Nice Fish, do you know which RV Spoon you caught it on?
  10. Nice pig! Good job Sent from my SM-G973U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Fished 5-9pm. 10lb steelhead in 120fow on 150cu with orange crush spoon. Went out to 160fow and back to 100fow. 25lb king in 100fow on sw dipsey 120 back on large moonshine rv spoon. No marks. Sent from my SM-G981V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Last week
  13. I went out of Muskegon on 7-6, went 4 for 4, 11# king on 300 copper w/mag DW spoon in 310 fow, nice coho on meat rig off the downrigger in 300ish fow, laker on 250 copper with jointed spoon around 200 fow and coho off same meat rig in 173 fow Sent from my SM-G930V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  14. That's the way to do it. The line counters work by assuming the reel is close to "full". Copper adds so much bulk to the spool that the counters aren't accurate.
  15. I ended up doing 300 and 250 on Okuma Coldwater 453DS reels, I actually measured out 300 feet of copper and when putting it on the reels the line counter was reading that I had 335 ft, so after doing the math, the 250 would need to read 280. Okuma CW 453DS 300ft of copper= 335ft (665) on line counter 250ft of copper= 280ft (720) on line counter
  16. I have 2 stainless steel flush mount rod holders for sale $25 plus shipping Sent from my SM-G973U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. Thanks Guy, I might try the Petty's Bayou this weekend if the weather cooperates. Like with everything else 2020 seems to be a tough year! I gotta get my Kicker running 1st. Hope to see ya on the water soon!
  18. Yes, with a 25' hardtop, I'd say Fruitport would be your best bet. Unfortunately, the high water has Harbor Island launch in Grand Haven, and Mill Point launch in Spring Lake closed. My advice for the Fruitport launch would be get there early and if coming back in late morning, be patient! Especially if it's a sunny day. Tends to get busy with the pleasure boaters headed out.
  19. Thanks for the input, I was in Ludington all last week, very few Salmon, mainly lake trout in 80-120 feet of water. I have a 25' hardtop inboard, is Fruitport the closes launch?
  20. Ha! I wish I had a secret spot! I fished Muskegon for many years as I lived in North Muskegon. We just moved to Spring Lake in April, so now I'm fishing out of Grand Haven. Like a lot of guys this year (I think), I've been searching for the fish as they've been scattered or they're just not there in big numbers like several years ago. To answer your question, some days I go North, some days I go South, some days I go straight out. If you've ever fished out of Muskegon, I would say that Grand Haven fishes similar to that. No real structure to speak of as the lake bottom just gradually gets deeper. I'm not sure if you've been out in the big lake this year or not, so, I'd like to mention to be on the alert for debris in the water. With the high water and with the spring rains, the Grand River spewed all kinds of "stuff" into the big lake, and I'm sure it still is. Good luck. Hope you find a few hungry ones.
  21. I am going over next weekend, never fished Grand Haven Before. Any pointers as to where to go. Not looking for your secret spot. Do most people go north, south straight out?
  22. Joe, I'm just now noticing the picture of your boat in your avatar. If that's your boat, you may be able to launch at Petty's bayou near Spring Lake Country Club. It's a DNR launch, so you need the sticker and there is the Fruitport Road bridge right there that you'd have to get under. That would be the question mark with the high water. Launching there as opposed to Fruitport would probably save you about 5-10 minutes on the ride to the big lake. If you have the state park sticker, there's no fee to launch there. There is a $10 fee to launch in Fruitport and they monitor it closely.
  23. Guys, a little plug for The NWMI Fishing Club weekly contest on Lake Ann tomorrow evening (Wednesday,8 July). 530 - 6pm is registration. Lines in at 6 and lines out at 930. 50/50 split purse between biggest bass and biggest nonbass. It will be a beautiful night and a lot of fun. I will be there. Never fished the lake before, but that doesn’t even phase me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I'm actually in a slip at Grand Haven Yacht Club. If you're launching a boat like 18' or larger, you'd probably have to launch all the way back in Fruitport. About 40 minutes to the big lake from there with all the no wake zones this year. But, I can think of worse things to be doing for 40 minutes...
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