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  2. Love how you gave the rod to the kid, nice catch!
  3. Looking for a transducer for a Furuno 602 CRT video sonar. Speed and temp sensor not needed, but if it's on there it's OK. Thanks, Tamarackcove
  4. Also known as eelpout or lawyers. They come in the harbors in Lake Michigan when conditions are right in the late fall, early winter. Also saw some nice browns being caught.
  5. Thanks for trying, he will be paying more through a fishing store or the manufacture. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  6. I think Doug is going to pass or buy his DR mounts elsewhere. Thought I was helping both of you. Good Luck - Stay Healthy
  7. Sold! Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. That stuff works I tried it over the summer on Lake Huron and did good. I brought 4 or 5 different kinds of cut bait and whole herring and the only one that didn’t get bit was dream Weaver‘s ballyhoo strips. I was fishing out of Stone Port and it was lights out for king’s. ( way better fishing over there then Lake Michigan was this summer) by the way. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  9. Last week
  10. Check this out: The Big One Cut Bait - The Original Alewife Cut Bait in the Great Lakes 100% Alewife GLOW MEAT VHS Certified in All STATES - DNR Approved thebigonecutbait.com
  11. I have a friend who just bought a boat with Traxtech tracks and would be very interested in these downrigger mounts. Text me your contact info and I'll send it to him and you guys can hammer out the details. 219-819-0000.
  12. Got some nice sized fish tonight on Erie after dark, casting bombers with a slow retrieve.
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  14. The Kings are spawned out and dead. Browns are in there now!
  15. Doesn’t seam to be many lakers left at the river “corner”! just in front of the city south marina. On the pier still getting whitefish the past week. Sunday me and Bill caught 22” ers, and Mark got a big one after I left; Bill didn’t text me back on how big it was; probably bigger than 24”; Lance caught a 22” burbot and another guy caught at least a 15lb channel cat. About 10 days ago Bill got 2 24” whiteys. No steelhead yet on the pier or in the river. We are using single spawn eggs on two single hooks on each pole; one tied to the end of the line and a 2-3” dropper tied a foot of so above the bottom hook.. Whitefish Guru Bill swears by his single hook setup with fluoro line and even gave me a setup he made, but caught mine on my reg mono leader w/singles on a treble hook. Yesterday I did make up 2 fluoro rigs and one regular mono to see if there is any difference in catch rates. We expect steelies any minute! Happy Thanking! Capt Dan
  16. Grady white back to back seat excellant shape $250 OBO
  17. 13 3/4” x15” OMC props . Part # 391198 $40.00 ea. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  18. Tried something new, casting for walleyes after dark. We took a boat and fished 6-10 fow close to shore. My buddy had the hot hand landing 2 and losing 1. I lost the 2 fish I hit, they were all good sized. We casted bombers and my friend used a shallow stick bait but not sure of the brand. We will be out again if we get good weather some night soon.
  19. Apparently, leaving hooks on the floor is a bad thing
  20. I realize not everyone has a boat, and I'm often asked where someone can go and catch some fish from shroe. Metzger Marsh wildlife area is one of those places. Tons of places to fish from shore and catch perch, pike, walleye, bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, etc.. It's also a great place to duck hunt in the fall. This video will give you a nice areial view of the place.
  21. https://youtu.be/pwpItlJxbtw
  22. SALE PENDING Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  23. I agree. A wider cone angle is better onLM. My old Si-Tex paper graph with a 50 degree transducer marked like no other. I think when you are referring to a 4” and a 7” you might be referring to screen size. Cone angle and area of bottom marked has to do with transducer(TD) frequency not screen size. The exception being that smaller screens can’t really operate split screens well so they more often have a single more general use transducer. When you get into the larger screens you can get dual frequency TD’s and operate a split screen to see both. I am a Lowrance guy. One frequency of my dual frequency TD I had a purchase choice of 50/200kHz or 83/200kHz. When in use you can set it to 50 or 200kHz. 50kHz has more bottom area marked. If using 83/200kHz the 83 marks more bottom than the 200 but not as much as 50 would. So you have a purchase choice then a setup choice. The second band that comes withe a unit with the dual band feature is 455/800kHz. That doesn’t mark fish that well but has incredible detail of inanimate objects. Like in LM the 83/200 will mark a rock pile as a blob which might be a school of fish, a blob of weeds or a tree top. The 455/800 will show you each rock and the split screen will show you the fish on the 50/200kHz or the 83/200kHz. The 455/800kHz is amazing. You can see so much detail. Like branches on a tree. You can tell what species of weed are down in 12 fow. It will tell you where the spot on the spot is. Like weeds on the edge of a drop. A wall of weeds not so good. When you find 10’ of weeds that turns into 8 then 5 then 3,3,2,2,2 then 1,1,1 that’s it. I call it the 3,2,1 not a wall. Pull your harnesses over that spot. That is brought to you by 455/800kHz. WhenI am on LM I keep charting on because there are some some charted differences that seem to correlated to fish especially lake trout. You need to zoom in to get the detail. Put plugs on the bottom in those spots. You will get Lakers. Then setup for single split and put away 455/800kHz. There is no detail to be marked unless at the rock piles by the project. Change 83/200kHz to 83kHz. Now you have a bigger picture and maximum bottom area marked. As soon as you come back into Pentwater changes need to be made again. That is why in my first note I mentioned having it close enough to setup and change. If it’s too far away you leave it on what it was on and you could do better. Knowing how to change it quickly is why I recommended YouTube to learn and saving screen shots for quick reference in the boat. Get a good machine. Spend the money. Learn, practice, repeat = fish in the box.
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