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  2. Magnum Metlz Downrigger

    I haven't used them but a lot of guys are running them on Lake Michigan because our fishery has turned into a deep water fishery the last few years and the fish are down deep as well. The guys that make them were the original Vector guys and they make some durable products. If they make the long arms and say they will hold up to 25# weights, they should be fine.
  3. Magnum Metlz Downrigger Looks like I spelled it wrong
  4. An Allegan County, Michigan, judge has ruled against an environmentalist group’s appeal over a proposed private marina and housing development in the Saugatuck dunes on Lake Michigan. Read the full story by MLive. View the full article
  5. If hundreds of homes will rise in an 80-some acre wilderness area near Michigan’s Pere Marquette beach, then the best neighbors can do is make sure it’s done right. Read the full story by MLive. View the full article
  6. In January, Detroit got the bad news that it no longer was in contention for the second headquarters of Amazon. Changing the perception of Detroit from a rust belt city to highlighting its proximity to the Great Lakes may help attract more business. Read the full story by Great Lakes Now. View the full article
  7. Tens of millions of gallons of partially and untreated sewage is now making its way to Lake Erie. Read the full story by WIVB-TV-Buffalo, NY. View the full article
  8. In the ongoing debate over a proposed waste to energy facility at the Seneca Army Depot, a group of residents and business owners who are opposed to the project traveled to Albany, New York, to call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to reject it. Read the full story by WRVO-Oswego, NY. View the full article
  9. The Soo Locks will open March 25, giving this year’s domestic Great Lakes shipping season an on-time start. Read the full story by the Duluth News Tribune. View the full article
  10. The Trump administration still doesn’t get that the Great Lakes are a national treasure, an environmental boon, source of drinking water for tens of millions and a generator of billions in annual wages. Read the full story by The Plain Dealer. View the full article
  11. Last summer, a new invasive species turned up in Lake Superior: the bloody red shrimp. Read the full story by Detroit Free Press. View the full article
  12. VRO pump question

    I've done it on my 1993 70 hp Johnson outboard. When you run a 50:1 premix you need to keep in mind that it will be going through too much oil at low rpms or at idle. If I understand correctly, the VRO will run at 100:1 when at low rpms and will ramp up to 50:1 at full throttle. If you troll with the motor it may not be the best idea. When I use mine it's only at or near idle when I'm cruising out to the lake, but I run a kicker once I start fishing. Make sure to run it hard near the end of the day to clean any extra oil or carbon accumulated during idle or low rpm periods.
  13. Anyone have any experience with these riggers? Thinking of adding 1 as a chute rigger as its rated for 25# weights. I wondered about the strength of the arm when you add the extensions (36") to get past the outdrive.
  14. Holland 4th Annual swap meet

    It is this Saturday
  15. VRO pump question

    I had a mid 80's 40hp Johnson with the vro pump. I had the vro pump removed and replaced with a regular fuel pump and mixed my gas.
  16. Holland 4th Annual swap meet

    What dates is this set for
  17. Last week
  18. New stuff

    You can start getting the new stuff that was so good for pro staffers last year. Buckys, Handy got him a 38#er and Brandon landed a 41.48 king on a Griesedieck. Other goodies also. Thanks everyone, have a great year fishing.
  19. Was wondering if anyone has ever disabled a 1996 evinrude ocean pro 150 vro pump. The motor either uses tons of oil and runs rough or the alarm goes off depending on what mechanic adjusted it last. I have watched several videos on how to do it and pre mix my own gas and oil. Also heard you get better idle and better fuel mileage. Any input and opinions and instruction is welcome.
  20. Could something like the crisis in Cape Town happen here? Is it alarmist to even think about that possibility? After all, the Great Lakes, Holland, Michigan’s own source of drinking water, contain 20 percent of the world’s surface freshwater. Michigan is a water-rich state. Could we ever run out? Read the full story by the Holland Sentinel. View the full article
  21. Municipal and provincial staff gathered at a Brampton conference center to hear Gord Miller, Ontario’s former environmental commissioner, talk about climate change, and what he had to say challenged many of the established practices and assumptions that had guided their careers. Read the full story by TVO. View the full article
  22. The man at the center of the city’s response to growth said the two issues he is most keen to address in his role are the renewal of apartment towers built before 1985, and safeguarding the city against a catastrophic flood. Read the full story by Urban Land Magazine. View the full article
  23. The Lake Erie ice fishing season, which had such a promising start with the sustained Arctic blast at the tail end of 2017, cracked, slushed, broke up, and fizzled for many anglers. Read the full story by The Toledo Blade. View the full article
  24. The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon will arrive Tuesday near Port Maitland, where the Grand flows into Lake Erie, to attempt to break up an ice jam. Read the full story by CTV News Kitchener. View the full article
  25. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website, the DNR received the Racine diversion application on January 26, 2018. Thirty-nine percent of the water would be consumed daily and not be returned to the Great Lakes due to evaporation or incorporation into the product. Read the full story by The Pointer. View the full article
  26. A 19th Century schooner built in Essex, Ontario, the 74-foot Lettie G. Howard, is set to take up a temporary berth at the Erie Maritime Museum for the next two years while the New York museum at which she is normally berthed undergoes repairs. Read the full story by The Local News. View the full article
  27. Tom Clarke said his Nashwauk taconite facility on the Minnesota Iron Range will use half its finished taconite pellets to make pig iron at the site and will ship the other half by train to Mexico and to Asia via the Great Lakes, thus not competing with Cleveland Cliffs which will sell ore to U.S.-based steelmakers. Read the full story in the Duluth News Tribune. View the full article
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