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  2. Looking for some reels. Either 3 matching reels for downriggers, or 2 matching reels for wire divers. Looking mainly for convectors, cold waters etc, but I’ll entertain other offers. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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  4. 2 Male and Female Plugs 2 Band Buster Releases 2 New Auto Stop Bead Kits 2 Cisco Track Bases with thumb screws 2 Swivel Mounts Only used this past season. Nothing wrong with them. I am just upgrading. There is no wire or braid on the spools so you can spool up what ever you choose. 1450.00 -Prefer PayPal- I will pay for half the shipping, lower 48 only. Direct Message me if you have any questions.
  5. These are simple and easy Self Adhesive. Patches to use! Wipe the area clean around the hole or cut that you are repairing with alcholol that you buy in the Pharmacy. Press on the patch and let it set for about an hour Voila! That's it!! These are the Best Patches on earth for repairing Rubber Boots!!! The Patches will easily outlast your Boots!! Send $7.99 to: P.M. BOX 1702, GRAND CENTRAL STATION, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10163
  6. Got another one , trying to get rid of this one , able to send pics asking 140 obo
  7. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Thanks! Drum are such an underutilized sportfish. Hit like a freight train and take off running, even more fun when you can jig them in 8-20'. Even had a couple spool me with a 12lb leader! Our biggest this year was only a 9 pounder but in 2015 we boated a 10, 12, and 14.
  8. Chrome Steelhead - what the dr ordered

    Thanks. I’ve yet to harvest one this year. Buddy has a smoker where he does an incredible job. Stars haven’t lined up, but Id like to get one in the smoker before year-end.
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  10. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    I too will target the drum. Those are some hogs.
  11. Chrome Steelhead - what the dr ordered

    Great video of a true sportsman. Catch and release should be practiced by more sportsmen in this sport. I’ll keep only what I can use also. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  12. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Nice catchin!
  13. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Thanks, guys.
  14. for sale Selling my salmon gear

    2nds for shipping on tx 44 boards and 27H reels Ill look at the spoons too send me a couple of pics please 763-227-2479 55304 ---
  15. Bay Rat Lures

    Bay Rat Lures Has anyone here tried the new Bay Ray lures for walleye? If so did the produce, and which of the Deep Divers did you use.
  16. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Very Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  17. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Thanks for the share
  18. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    2017 Bigwater Catches Haven't posted much here lately so I figured I'd share a few pictures from our season out on the bigwater this year. Our season ran from early April to early November (though, Oct. and Nov. we're totally dead) and we fished three of the Great Lakes this year including our home eastern Lake Erie and western Lake Ontario on our boat as well as central Lake Superior on Captain John Tomczyk's boat (Daybreak Charters, also highly recommended if you're looking for a great experience!). On Erie we trolled for Lakers, Drum, and White Bass and jigged for Drum and Walleye. Lake Ontario in early August was monster Steelhead trolling with plenty of small Chinook as bycatch. Lake Superior in late June was a great new place to fish for us and we caught a multitude of native Lakers. It's amazing how much variation Superior fish have since they're the original strains and have adapted specifically for the various environments of that lake. Another awesome season in the books, we'll be back at it again next April for Erie Lakers, but until then it's time to keep crushing them in streams and rivers! (We catch & release 95% of our trolled fish, but a few pictured below (the gill gripped ones) were kept for the grill.) Erie Lake Trout Wicked Lamprey wound Largest fish of Spring, 18 pounds 8.5# Walleye White Bass are welcome on our boat Superior Laker Bug-eyed Char 33" Lake Superior tank Awesome coloration Inshore Drum jigging 37" 23# Erie Laker Action was hot in July New PB Lake Trout, 38" 24#, eastern Lake Erie Some more jigged Drum Lake O Steel Bycatch Chinook 12 pound Steelshark
  19. They did that this morning to us in Holland 3 docks when we launched came in was down to 1.
  20. port sheldon -docks coming out Had 3 docks in when I left this morning and only 1 when I got back, also looked like they were pulling in the buoy. Did manage a nice steely and a small king by the bubbler and was really glad to get out again on what turned out to be a really nice day on the lake.
  21. Holland am, 11-7 Fished front of piers for 1 hr, no takers or many marks. Lake temp was 49.9, Macatawa was 46. Moved out to 120-140 area only a few marks. Went 1/1 with only hit being an 11# steelhead on a Moonshine Bloody Nose std spoon, 250 cu line, south troll, 2.4 sog, in 132 fow at 9:12am. 50 degree temp out there was in 102 fow. Waves were 1-2 ft, but picking up. Great to be on the water. Also, 2 of the 3 ramps at launch were pulled when we got back. Village joined me today.
  22. @Copilottruman If you invest in another boat for early and late season use, go outboard. I made the mistake going with an I/O. Not the best outfit for early and late season fishing.
  23. for sale Selling my salmon gear

    103 Chicken hill Kersey Pa 15846. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
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