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  2. Yes. If you are interested, please make an offer.
  3. you still have the Fish Hawk? if so please send a way to contact you. thanks
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  5. Thanks Ed for the advice. Use to laugh at guys going into the water to retrieve there boats, I guess they now have the last laugh at me. Tight lines Ed
  6. Went 4 for 6 in the morning in 80-100 FOW with 2 coho and 2 steelhead. After seeing how you did maybe we should of tried sliding out more.
  7. I'll take a look! Got a 10 lb I can use for now.
  8. Fished 430pm to 1030pm got 2 coho 5to8lbs,2kings 8 and 14lbs, 3 steelhead 10, 8 and 6lbs. 1 steelhead 100ft water 130back wire diver uv mag ras carb 2 130ft king wire diver 150back 10"sd Kevin's girlfriend aqua meatrig 3 128ft steelhead swdiver ss Abomb 180back 4 110ft coho dr down 65 on fixed slider 10ft up moonshine half glow standard spoon white with red dot not sure name 5 100ft coho wire diver 130back uv ras carbon 6 steelhead dr 65down mag moonshine Abomb 7 king 300cu moonshine uv mag bloody nose We ran a 10 color and later in evening a 7 color that didn't take a bite. Also had a 400cu with meatrig that had one swing and miss. The 130back wire diver and 150 back wire had the most bites. Good night fishing
  9. I would be delighted with a cooler like that on a very short float. Nice work. If you have Amazon Prime, you can have our downrigger balls shipped for free - kind of crazy with that amount of weight. The price is reasonable too.
  10. We had a good time getting together Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  11. Hit the big pond tonight with Seafoam and Little Boat on board. It was great to run 9 lines on Fin Warrior for the first time this year. Set up prior to 6:00pm just north of Holland Harbor and gave the Steelheaders lots of room that planed out in front of us. Program: 300Cu with at green paddle and teaser meat rig to SB, 300 weighted stee with a green paddle and a water melon like Brads Cut Plug loaded with Tuna to port. High and low dipseys on port/starboard with spoons and SD/flies. Two downriggers, one light blue SD/fly and one spoon. Pushed one of the non used riggers to center and ran a blue-silver J-plug down the shoot. The 300Cu with meat in 132FOW on a North troll got hit immediately and we boated a 18lb king. There was much rejoicing as we optimistically thought there was more to come (Monty Python fans will appreciate that comment). Over an hour went by before a high diver, 42' down on a return SE troll with a mixed veggie got hit. It was a good fight but came off. Got the business end to the boat and the hook was gone on the Mixed Veggies spoon and the blank was bent 45 degrees inward. Don't recall seeing a spoon get destroyed like that before. Bent it back into shape, put a fresh hook on and put it back down (I actually like the spoon action better). Kept the southernly troll going and boated a 6lb coho in 119FOW on a down rigger down 75 @ the ball tipped with a blue SD and powder blue fly. That set up came alive again an hour later in 137FOW, same basic trolling direction, producing a 4.5lb coho. In between those two fish, we boated a 8.5lb SH on inside dipsey, down 50' tipped with a bloody nose spoon. Evil Alewife on a down rigger down 75' in 133FOW on a SE troll got pounded right at sunset. Unfortunately, we lost that due to a break off at the terminal tackle knot (I can't believe my double uni knot failed). There was one other 6 for 6 catch on the dock but no big kings. Radio chatter seemed like a lot of boats were searching a lot till dusk. Had a great time with new friends. They have some pics of the catch that might follow this post.l
  12. Made a late decision to check out the lake this afternoon. Made it to the launch at 7 and after making my out onto the big lake and into 125 fow managed to set lines at 8 pm (after snapping my first downrigger cable and sending a 12 lb ball to the bottom). Fished until 9:30 and went 3/5 with a 20 lb king and 2 steelhead around 8 lbs. Working downrigger at 75 ft - green jeans flasher fly - steelhead Mag diver back 200 - pro king chrome flasher and green fly - bite and then gone. Mag diver back 200 - green flasher with UV tape and fly - big king that got the better of us and got away. 400 Copper - Michigan Dolphin stinger spoon. 20 lb king 400 Copper - Michigan Dolphin stinger spoon. Steelhead. Was pretty happy with those results. Lots of bait out there. Lots of marks. Boats running meat rigs appeared to have fared the best from what I could tell at the dock.
  13. Similarly, my wire divers have 6' of 30lb mono to the penny just short of the business end so I can break them down without getting curlies. I decided to go with mono for the shock absorbing bonus against the wire. Longer amounts of mono will reduce the depth the wire diver can get to - I verified it so keep it short.
  14. My wire divers have about 10’ of braid on the end so I can break the rods down. I used the double Uni knot with no problem. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  15. Lost a lot of wire yesterday to tangles. Was thinking about splicing on some more wire using Albright or modified Albright knot and cover with small piece of shrink tubing.
  16. It looks like you did use mostly meat rigs after seeing your pictures. Good catch. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  17. I said mongolian beef in post. It was actually blue dancing anchovies and wonder bread.
  18. Pickle rig is a pickled sunshine meet rig. I use Dreamweaver set ups.
  19. We started in 130fow. Trolled south with the wind angling out to 160fow. Best action came between 135 to 150fow. King bites came at 2.0-2.2 - 2.4-2.7 at surface at ball which was at 55fow. 48-50 degree water. Chrome/blue flashers early w/blue/green flies Later in evening switched over to more glow w/green program.
  20. Impressive catch of kings and I see that those tasty 8lb coho are still hanging around. Appears green was the clear winner in the color selection. Plan on giving it a go tonight.
  21. Great catch! It looks like you didn't even use meat. You must be tired cleaning all those fish. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  22. Great night! Looks like 142' of water. So possibly 130 to 150'? What is a pickle rig if you don't mind my asking? Thanks
  23. Glad your back on the boat again. Fish are waiting for you. I left some behind for you. I use hip boots when I launch. I fell once. I didn't like it. Sent from my Z5156CC using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
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