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  2. everything we have gotten so far this fall has been either riggers 8ft down with a size4 jplug 50-120ft back OR smaller size dipsey ringless dialed to 3.5 with a size4 jplug on it running anywhere from 28-40ft of line out we fish the saug channel mainly but also holland channel and pierheads... we always fish 25fow or shallower good luck off muskegon!
  3. Very nice, how deep, what were you using? Headed to Muskegon tomorrow Sent from my SM-G950U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Boy what you described on the plantings sounds too good to be true! Thanks for the info. We will pull that up on the iNET tomorrow. When we were coming back into Holland midday today we got a jack in the channel as well so who knows.
  5. Still chasing. 50 degrees out front not a mark. Fished the channel and Mac. Lots of salad / line cleaning. Three catfish and about a dozen sheep. Only lost one fish and I'm pretty sure that was a good walleye. Forecast not promising.
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  7. slow and challenging... lost 2 pigs in saug channel this AM - managed to get this one... everything we hook up last few trips is Male... no eggs... the only "bite spot" in all saug this morn (and trust me we tried everything) was midway thru channel by rock walls... had to have speed so slow was in neutral basically being pushed out by east wind
  8. Thanks Dennis. Fish cleaning station was awesome. We were hoping we’d get a chance to use it.
  9. Great Job Dan first good report I have heard out of SH in awhile. How did you like the new fish cleaning station. Saw it for the first time on Sat, Dennis
  10. Thanks for the report Dan. I hope to get to South Haven at least one more time this year. It has been a memorable fishing year me already! Tight Lines to all
  11. Look up the plants for 2018. I'm already going to be (cough cough) sick a lot in September of 2021. And probably a little bit next year as well. Heard of two and already got one jack personally in Holland - those should be last year's plants already coming home.
  12. I'd hit the piers if I looked over and saw a cat on a boat. Mine come running out of the woods as soon as they hear the trailer being backed into the barn. Top video, about 7-8 seconds in, middle board, starboard side?
  13. speaking of the devil... we did go again tonight (9-8) and worked the Saugutuck channel and pierheads... took THE CAT along this time of all things hoping it would serve as a "luck charm" - managed to get 7 sheephead and 2 salmon... good times!
  14. Ha - nice Kevin... hands down you are the founding father of fall fishing --- my kids still talk about the guy in the blue 4winns who completely crushed em every time and was actually nice to us and gave us advice (remember back then it was the kids and I trying to learn out on the duck boat in Holland channel?) - Anyways, yes fall fishing completely stinks compared to what it used to be and we now have to fish long hard hours often times to even get a couple but it is still kinda fun. Someone has to try to catch the 200-300 total salmon that run in Ottawa county these days... can't leave em to run up the streams and die and be feasted on by the coons! Good reminder and trip down memory lane on those 2018 videos... here are a couple from the treasure chest- the dipsey double off Saug where I dropped my phone and the 23.5er that my son caught in front of Tiara deep inside Mac (this was in that one 18hr period where there was actually fish to be caught) - what isn't in the video is that we fished for 14.5hrs without a bite in sub-55 degree pier water leading up to these... double off saug.mp4 monster catch 23.5 pound king caught by William!.mp4
  15. We got one last week trolling for walleye. Unfortunately it fought like a walleye. Then we got a 14# sheep that fought like a 20# king...
  16. Sick of chasing your reports last year as I'm usually the guy making reports and not following them, we hit Grand Haven last night. It was a little bumpy out front. Like "awh hell no" bumpy. Trolled the too warm river because we were there and got a white bass. Speaking of, in your video from in front of Saugatuck last year, don't you have a planer board out of formation? Not that I went back and found your reports to see when I needed to start harbor patrol.
  17. Some male kings will run after one year in the lake. Commonly called "jacks". Meat was probably light and it had a huge white gonad inside the rib cage?
  18. Fished Grand Haven today. Nothing going at the pier heads. Cold water was pulled all the way up river, so we trolled almost back to the boat launch. Nothing there either. 55 degrees down 20 ft. Also ran to 200+ and hit a lake trout in 230 fow. Good marks out there down 80-120 ft.
  19. Also I’m aware of the rigger hit that happened while this fish was being netted, no one was home when I noticed..... whoops
  20. We fished Holland this morning. We set up in 80 and trolled pit to 140. Took 3 lakers in 135 and marked quite a few fish in those depths up and down the water column. We lost something big on a 10 color with an all silver j plug in 134’. We had it to the back of the boat and the hook harness gave way, that fish was silver. Took an odd small mature king? in the Holland channel as we trolled the pier heads and the channel. Plenty of marks in the mudline but who knows what they are.
  21. Way to go! Lack of reports could be due to the fact that you may very well be the only one trying it. I know south of grand haven there arent a whole lot of guys playing in the mud like the good ol days.
  22. 4 for 4, 3 lakers and coho. Oldest son flew in from Colorado so we could stay at the SoHa lake house.and fish. Blown off yesterday, set lines 9 today, 124-134’ all the hits; 2 lakers on CJ GOC reg size spoon on rigger down 61, coho on rv Moonshine flounder pounder glow spoon on dipsey out 160’, 13lb 13oz laker on 300 copper on green reg Moonshine glow spoon. Speed 2.5-3.Sog; all hits nw troll. Nice lazy 1-3s.
  23. Only Mark's we seen were in 130 than about 80 when we finished pulling lines.
  24. Nice fish! Sent from my LG-Q710AL using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  25. Did you mark much? Sent from my LG-Q710AL using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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