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  2. Understood, I run a Triton DC205 and flip them over and strap with my rod holders or put them in my front storage compartments. I fish a lot of species including walleye, salmon and muskies, sub 1 mph up to 5+ mph. Any amount of wind at slow speeds will mess with all types of boards. I have learned to "tune" my boats to the conditions but there is nothing that works all the time under all conditions.
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  4. Didn't say they don't work - they do and quite well. I'd never put a pair on my boat (21-footer) just because of the amount of room they take up when not in use. I've never did a side by side comparison - left side Otter, starboard side, ski-type, but I'm not sure the difference in performance (if any) would be easily apparent. If you go back a few posts and see my comments about side drift on a windy day, I don't think any type or brand can overcome a boat drifting sideways as much as it's moving forward.
  5. Wow, don't like Otter Boats Cap Mike? I've had a set for about 15 years now, they work far better than any of the 2 or 3 runner boards I've tried, especially with larger lures. They are big, they are not cheap but they will run very slow if set up correctly and that's really what he asked about wasn't it.
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  7. My article has been published: https://www.greatlakesnow.org/2019/11/mercury-great-lakes-lake-trout-mussels-study/ Thanks to everyone who helped out!
  8. Thanks scubastew. Didn't want to but I guess I'm on my way to Northwoods
  9. Do they stay on the line if you are pulling 10 color? Or when you have a bigger fish on? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. They work very well, especially if you are pulling shorter to medium length segments of copper or leadcore line. If you are pulling just mono behind the board they may be a bit much, but they will certainly take you line way out to the side of the boat.
  11. Have a hand full of walleye boards. Who's used the ninja boards and what's your opinion?
  12. Fishon Sports Radar Arch with rocket launcher. Adjustable width, was on a 10' beam 10 Rod holders (includes 6 adjustable holders for planer boards), radar pad (new, never installed), 2 cup holders, 2 side bar handles, nav/anchor light/flagpole, and net holder.
  13. 2010 Venture Eagle Trailer, dual axle, 8700# capacity. Was used for a 29'3" long, 10' wide boat.
  14. Curt class V...fits 2001 to 2010 gmc or Chevrolet. Short or long box. New condition 150$ Sent from my SM-N900V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  15. Thanks to everyone who supports this site. My name is Mike, I've been fishing the Bay and Huron and Erie for many years. Spent half the summer prepping new boat for salmon. Your site has made it possible. Sent from my SM-N900V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  16. If I had my choice, I'd like mercury levels to be zero. However, for some reason, the fish in the Great Lakes are easy targets. Any time there's a slow news day, out trots a story about how horrible the Great Lakes trout and salmon are to eat. What about tuna fish - plenty of mercury there. Also in swordfish, also in commercially caught walleye and perch in Lake Erie. These stories have been around since the 70s. That's 50 years. One would think if there was a spike in cancer, cerebral palsy, birth defects or other diseases around the Great Lakes someone would have put two and two together and figured it out. One of the reasons mercury levels aren't lowering is because a good deal comes from natural or environmental sources. Doesn't make it good. Consider risk assessments. A meal of lake trout carries about the same risk as smoking a cigarette. About the same as walking around for a few hours in downtown Chicago. About the same as a chest X-Ray.
  17. I've been on a couple of boats using Otter Boats. #1 they worked very well. I was impressed. This was at salmon speeds, say 2.5 or so. #2 - They are huge! It's like having a couple of lifeboats in the boat with you when they are on board. No biggy on a boat with a 10 or 12 foot beam, but you might as well bring a couple of extra coolers or a St. Bernard along with you. #3 - one of the boats had one that had been patched back together using fiberglass repair stuff because someone had stepped on in or dropped it and it broke. (Probably tripped over it sitting on the back deck.) If it's going to be bulky, it ought to be tough. #4 - Somewhat expensive at $120 each. #5 - Currently out of stock at everyplace I checked to see their price. - even Amazon.com
  18. Have you tried Otter Boats? You can redrill the keal mounting holes and change their angle. This puts more resistance on the keal a slow speeds which forces the boat nose out. However they will not pull right at highers speeds with that arrangement. On regular planer boards you can move the attachment point on the board rearward a little, this will force the nose of the board out. I'd start with an inch and adjust from there till you find the optimal spot. Good luck.
  19. I fished from Sun up to Sun down.. Started at the end of the pier and seen a lot of Crome fish jumping but they didn’t want anything to do with clios (all sizes)moonshine spoons cast masters All sizes. Rapala, Yozuri, bomber’s, Bay Rat’s. I fished Spawn on the bottom I used minnows under floats, Waxes, All types of Jig’s = “Lock-Jaw” I moved to the beach and the guy next too me hit one then the guy next too him hit one. Both fish fell off. They both hit fish again and I was thinking maybe the fish are turning on So I started paying attention to the guy’s hooking fish and it was apparent Every Atlantic Salmon I saw caught that day was hooked in the Ass , Tail , or the side. Guy’s were casting 3/4 oz to 1oz spoons and reeling them in as fast as they could. The water was stained with about 6in of visibility. I was fishing with some buddies of mine and we stopped for lunch and a beer they said they saw the same thing over bye the boat ramp where they were fishing. We fished until dark and only saw foul hooked fish being caught. I hooked into 1 Atlantic Salmon and it was pushing 15 to 18lb It was a beast!!! Actually most of the fish were on the bigger side. I was surprised to see the amount of foul hooked fish being kept. “But to each there own”. Atlantic Salmon are probably one of the most amazing and Beautiful fish in “Are” Great Lakes . I wish I had a better report. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
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  21. Do you still have the beaver troll bracket for sale? I’m interested. Can you plz call me 724-544-1654. If there is no answer plz leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP. thx. Bob
  22. Honestly I don't think too many people worry about it. I know when we eat fish we tend to eat the smaller ones, of the shorter lived species so there's less accumulation. But I have a friend who processes and eats a lot of fish and he thinks nothing about putting some 10-20# lake trout in the smoker. I've caught a couple tagged large lake trout that were 15-20 years old, so if any fish out there is going to be full of mercury, it's those.
  23. Hi, I'm a reporter working on a news story for Great Lakes Now about a recent scientific study, which found that although mercury pollution in the Great Lakes has been reduced substantially over the past few decades, most large fish, like lake trout, are still contaminated. The mercury levels in fish are not coming down as quickly as might be expected - largely because the invasion of zebra and quagga mussels has forced the fish to change their food source to prey that remain high in mercury. The paper can be found here: https://www.pnas.org/content/pnas/early/2019/10/29/1907484116.full.pdf I'm looking for someone with experience fishing on the Great Lakes who has time for a quick chat about this issue sometime in the next few days. I'm interested in how mercury contamination has affected the sport fishing community on the Great Lakes, and what some solutions might be. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks for your help, Brian
  24. Hi all. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who knows anything about these fishing rods. Are they any good? Price point? Where to find them? any information is appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Cap mike is right, we fished big boards for 15 years and made the switch to inline planners. We can’t run them slow, if there is any kind of crosswind they won’t go out or push back into the boat. Plus if you put them out to far they will drag way behind the boat. Someone said to try a triple board, that might work. My best piece of advice if you do go to the big boards is put a weight on the outside board to get it in the water. If that board isn’t running fully in the water (just your inside board) then it won’t plane correctly either. I know that sounds weird but it made a difference for us when we started doing it about 10 years ago.
  26. A couple summers ago when I first started using braid I got some 15lb power pro and tied on a 15lb fluoro leader with a double uni knot. I was fishing a Senko and a 26lb flathead grabbed hold of it. That fish fought like it was a whale, but the knot held up without any issues. I was pretty impressed.
  27. I upgraded to a Boston Whaler 285 Conquest this year and I like it a lot. On my older Lund 1850 Tyee I used my Minn Kota electrical trolling motor to give me a great spot lock performance for vertical jigging. It's difficult to stay over a spot with my new boat. I have joystick piloting and with my Mercury 403 Vessel View I have a skyhook feature which hold the boat position and direction. While it works, the motors (twin Verado 250hp) run quite a bit and churn the water up with lots of noise. It's not a very nice jigging experience. If I upgraded to the 500 or 700 series I could have their Bow Hook feature. It would be an expensive upgrade and I have no idea how effective it will be. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with Bow Hook for jigging. Please let me know how it works. Does it reduce the amount and aggressiveness of the engines running? Thanks for any advice available.
  28. If Buck is still there, just punch that tree scraping, stopping every 2 minutes to eat something, gassy glue factory drop out right in his horse face. Why they gave the guy that hates horses the horse even they don't like... (The rest of the family had a great experience. I figured anything with me and horses was going to suck, and it did, so expectations were met)
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