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  2. SoHa 7/27

    Hey Cappy Dan, Great post for a great day. Thanks for the detailed post. Looks like you gave it a great effort and worked hard for the fish you got. From the picture you posted on Facebook, you boys really enjoyed your time on the water. Keep working that Cu/Pb combo. Have faith in it. Once you learn to deploy it correctly, you'll be astonished at the results. I have my best results with my 200 ft Cu deployed with Captn Kings Crushed Florescent Orange on the end (see photo): I'll do my best with posting results for next week's forays outta Manistee. WiFi access will be a problem. Tight lines!
  3. Quick report we fished 70-90fow in Illinois waters on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. We went 0-1 on Friday with about an hour of lines in the water. Sunday we went to the same area and did well we landed 5 silver fish and 5 lake trout while losing about the same. Our best baits for the lakers where Michigan Stinger spoons on 200ft and 300ft of morgans copper pulled behind church tackle TX-44 boards. Our hot colors where UV mixed veggie and UV green gator. Our silver fish came on an assortment of stinger spoons down 20-75 ft. We had a great time taking some Lake Michigan first timers out and we got them some nice fish with the biggest trout weighing almost 18lbs! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  4. SoHa 7/27

    Must of been near you. Most of my time between 180 and 200 FOW. Fished from 7:15 AM to noon+. Caught one 8# King in 145 on way out. One 5# Steelhead in 195 FOW. No other hits. King on DR at 70 down with yellow Big Weenie flasher and UV yellow "Mustard gas" meat rig. Steelhead on 300 copper with Big Weenie UV Spotted dick flasher and matching meat rig. Done fishing until possibly August 4/5. And I have the week of August 7-12 off. Hope the weather is better in August than the last 2 years! Great catch. Much better than I did.
  5. SoHa 7/27 4 for 7; 2 coho n 2 lakers. Lost steelie when slider broke, coho got off on CJohn Or Crush Spoon n fish got off on CJohn green frog BTI n meat rig. All fish in 170-185 fow except 1 laker on way in in 138'. Laker on CJohn BTI n meat rig down 84'. Coho on CJ Or Crush spoon on slider with main down 85. Laker n coho on 300' copper on double or crush spoon. Copper was modified with 1 1/2 colors of lead on end n fluoro leader per tip from friend DImitri. All fish and lost fish between 10-11:30 except laker in 138' at 1:30. Dead calm till noon when wind shifted n picked up out of north. Fish shutdown n easy 2-4s when we pulled lines at 1:45. Pure Michigan on Lac Mich!
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  7. Nets around Whitehall

    NETS..... so confusing. I know of guys who have had their gear caught on these monsters and lost it all. CRAP. MEGA BITE: Good job with the request for info from the agencies. It is curiously helpful. I think these nets are the reason that I will be fishing afternoon/evening forays, just to make sure I can plot/locate them with some sort of a GPS heading and avoid them. I will ofcourse locate them with GPS heading on my posts from the fishing trips.
  8. Great report for a great day. Thanks for posting. Will be dragging the waters round Manistee next week. Good luck with the rest of your season.
  9. Muskegon 07-25 pm

    Do you remember what the North GPS reading were
  10. for sale Burts rod holders

    The Rod Holders have been sold.
  11. Holland AM, 7-27-17 2 for 3, 15# king and 9.69# steelhead. Both males. King on slide diver back 140 with bloody nose std spoon, 2.3 sog, sw troll in 110 fow. Steelhead on Craig's flounder std as a slider on rigger down 90, 2.7 sog, w troll in 176 fow.
  12. Nets around Whitehall

    How much of that "vandalism" is from people running over or running gear into poorly marked nets? We ran down the markers one time, on the Badger of all things. Bounced them right down the side of the ship at 15 knots.
  13. for sale Rod holders

    Big Jon are sold
  14. The morning weather was a bit iffy today with some storm systems working though Michigan. It had rained all night at Au Gres, but by sunrise, most of the storms were south of the Bay, but there was still some light drizzle and sprinkles out over the Bay as we ran out. The wind was dead calm early in the morning and for the first hour of fishing the bite was rather lack-luster. When the breeze picked up though at about 8:00, the fishing improvised dramatically with the catch rate going from 5 walleyes per hour earlier to 15 per hour for the later portion of the trip. As the bite improved, the size of the walleyes increased too. My clients from Davison, MI, who are in Au Gres participating in the auto show, caught their limits with a box of 32 nice walleyes ranging in size up to about 24 inches. We didn't have much luck on the two Hot N' Tots I ran on the outside board until the wind picked up. After the chop kicked up, the Tots caught plenty of fish, and also the biggest ones of the day too. The six spinner/crawler rigs I ran also produced very well with fire tiger doing better early in the morning, but later, when the fish were biting good, they did not show a color preference. We trolled at around 1.7 to 1.9 mph today and trolling north, into the wind seemed to produce the best. When we turned around and trolled with the wind, the bite slowed up a bit. Capt. Mike Viene
  15. Nets around Whitehall

    Earlier this year emailed the DNR about making the location of the nets available online and to complain that some I've seen are very poorly marked. Here was their response:
  16. Went out 4 pm 110-150 120-140 best water temp 65 down in 120 47.5 degrees 5 for 6 with 19 15 13 lb King 8 lb steelhead 4 lb lake trout 1. 5color with flounder pounder 8 lb steelhead 110 fow. 2. 60 down on rigger in 120 fow bloody nose 4 lb lake trout 3 D.R.67 down in 130 swr red blue white spots spoon13 lb King. 4. 300 copper wht grn meat rig 140 fow 15 lb King. 5. D.R. 130 fow swr 67 down glow icicle19 lb King. 6 wht paddle blue blk fly D.R.60 down in 120 big run took out 2 times got tangled in lead core fish gone! Speed at Ball 2.2-2.7 most fish marked south of nets all fish had bait in stomach Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. for sale Big Jon downriggers

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  18. Nets around Whitehall

    We just recently took a trip to Whitehall and found three nets just North of the pier heads. 1st was about 1-1/2 miles north 2nd 2 miles north 3rd 3miles north All inside staffs were in about a 100 fow. I have 2 of these marked on my graph but do not have access to it now. If you have anymore info I would appreciate it. Thanks Fishbuster
  19. Last week
  20. 10-4. I will be posting as much as I can. WiFi will be a problem as we'll be staying at MI state campground called Orchard Park north of Manistee. Going to be fishing off Manistee ala Captain John King style by starting in afternoon and fishing till after dark. His BTI meat rigs such as Frog and Salmon Buster in the dark waters are fabulous. Stay tuned to this channel.
  21. We plan to go out Aug 4 & 5. Let me know how you do.
  22. This was an EPIC post. Sorry I didn't see it sooner. Your explorations of the various techniques is EXACTLY what both working and retired charter captains do best (besides outfish the rec fisherman): the practice of detailed precision. The use of Pb at the end of the Cu gives you just a little bit of sway in the line that activates the spoon. Result? Motion in a spoon that may not otherwise have any; enticing a fish to strike. Hell, they don't have to eat it; they just gotta inhale it. Try using some of John Kings spoons. You won't believe the action of those lexan spoons in the water. The gold Orange Crush and Alewife SUV are amazing. Best part about your photos is the use of life jackets on the boys: BRAVO. I see lots of kids in pictures w/o the jackets on and I just cringe. Tight lines and safe returns to port; I'll be up your way all next week (of Aug 1 to Aug 4) chasin tail out in the deep.
  23. Holland 7-21

    ReelNauti: Thanks. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.......
  24. Hi if you end up sell one I would be interested with the swivel base . Thanks Roger Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
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