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    Have fished all my life and fised the big lake hardcore since 2000
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    holland mi.
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    huntin,fishin, camping
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    Mold maker (day job) lure manufacturer on the side jp slammers

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  1. There should be some showing u after the north blow tomarow,however im afraid we are just seeing the effects of the plant cutbacks from 4 years ago. There just aren't as many kings on our side of the lake JMHO As for the may kings we get those every spring they are the migraters heading up to the northern ports.
  2. Fished out of holland on a solo trip started in 280 fished to 210 and back to 280 went 4 for 7 with 2 coho 1 laker 1 dink king that i released also lost a nice steelhead . What worked , diver back 125 with a dragon slayer spinnie with a pickle sunshine fly , green dolphin on a rigger down 50 , a flounder pounder 55 down on rigger .
  3. ran down to the point in Saugatuck made 3 passes south of the point only picking up 3 cohos, so decided to fish my back to Holland zig zagging 30 fow to 20 fow ended the night 11 for 13 with 3 throw back kings one king around 8 lbs ( caught in 20 fow) a 5 lb laker the rest cohos . Gold and copper backed spoons , gold and red thin fin,and red with black thin fins all took fish, took 2 coho on a white slick 8" pro troll with an oceana fly . Beautiful evening with great buddys .
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