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  1. South Haven 4 8

    Went 14 for 16 today in two hours in 220 fow. Coho are stacked out there, had 2 quads and three doubles
  2. Can't access this site on smart phone

    Mine as well, works fine on ipad, but can't get on on my sg3
  3. Holland 7/29-8/3

    I was out tonight out of south haven. Started in 120 and trolled in best bait was in 95 fow and marked a lot of fish at 75.
  4. Newmanstaa is in see u in the morning
  5. Bourbon or Scotch

    Try a Crown Manhattan has became one of my favorites
  6. Nice job, good talking to u at the cleaning station.
  7. Went 4 for 6 tonight 2 kings and one laker and one coho. All on 5 and 10 color best fow was 75.
  8. Official signup SHFL Event #2 June 9th

    I'm In for sure this time:thumb:
  9. Official Signup SHFL Event #1 May 5th

    Count newmanstaa in can't wait
  10. Went out from noon to 6:30. Fished 170 to 230 fow with best being 210. Ended up14 for 17.With 9 coho 4 kings and one laker. Lost a 20lb plus king at the back of the boat fought for 30 min and straightened out a o ring on a lemon ice SS. Dad was sick but it put on one hell of a show
  11. South Haven Fishing League

    Im in, before june would be a little tough for me, that teaching thing gets in the way of fishing. If I know the dates ahead of time, I can plan accordingly. All in all sounds like it could be alot of fun.
  12. New Sonar/GPS

    I have a two unit set up as well. I have a new HD lowrance sonar unit that I love. My gps unit is an older X17 lowrance that has a 10.5 inch screen. I found that unit on line 3 or 4 years ago for 400 dollars. I really like my lowrance units and you can pick them up on linefor great prices if u find the right situation. Got the gps when lowrance was discontinuing their old models.
  13. South Haven 8/27 AM

    Nice fish, I was out yesterday morning. Went 8 for 10, all small kings in 120-160fow. Wish I would have fished shallower water.
  14. I didn't know there are kings in lake erie, how did they get there?