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  1. Is that Toronto in the back ground? Great gob on the video. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Help with dipsys and releases.

    Setting up going with the waves will help keep the boat going straight.
  3. Port Sheldon 8/28 am

    Fun, Fun, Fun. nice catch.
  4. That's a big laker Ed. Nice job
  5. Holland 8/15/17 Picked the boat up from Ancorage hopping it would be fixed. Made our way out to 150' and set two riggers, and two 300' coppers. NW wind at 15 did not help. Ended up getting 3 kings. all 120 down on the riggers with white paddles, and poofster flies. Dang boat kept stalling, and we could not get the speed down where we wanted it. Dropped it back to Ancorage to have a new carb put on.