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  1. Nailer

    Holland 7/12

    That's a pig! Thanks for sharing
  2. Nailer

    7/7 Muskegon

    Wow, Those are some fat kings! congrats.
  3. Thanks for the update
  4. Very nice day.
  5. The main reason I have not been fishing the last 2 years is the boat has been running like crap. Anchorage Marine was convinced it was the Holly Fuel Injection system that was on it. They spent most of the last summer replacing parts and hoping it worked. It didn't. I pulled the distributor this spring to find it had a bad bearing in it. I need to replace it. NAPA wants $900. eBay has them for $350. Is there a better option? It's the Merc Cruser 305 Gm Engine. 1980's years.
  6. Nailer

    Port Sheldon 7/3 AM

    Very Nice.
  7. Nailer

    Muskegon 6/2 pm

    very nice!!
  8. Nice work on the good eats