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  1. Sorry to here about the probe. Just to ask. Which okuma rod is that? I have one also that broke while fighting a 8# coho, that broke two foot down. Had another one last year that broke the same way just only 6in. down.
  2. Morning bite 2 core and 5 core, 2 divers high and low and 2 riggers.
  3. Trilene knot here. Never realy gave any other knot a wirl using mono. My problem is using the trilene not with 50# mono. Just a pain.
  4. I have 2 of those reels and do like them better than the okuma's. I have put 5 colors of lc on them only getting down to about 25'. One could probably get 6 or 7 colors on with a braid backing. Just won't reach the 100' depth. #1 balls would work better at that depth with braid then a mono leader.
  5. I read somewhere that glow tape was used on the planerboard flag. I am going to try this idea. Also going to put some glow tape on the rodtip to see how that would work. I wouldn't think that a 1/2inx1in piece would effect anything.
  6. The leadcore isn' so bad its the wireline setup thats the killer. When I told my wife what the cost is to set up two wire rods she gave me that look. Well, I did win the battle, she gave me the ok BUT ,has yet to show me the money. I convinced her by the longevity of the line used. Compared to respooling mono every year. You can also pickup the magda combos with 4 rods/reel for about 200. I picked up 4 3yrs ago for $180.
  7. Dan Trieloff age 47 reside in Whitewater Wi. Fish out of Millwaukee down to Kenosha This will be my 4th yr on the pond. Best times out is when young kids on board. Boat- MirroCraft 18' No boat name as of yet. Have fished all my life, mainly gills and walleye. Jiggin is my fav. Wife used to fish. Tells me I fish enough for both of us.
  8. Great box Anvil. Thanks for your replies.
  9. What are some ways to store fly's. I read the noodle thread. Is that being utilized for fly's. I have been using two types of tubes. Just don't like the kinks I get from them. Thank you.
  10. I run cannons perp. with rod holdr in same dir. Also have stacker holdr out the back that can be adjusted. Going to try in back. If not workable will try as braid dyp rod.
  11. I decided to try them. They are 10'6". Will be used for a horizontle flat line for eye's. Not sure how they will fit in my spread on the pond. What benifit is it if any to use a longer rigger rod vs short. Is it just preference?
  12. I am looking at a couple of 10ftrs. Thinking about using them for longlining for eye's. Since I pull double duty on some of my rods. Looking for other uses of the innerflo rods. Where I could use them for the pond in my setup. Thanks for your answers.
  13. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on these? Can the tip be replaced to accept line knots? Thank You for your thoughts.
  14. Having the luxury of growing up with my Grandparents owning land along Rock lake in Lake Millls. We were able to leave our gear in the boat till the next day and just jump in and go. Most fishing was for gills. That was back in the mid to late 60's. 4 yrs ago purchased a boat that was set up for big lakes. A freind convinced me to take it out and have been hooked ever since. I new that once ventured out I would be hooked. I had been on a few charters and loved every minute. Friends keep telling me that a charter Capt. is in my future, cause my lines don't get a chance to drown.
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