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  1. Those are some big grins to go with those fish. Looks like there was some fun to be had when that king was landed and the lake trout as well. And tell her the shoes are the bomb - must wear them on the next float.
  2. Agree with Clyde. If you are out before sun up, you may want to try 150FOW however, the bait and most fish seem to be coming in that 200FOW. An occasional big king and smaller fish. Not much in between. Good luck!
  3. I am fairly certain you and I were passing each other late in the evening in that 200+FOW (Fin Warrior has a blue hull) as there was only the two of us out there. Put down 5 dark lures at 8:20pm and raised the baits a bit ready for the dusk bite but no dice. Only boated two lakers but had several rips with one Mustad large treble that got straitened out on a wire diver after the initial strike. I love those hooks for SH and they are also light weight, good for keeping the action on the lure but they will flatten out if a big king only grabs one of the three barbs. Most importantly, a big congrats on landing a stud king solo. I do a lot of the fishing myself so I know the fun and the challenge it brings. Best of luck on your next float.
  4. That is a lot of gas to burn and cost to the Sheriff's department to run out to 200FOW for I am not sure what. Really sorry you lost the board and set-up. Hope someone phones in the board.
  5. I mis-identified the fish in the first pic. That is actually a 8# coho per my cutting table examination.
  6. Fished 5:00pm till past dusk starting in 150FOW out to 240FOW. Spent most of the evening between 200-240FOW running 2 wire divers and 4 riggers. Finished 2 for 6. Had a couple of tangles and a lost diver set up with MS Bloody Nose because we were running everything at 70' down and below until dusk. Caught a 8lb or better king on my Waukegan Special (Luhr Jensen blue holographic tin can with a hand tied dark blue crinkle fly) down about 60' on a rigger in 210 FOW just before dusk. Shortly there after the 12lb light line with a holographic green dolphin type spoon down about 75' on a rigger boated about a 5lb king. Both kings were lake bred. The 4 misses were short lived fights and only one hit and ran hard (the donation). Had two of my best friends out from the other side of the lake and was happy the lake was calm and got to boat a fish each. 200FOW was busy last night. One report of a 20# king caught in the depth but not much else. Looking to try again later in the week.
  7. Slow in Holland last night. Will post my report shortly. Like you, we donated a MS bloody nose spoon along with a heavy weighted slide diver off the wire line rig. Short fight, could not tell how big it might have been.
  8. JDH and Wes - happy you both landed a 20+ pounder. I have some buddies coming in next week and hope to get out and get one big one for them to land. I was watching the buoy report all morning, 1.3' and thought I should have dolled out the $400 to fish Big Red. Hate making that investment when the lake is rough and hard to fish. Was it busy out there today or were you far enough north of the fleet?
  9. MB - that is hard to believe. Your team is good for landing at least one. Must have gotten really slow out there. I did a very short run with Tom a couple of nights ago and got only three very small kings. Too much warm water to get a balanced spread. On the other hand, my golf game has been improving !!!
  10. It was really bugging me that I could not vector back to law or regulation so I spoke with the Plainwell DNR office. They forwarded two Fisheries Orders, 218.19 and 248.22. How I would have found these FO's on my own I don't know. FO 248.22 Possession Limits states "It shall be unlawful to snag a fish, attempt to snag a fish, or possess a fish that was snagged." However, in my opinion this would not apply to a foul caught fish because earlier in the Order, snagged is defined as "taking or attempting to take a fish in a manner or methods where the fish does not take, or have a chance to take, the hook voluntarily in its mouth." The key word in this language is 'voluntarily'. To prosecute under this FO, it would have to be successfully argued that a trolling spoon on a line does not present a voluntary opportunity for a fish to take the lure in its mount and/or the trolling spoon is a device that is intended to take a fish involuntarily. FO 218.19 Gear Restrictions contains the language "In all waters of the state, it shall be unlawful to: 1.c retain any fish not hooked in the mouth, or 1.d fail to immediately return to the water any fish not hooked in the mouth." Although preceding provisions 1.a & 1.b address gear restrictions used for snagging and 1.c & 1.d is a continuation of the provision, in my opinion and based on personal experience of law successfully applied beyond its intent when it was written, there is enough bandwidth under 1.c and 1.d to prosecute retention of a foul hooked fished caught while trolling. Attached are both orders. I can now rest that I have solved this. FO_218.19 Gear Restrictions.pdf FO_248.22 Possession limits for fish.pdf
  11. Great cooler full of kings! It was too windy for me to go out and with all the warm water piled up on shore and knew it would have to be deep water. So I did the next best thing and played golf. There might be a break win the winds on Tuesday - hoping . . . .
  12. There is language in the 2022 Michigan Fishing Guide regarding returning a fish to the water if not hooked in the mouth and possession of a snagged fish. However, as I understand it, enforcement provisions defer back to Section 324.48739 Act 451 which states "multipointed hook with weight permanently attached".
  13. Nice big king! There seems to be a larger number of small jacks getting hooked this early in the season. Typically see that in the fall. There is mostly west wind in the forecast for this week which will likely stack up the warm water and push the kings out to deeper water. Bummer.
  14. Fished the morning putting lines down just outside of 100FOW before 6:00AM north of the channel and away from the boat traffic. The lake was flat, bug free and gorgeous. Glow baits did not deliver early morning which has been the typical out come for me as of late. Switched out the high dipsey to a dark spoon (Evil Alewife) and the SB rigger to a Proctologist fly. I was ready to pull SWR (7:15am) to switch out the glow Wonder Bread J-Plug when it popped and ripped line. After a really good king fight, boated a 13lb king @ 108FOW, 73' at the lure on a NW troll. Set the boat to a North troll, reset SWR and within 15 min the high diver (53' down) with Evil Alewife banged hard twice and exploded. After getting the rod out of the holder, I saw a king leaping out of the water, 2-3 times on a run, not like a Steel Head but on a run, on multiple times, off to the side of the corner of the boat. Once I gained enough line, I knew it was on the business end of the rod I was working. I could not move the fish, line continued to pull out and getting spooled was a possibility. So with neutral drops I pulled the other two lines and continued the neutral drop strategy to gain on the fish. After 40 min of battle with the fish near the transom, I could see it was coming in tail hooked. Netted the fish and got it in the boat and the hook fell out - fish Gods smiled down on me this time. Weighed in at just over 18lbs and provided a good number of steaks for the grill. I kick my self for not putting dark baits up high at the get go. I do that dusk fishing with great success but have been trying to get the glow bait program working in the morning to no avail. The winds picked up from the South after that and I could not get anything to bite for the next 2-3 hours Ended the day 2 for 2. In the end, I got what I came for The 13lb king was a natural, the 18lb king was a plant.
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