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  1. uscaptainstraining.com. You can do the course online and test with the administrators. They also offer classroom courses as well. The website also has all the steps and paperwork requirements spelled out.
  2. Raytheon L750 system. Includes Head unit, Transducer, and full cable set. Ready to install and use. $500
  3. Looking to purchase life jackets for charter boat, must be Coast Guard approved, reflective taped, and with lights. If you are getting out of the business or have stuff laying around, let me know. PM's are fine.
  4. Awesome! I may be in town for that weekend. If I am, I will contact you about a table.
  5. Invision Boat Works in Indiantown (Saginaw) specializes in this type of work. Jeff is awesome to work with and there will be no surprises. Long drive, but maybe worth it.
  6. Allen, give Jeff a call at Traxstech, he has the line all ready to go with terminations and everything. Pretty reasonable also.
  7. Both of my Big Jon spools split. I replaced them with Traxstech spools. They go right on with only a bushing replacement, much stouter than the previous spools. They come spooled with heavy mono. No need for a snubber since the mono stretches if your boards pull as hard as mine. Clips slide right down like on bearings. I have used the "shark line", which is like 200# braid. It works ok, but in waves it jerks the boards bad due to no stretch, causing clips to flip around line and tangle.
  8. Bigtime bummer. Was almost just what the doctor ordered. If anyone has a trailer in new or near new condition that will work for a 27' Tiara Open with inboards, let me know. About ready to purchase new.......Ouch!
  9. Any idea on the weight rating? Looking for a trailer that will fit a 27' Tiara Open with inboards. 7500# dry weight.
  10. Don, if I put in an order, we can add one in for you.
  11. I am purchasing a Tiara Pursuit 27 Open and it needs a total electronics upgrade. I get serious good pricing on Hbird, working for the parent company has its perks. I have always had great success with Hbird Sonar and am seriously considering doing the whole electronics package in Hbird. They now have an Autopilot system also. Anyone out there run one yet? Good, bad, ugly? Thinking going with the 1158C Sonar/Gps, AS 12 Radar, and SC 110 Autopilot.
  12. Thanks, saw that also. Kind of steep. I have seen some other new trailers for less though. That one would certainly never make me worry about weight though.
  13. Thanks Ben. It is the 5 pin plug. I only use the brown and blue wires, simply power and ground.
  14. Guys, I have a bad power cable for my Sportpilot. Raymarine was no help, this unit is no longer made and they have no parts for them apparently. If anyone has an old unit around that has a good power cord, I would really appreciate it.
  15. Looking for a trailer that will handle a 27' Tiara Open. Inboards, so needs to be set up for shafts and screws. This will be over the road, not just a storage trailer. Not opposed to purchasing a new one, just hoping someone has a new or like new one needing a new home.
  16. Ryan, its called retirement! LOL. Looking for that gig myself.
  17. Sounds familiar. I am dropping $3000 on my Volvo Penta 290 outdrive as we speak. Upper bearings and shaft, seals, bushings, etc.... All part of boat ownership though.
  18. Are these just bare blanks that you intend to build on? Building them for steel? For most freshwater applications underwraps are not necessary, but can certainly be done. Let me know, you have my attention.
  19. Record the sound of a ripping drag and have it as your alarm sound?
  20. Sounds good. Yeah, it was circus trying to get in and out of the boat last year.
  21. Grant, love to kick the sand, sounds like an Irish Pub burger and beer. We get there Monday. I am actually not taking my boat this year:mad:. Don't feel bad for me though, not taking it because I have plenty of fishing all set up. Prefishing with Verdict III couple days this week, mating in Holland Friday, Steelheaders tourny in Holland Saturday aboard Tangled Mess, and the following week is prefishing and the Holland Big Red tourny with Team Bending Limits. Just couldn't justify $400 in slip fees to fish a couple days. I'll just do some weekend trips over there with my boat.
  22. I recently had a power module fail on my Volvo/Chevy 5.0. The mechanic that worked on it (non marine), suggested that it needed a vacuum advance setup on the distributer. We replaced the power module, and installed an accel high performance coil. I also ordered an Accel High 8 ignition system that will be installed in the coming weeks. The boat now reaches 4000 RPMs easily and cruises at 25-26mph with significantly less throttle than previous. I have heard varying degrees of input on whether vacuum advance should be installed on marine motors. Many say it is a no brainer can't hurt (mostly general auto mechanics). Some marine guys suggest that since marine motors are always under load, they don't reliably produce enough vacuum to correctly advance spark, leading to unheard detonation and valve damage over time? What say yea marine motor guys?
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