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  1. On lake Ontario North side 150 feet down in 200 to 300 feet of water big Salmon are a regular occurrence. First time I did it was when I had manual riggers. Living on the south end of Lake Huron makes it hard to do in my home port. Have to run at least 20 miles to do it. I have caught one at 250 feet the west side of Lake Michigan.
  2. Yea love the one on my Trophy as well. I will. Mine is a Guest Trolling series for 2 batteries. Its great not having to pull the batteries for the winter. I just plug it in all winter. The port side battery is not bad to get out but the starboard side is under the oil tank for the oil injection and a pain to get out.
  3. I use Scottys. Had walkers and Cannon and don't like them. Hope to try some Black's or Chamberlains as my scottys wear out. Tried the elastic thing both on the riggers and planner boards. Works great but hate the broken elastics. I have been on a Charter boat with a famous Salmon fishing captain and we had elastics plug up in the guides so I could not reel. I was with a friend who had some leaky rivits on his aluminum boat. I am reeling in a fish and I see water in the back below the floor. An elastic was stuck in the bilge pump. I do carry a bag of number 16's on the boat.
  4. There is a boat launch right in Grand Bend. On the south side of the river. Or there are a number of launches in Port Franks. We usually fish out of Port Franks or Kettle Point. Just guessing but I believe around 5 to 7 miles out will get you to 80 to 100 fow. It will not be near as far as Lake Erie.
  5. Disconnect the line that goes from the tank to the motor. I was able to feed it out through the drain plug of the boat and use it to siphon the tank. The pickup goes to the lowest point of the back of the tank anyway. I was able to get almost alll of the gas out of a tank that had split a weld while fishing. Had to empty the tank before I could go to bed that night as it was running out he drain already and I did not want it running down to the raod and into the catch basins.
  6. Somebody should have proof read the article. I have never seen markers seven feet above the water. Wonder how they keep them up there???? Quote from article "She says most importantly to sports fishermen is when you see the white markers, approximately seven feet above the water, if you keep your cannon balls above 21-feet from the bottom, they will not lose their lures and Nadjiwon can keep his nets in one piece."
  7. Well it was nice to get out of Port Glasgow for some trolling today on Lake Erie. The wife and I had a very foggy drive down but glad too see no fog the last part of the trip so the lake was clear. Got out about 9:00 and pulled up around 13:30 as I has someone coming this aft to fix my A/C at home. It was fun to have a few bows on but we where going to target Walleye for our favorite table fair. Got 3 Walleye and a couple bows. Best rod for the walleye was a 5 colour leadcore with a purple and black spoon. Wire dipsy did OK with a black spoon with ladder back 140 ft out setting 3. I got some time to use and play with the smart troll. All Walleye where caught in 55 degree water. Surface temp was mostly 69.x with anything from 5 to 20 feet in the mid to high 60's. There was a defined temp change below 20 feet which was mostly 55 degrees. We found a few pockets of 60 degree water below 20 and usually had a hit from a bow in those areas. I had a very interesting experience when playing with a smart troll probe on a copper line. I was letting it out 50 feet at a time and waiting for the temp and depth to display. At 15 feet I walked back to the back of the boat after checking the display at the front and started to thumb some more line out. Well it started to go out faster and faster and some ?I had burnt my thumb and could not hold the line so I let my thumb off and before I could grab the reel handle I looked up to see a bow doing air time. Unfortunately my burnt thumb with the print now scrubbed off by the copper did not set the hook and we lost that one. All fish caught in 63 to 65 FOW straight out and to the east of port. It was a great day to get out on the water.
  8. It also depends on how deep you are fishing. Up high you do not want the leads to short as the boat will likely spook them.
  9. I would only use the dacron for Planer board reels. For the riggers either wire or 200lb power pro braid.
  10. Posts with pipe over it for me. Don't have anything on the trailer and boat I have now. But last 2 boats I had the post/pipe guides put on. One boat was an 18 foot and the other I thought might be too big for them was a 22 foot fiberglass. Worked great.
  11. I like my 9 footers. I like to load them up.
  12. Welcome. My first Great Lakes boat was an SS200 with a 165 straight 6 and an OMC outdrive. Great Boat Great motor escept for the outdrive. She served me well and got me introduced to trolling the great lakes etc.
  13. I have a newer HDS series but still have my 522. Works great for me but not under a hardtop. You may need the puck or external receiver that you can mount on the hardtop.
  14. The OMC 165 straight 6 I did did not require this and worked great without the resister and diode but the instructions did warn me that the OMC may require this. But I did have to do the timing as stated earlier.
  15. When you do those upgrades and I have done a couple your are suppose to check and adjust the timing.
  16. Why? I always thought copper was for depth. If you don't need the depth why bother. Maybe a 2 or 3 color leadcore would be a better choice. We fish the North side of Erie at times.
  17. It will be interesting when my smart troll unit comes in to play with some depths. We where fishing a strong south east wind a few weeks ago and caught a fish with only 2 of us on board so by the time we netted the fish the wind had turned us and we slowed from 2.5 mph to 1.5mph and a 3 color leadcore snagged zebra muscles off the bottom in 22 feet. I was surprised at how fast it dropped. I will be interested in playing with the smart troll to see how decreased speed affects the drop of wire copper and leadcore. I will not want to be snagging bottom and zebra muscles though with my probes.
  18. I used to have an SS200 looks similar but shorter. What motor is in it? I had a 165 straight 6 which you may have or a small V8. I never ran any lead substitute. Ran good after I got rid of the points and put a pertronix ignition kit in it.
  19. I am going to have to look into that one. I am Canadian and bought a flare gun in Canada at my local marine shop and carry them on my boat.
  20. Our 2012 fishing video. A collage of pics and video about 8 minutes long.
  21. I would also spray some oil or fogging oil into the cylinders and let it sit. Then turn it by hand with a socket and breaker bar on the front of the engine before trying to turn it over with the starter.
  22. I don't have an answer but could use the same on my Trophy floor. I love the washdown floor for rinsing the fish blood and slime down but for that once or twice a year cleaning.
  23. Not much left. I had 2 of those under the rod reels. Sold them and got something else. Did not like them. I think it was the fact you had to turn them the other way to wind. also tried the twisted rod thing where the eyes go around the rod. Wasn't impress with those either. Other than that I have at least 6 Walker dipsy rods and a couple of rigger rods. As well as many deeper divers. Oh and 3 Walker riggers.
  24. FsnMachine

    go pro

    Go to love the gopro. Made a couple of videos this year. Onse is from a spring derby. Another from late August.
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