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  1. Fished 5:45 am until 9 am. South trolls between 125-150 fow. Ended up 4-5 all kings between about 12 and 21 lbs. Mag diver back 200 with a white/green spin doctor and meat rig was 3-4. Kevorkian spin doctor on a slide diver back 185 too the other fish. Trolling speed 2.2-2.5.
  2. I'm not even sure what to run anymore. Even with the poorer fishing the last few years I was usually able to dial in a program to put a few fish in the boat each trip.
  3. Fished from 6:30 to 10 am. Worked 80 to 150 fow south of Holland near the sliders. Lots of fish marks and bait in 140 fow. One bite, and it got off. 200 Copper with a green mag dreamweaver spoon. That was all.
  4. You yell back?! I want to take some friends some afternoon to troll some sheep up. Got a best sheephead lure?
  5. It's been frustrating with reports this spring. Seems like most of reports are being stuck on Facebook now. Not a fan of those groups. I'll keep posting when I go out! Decided to keep the boat in the garage Memorial day weekend and do some relaxing.
  6. I have a theory that's it's due to the drought. We didn't have the usual spring flooding the puts lots of warmer muddy water in the lake and helps the lake warm up faster. Ive found in the past, the coho and kings usually show up deep first before they move in. They just seem to have stayed deep this year.
  7. Fished today in deep water after hearing about good fish offshore. Started in 180 fow around 6 AM and worked in and out to 205 fow with only 1 coho bite to show for it by 9 am. At 9 we pulled lines and ran to 275 fow where there was a surface temp break of about 2 degrees colder. Started picking away at coho and one steelhead there on North and South trolls. We were 6/8 by noon. At that point we pulled lines again and reset in 245-250 and put in a midday "king" spread and shortly after were rewarded with some bites. Pulled lines around 3 pm and ended up 12/15. Overall, our best speeds were 2.7 to 3.2 at the ball. What worked in 180-200 fow: Mag Moonshine Double Trouble - Rigger down 35 - 1/1 Coho What worked in 275 fow: Superslim orange spoon - 2 Color - 1/1 Steelhead Superslim Magic Man - 150 Copper - 2/2 Coho ProKing Protroll Chrome Flasher/Fly - Mag Diver back 155 to 185 - 2/2 Coho Superslim Michigan Dolphin - Rigger down 65 - 0/1 Coho (got off at back of boat) Stinger UV Blue Spoon with dots - 300 Copper - 0 /1 What worked in 250 fow: ProKing Mnt Dew Flasher Fly - 400 Copper - 1/1 King MI Stinger Green Jeans Flasher Fly - Regular diver back 155 - 1/1 King Dreamweaver Mag Caramel Dolphin - Downrigger down 59 - 1/1 King Stinger UV Blue Spoon with dots - 100 Copper - 1/1 King Silver Streak Mag Blue Chilly Willy - Slide Diver back 155 - 0/1 Superslim Magic Man - 150 Copper - 2/2 Coho & Steelhead
  8. I've heard there are bait and fish out deep. 200 fow+. Fish are up shallow. Mix of kings coho steelhead lakers...
  9. I half yelled your name, but we i recognized your boat too late. Nice job on the fish. Went to South Haven yesterday to do some scouting and got two lake trout. Heard from someone boats were getting coho in 220+ fow on the surface.
  10. Keep in mind these charts are all approximate and will vary significantly with speed. That being said, with braid backing, the more braid you let out, the deeper it will run. Hard to quantify. If you have say 30 lb mono backing, it won't dive much more at all. They key to copper and lead core is that it isn't running at the exact depth all the time but swings up and down around the target zone. Currents can make weird things happen too. I've hit bottom with a 200 copper before at 2.5 mph due to some weird currents. Also some days I'm marking fish at 55 feet, and the 400 copper is catching, but the 300 isn't touched. Likely the 300 didn't go deep enough.
  11. 0 for maybe 1? Set lines at 4 pm. Started in 165 fow working out to 185 and back into 170. Marked fish 70-90 down and between 120-150 down. Had a brief hit on a white paddle on the rigger down 135 feet. Didn't release just bounced a few times and gone. Then bumped into 70 fow and trolled NE into 50 fow with laker rigs on the bottom. Nothing there. Pulled lines at 7. Saw a coho jump out of the water next to the boat in 65 fow.
  12. Fished from 9:30 until 1:30. Tried in 50-70, 30-40, and then tried 10-20 fow. Went 1-3, fish we caught and one fish that got off were shaker kings. Only good marks were down 50 in 65 fow.
  13. I used to direct tie crankbaits, but now i just use the snaps (no swivel). I also use pretty small snaps too. I run 12# or 15# for all mono boards, and will use 15# leaders on short lead core when fishing shallow. In these setups, I'll often also tie in a swivel about 6 feet before the lure to prevent excessive line twist if for some reason the lure does rotate (or if mr coho does a bunch of barrel rolls).
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