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  1. Fished from 9:30 until 1:30. Tried in 50-70, 30-40, and then tried 10-20 fow. Went 1-3, fish we caught and one fish that got off were shaker kings. Only good marks were down 50 in 65 fow.
  2. I used to direct tie crankbaits, but now i just use the snaps (no swivel). I also use pretty small snaps too. I run 12# or 15# for all mono boards, and will use 15# leaders on short lead core when fishing shallow. In these setups, I'll often also tie in a swivel about 6 feet before the lure to prevent excessive line twist if for some reason the lure does rotate (or if mr coho does a bunch of barrel rolls).
  3. Here are the numbers for the Okuma. 580/20 (0.42mm), 430/25 (0.48mm), 330/30 (0.55mm) Notice they us a mm line size for the numbers also. Convert those to inches an plug them into box 1. 0.42 mm = 0.0165 in, 0.48 mm = 0.0189 in, and 0.55 mm = 0.0217 inches. Results in calculated reel volumes of 4.465 in3, 4.343 in3, and 4.394 in3. These are much closer to each other. I'd assume that you have approximately 4.4 cubic inches to work with. Also, see if you can find the line diameter of the exact type of line that you're using when plugging in the data. In general for coppers and leadcore, I've found that the 45's work well for up to 200 coppers and up to a 7 color leadcore. For more than that I prefer the 55's.
  4. Depends when/where I'm fishing. I used to run a 3 and 7 color until the water surface warmed to 60+. They were the most productive because that's what I ran. The 7 color got more kings. The 3 color has picked up more coho and steelhead. Early spring with water temps in the 40's, the three color has been better typically.
  5. Launched at 5:30 and had lines in at 6:00 am. Ran 3 miles north to avoid traffic, but that didn't help much! From 6:30 to 7:30 we went 3/4 on kings. Then nothing until 11 am where we went 2/2 on lake trout. Pulled lines at 11:30 am. Mostly fished 120-150 fow, but did venture a few times into 150-170. Lots of big marks before 9 am and many would follow or swim up to the riggers. Couldn't convince them to bite. Speed variable with the waves - 2.0-3.0 mph. 300 copper - Fuzzy Bear Flea-4-All spoon - 10 lb king Downriggers at 55 ft - Moonshine Flounder Pounder RV - Lost a 20 lb-ish fish to a tangle with my other 300 copper. 300 copper - Dreamweaver Wonderbread Plug - 27 lbs king. (Hit as I was untangling the bent swivel as a result of the lost king). Diver back 325 - Kevorkian SD and poofster fly - 5 lb lake trout 400 copper - Mt Dew SD and Mirage Fly - Lake Trout.
  6. We had our bites spread out pretty evenly, but we did have our first 5 bites very quickly after reaching 155-165 fow.
  7. Nice job Brad. We ended up 7 for 11. 2 kings, 3 steelhead, 1 lake trout, 1 coho. Summary of the fish: King - Mag Diver back 125 - white uv-slick tape spin doctor & poofster fly King - Mag Diver back 125 - white uv-slick tape spin doctor & poofster fly Steelhead - 300 Copper - Kevorkian Spin Doctor & mirage fly Lost Fish - Downrigger at 55 feet - white fish-scale spin doctor & white/green fly Lost Fish - Downrigger at 55 feet - white fish-scale spin doctor & white/green fly Steelhead - 300 Copper - Kevorvian Spin Doctor & mirage fly Lost Fish - Downrigger at 85 feet - 11" Coyote UV/Green Flasher and mirage fly Steelhead - 300 Copper - Fuzzy bear flea-for-all spoon Lake Trout - Mag Diver back 145 - Kevorkian Spin Doctor & poofster fly Coho - Downrigger at 85 feet - white/green uv stinger 8" paddle Lost Fish - 300 Copper - Fuzzy bear flea-for-all spoon
  8. 4/7 now. Another steelhead on the 300 copper kevorkian sd. Lost a nice fish on a green 11 inch paddle fly on the rigger down 85 feet.
  9. 3/5 right now. Diver back 125 white sd. 2 kings. 300 copper kevorkian sd steelhead. White sd on rigger down 55 0/2 with snapped off steelhead. 160 fow.
  10. Going to try and update as the morning unfolds. Waiting in the parking lot for a friend. On our way to the launch soon! Plan to start in 130 fow.
  11. Ended up 5-6. Mostly hit fish in the 160 fow range. Water surface temp was pretty much 57-59 everywhere we were. Two big kings were about 22-23 lbs. Speed 2.2-2.6 at the ball (60 feet down) Order of our fish was as follows: WSW Troll King - 140 fow - Dreamweaver Froggy 8" Spin Doctor and Dreamweaver UV meat rig - Mag Diver w/ring back 125 on 3 King - 160 fow - Silver Streak Mag Mixed Veggie - Size 1 Diver w/ring back 125 on 2.5 King - 160 fow - Dreamweaver Froggy 8" Spin Doctor and Dreamweaver UV meat rig (snapped us off at the boat) - Mag Diver w/ring back 125 on 3 ENE Troll Steelhead - 150 fow - Stingray UV Gold Orange Tuxedo - Free Slider - Ball down 45 feet WSW Troll Coho - 160 fow - Stingray UV Blue Veggies - 400 Copper King - 165 fow - Silver Stream Mag Lemonberry - 300 Copper
  12. 4-5 so far. Started in 130 fow trolled west. Mag Divers back 125. Meat and spoons. Free slider on rigger. 400 copper blue veggie stinger
  13. 0 for 0. Fished from 7 to 8:30. The waves were too big for me! 1.5-2 foot rollers with 3's mixed in. Wonder where they were coming from because it wasn't windy. Went from 60 to 130 fow and then turned around. I'll be back out in the morning and hopefully the rollers will have settled down.
  14. Take the boat on a sea trial and see what you get. Figure out what the idle speed is, and then decide how to dial it in. My guess is the best bet would be one large trolling bag place on the same side as the running outboard could do it.
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