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  1. Help with dipsys and releases.

    Are you running the divers off of the triple tree? If the angle is too high on the diver rod you'll have trouble getting separation. Diver rod holders are usually best just above horizontal.
  2. Help with dipsys and releases.

    Post a picture of your rig when you get a chance and I'm sure more people will chime in! -JD
  3. Help with dipsys and releases.

    I use Blacks releases. Used pinch release for about 3 trips back when I started and gave up on them quick. I haven't had a single problem problem with them. With regards to divers, you're doing something wrong. Not sure what though. Ask someone who looks friendly at the boat launch about your setup. Poor driving will tangle divers quickly though. Nice job getting into a few fish!
  4. Picked up 2 smaller kings 2-3 lbs in 160 last night. Fished from 5 until dark. Smaller spoons down 100 to 140 down.
  5. There were schools of coho in 10-20 fow south of the piers. I went 1-2 casting for them from the boat. Water was warm but the fish were in there. There I would expect there to be ore though with the cold water.
  6. Thanks for the report. Sounds like 30-60 feet has been good near the pier heads - probably Saugatuck & Grand Haven would be better than Holland though.
  7. WILD King Salmon

    If they wanted to protect numbers, the limit would be dropped from 5 to 3 again. As it is, the DNR seems to want us to catch as many salmon as we can. I bet you a bunch of Charters would be happy if they lowered the limit to 3 again.
  8. I'm happy with the 13 hits. The bite was definitely slower for us than the day before, but was still pretty darn good. I avoided putting out the copper until a couple hours after we started fishing. I lost a 400 copper last year to someone who barrelled across my lines on a west troll - when the pack was all North-South and then yelled at me on the radio to "learn how to drive" because we made him reset his rigger & diver...
  9. Wish I could have gotten out this morning. Nice job on pulling in one big one. The last several big kings I've hooked have all gotten away.
  10. I'll keep a better eye out on the wave period from now on. Might have something to do with it. Thanks.
  11. Holland 8-20 am Fished Sunday with my friend Lek who's from Thailand. He is used to river fishing, but not so much big lake. It was too bumpy for us to go on the SW troll like the pack, and we struggled to get through all the boats. We started in 140 and ended up getting bumped in to 130 before we managed to sneak out on the NW troll. As soon as we hit 140 again rods started firing. We went 4/8 in the the first 30 minutes or so before the action died down. The rest of the morning we struggled to get hits and finished the day at noon going 7/13. We only hit fish on a NW/NNW troll direction. Speed was 2.0 to 2.5 at the ball. What worked? Riggers for the most part, but we took a few hits on the divers too. Rigger down 120 early, 150 later - 11" Double UV white paddle & Poofster Fly - HOT (4 for 6) Rigger down 105 - Moonshine Mag Flounder Pounder RV - HOT EARLY (2-4) Mag Diver on 1 back 205 - Netminder UV Showtime SD & Spotted Dick Meat Rig (1-1) Slide Diver on 3 back 270 - Flee 4 All Standard Sized Fuzzy Bear - (0-2) We put out a 400 copper, but didn't get hit. Rotated a few spoons out on it but nothing. -JDH
  12. Port Sheldon Buoy wave height? Before the new website came up I knew that my comfortable limit for fishing was waves under 1.7 ft. Now a few times like today I go out and the buoy is saying 1.2 ft, but it's definitely rougher than the "old" 1.7? And the the other day is said 0.7 yet the lake was flat as glass? Something just seems off. -JDH
  13. Holland 8-19 am Fished with Kid Coulson and Andy today. Thanks Andy ( @firstin ) for visiting the mitten state from Wisconsin. We had a good time today! We set lines at 6:30 in 140 fow working out on a SW. Fish started hitting when we got to 150 fow so we turned SSW and kept getting fish until 170 fow. Then the action died so we worked out and switched to a WNW troll and started getting fish again past 190 out to 210 where we quit. Speed at the ball 2.0-2.5. Story of the day was our biggest coho wrapped himself up in the leader line with my blue dolphin and broke off about 40 ft back. We did a tight (as possible) turn and went back up my GPS track & found him and scooped him up! Finished 11/13 with 4 kings, 4 coho, 2 steelies, and a lake trout. What worked: 2-3 Rigger down 120 - 11 inch white paddle & poofster fly 1-1 Rigger down 95 - Moonshine Mag Yellow Flounder 2-2 400 Copper - Mag silver streak Blue Dolphin 1-1 400 Copper - Moonshine RV Mag Blue Flounder 1-2 Slide Diver on 3 back 250 - Fuzzy Bear Flee 4 All 2-2 Mag Diver on 1 back 225 & 300 - Netminders UV Showtime SD and BW Spotted Dick meat rig 1-1 Mag Diver on 1 back 180 - White Glow & Green Spots SD and glow fly 1-1 Mag Diver on 1 back 205 - UV Green Bikini Bottom SD & Green Fly Going again tomorrow. Good luck guys! -JDH
  14. tying 2 colors of lead to copper

    Tie a 2 ft segment of 40 lb mono to the copper and tie the leadcore to the mono.
  15. I was too tired to post last night. Not sure how much the launch location mattered - I talked to a few people that were catching fish in 260 fow yesterday. I think deep water has just been better lately. We got most fish at 180 fow and deeper.