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  1. Description in title. Has foot pedal & quick connect plug. Got this off a boat I picked up but don't need it as I already have one. Unit is a 2015. $1000 or best offer. Pickup in Kentwood. I can set it up and run it for you. Text or call if interested. 616-706-4061 -JD
  2. Started at the piers. Went to the state line doubling back a few times. Then around noon ran north and trolled back to the piers.
  3. Joe and Kelly joined me on this trip today. Had a great time. We fished 7 am until 2 pm. Ended up 11 for 14 or so with 10 coho and a shaker king. Almost all south troll. 2.5-2.9 gps. 20-30 fow. Smithwick Rogues (2-6 foot trolling depth size) in Orange/Brown on mono 50 ft behind boards, and Size 1 divers on 3 back 15-25 ft with orange coho dodgers and peanut flies did most of the damage, with a few other presentations also taking hits. Picked up fish from a mile north of the harbor down to the state line. Great shakedown trip. Everything worked and had everything on the boat we needed. Boat organization could use a little work though. -JDH
  4. I understood the "act of fishing" really only applies to commercial fishing.
  5. Double uni-knot for sure! I use that one all the time.
  6. Regular power pro in 40 lb and green has worked for me. I run mostly wire now - that is wire deep and slide divers up high.
  7. I've used herring oil during late July/August with some success. Haven't messed with scents though until July typically. Spring/early summer fish just seem to bite good enough.
  8. Welcome back. There is activity in the spring/summer. Dies down during the winter.
  9. Went 2-3 in 265 fow. Diver back 200 with a flasher fly took both fish. Lost one on a 200 copper. Coho & a large lake trout.
  10. Planning to head offshore tomorrow as the weather forecast is really nice. Will probably drop in at about 250+/- fow. Might go deeper. If anyone is also going to be out there, let me know. Or give me a shout on the radio - Channel 68, boat name King Possible. Supposed to be flat.
  11. 3-3 on Friday 2 coho and a big brown. Rigger down 65 Orange spoon, Slide Diver back 130 Orange plug, 200 Copper stinger orange killer. 100 fow. 0-0 on Sunday. Marked a few schools of coho on the side imaging. Fished channel to 50 fow.
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