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  1. Going to have to run slow this year. Getting the boat geared up for coho fishing. Should be out there soon!
  2. Welcome. We'll see how soon we'll be able to start fishing this spring. Not as much activity on this site since Facebook groups have become much more popular. Contributions are appreciated! -JD
  3. Crazy! Wonder where he picked them up? Could it be they just swam out into the lake and are feeding similar to perch fry and alewives.
  4. Well, start out simple. This time of year can be quite unpredictable for fish. Pick a pier known to fish well, and get out there at first light and see how many people are out there and what they're using and if they're catching anything. Be friendly and maybe someone will share some tips and their setup with you.
  5. Fished Grand Haven today. Nothing going at the pier heads. Cold water was pulled all the way up river, so we trolled almost back to the boat launch. Nothing there either. 55 degrees down 20 ft. Also ran to 200+ and hit a lake trout in 230 fow. Good marks out there down 80-120 ft.
  6. I cannot buy a bite on meat this year! Flies have done a decent amount of damage.
  7. Lost the plug in a tangle with the big fish. They don't sell very many colors anymore! ☹️ Went out again this mornings, but the bait I had found had moved. Still managed 2 smaller kings 6-8 lbs or so. Waves felt a lot bigger than the buoys 1-1.3 ft reported wave height. Said it was about the same as on Saturday, but no way that was correct.
  8. Fished from 6:30 until 10:30 am. Went 5-6 pulling in 4 kings and 1 lake trout. 3 kings were 8-12 lbs, the other went 26 lbs. Lost another big one. 100-150 fow. East/West troll. 2.0-3.5 mph (east wind and swells had our speed all over the place). 2 fish - 300 copper - Lyman Lures green plug 1 fish - 200 copper - Mag Flounder Pounder RV 2 fish - mag diver on 1.5 back 185 - Kevorkian SD and no-see-um fly. 0-1 - 400 copper - Lyman Lures purple/black plug.
  9. Fished the pierheads in Grand Haven on Saturday. Got 2 coho on plugs and two sheepshead.
  10. I think the business was for sale. Not sure if it was sold or not.
  11. Was worried about the big storm forming off of Holland, but it stayed south. Fished 6:30 until 10:30. Went 4-4. 3 kings, 1 steelhead. Nothing huge but good sized fish. Kings were immatures and biggest ran just under 15 lbs. 2.0-2.5 mph. 120-150 fow. 200 copper & Lyman plug. 400 copper & Moonshine Double Trouble Rigger 67 - Silver streak mag blue dolphin Mag Diver on 3 back 145 - Kevorvian Spin Doctor and Mirage Fly with green beads.
  12. I run a low diver on a 7 ft Talora and a High on a 9 ft Talora. Seems to work for me. I've been on other boats where running 9 and 10 ft rods worked too. Just need a little practice to avoid tangles when setting/resetting.
  13. Fished from 5 until dark. Worked 50 out to 135, but stuck in 125 -135 most of the night. (lots of big marks in that water). Went 1-1 with a 23-ish lb king. Didn't weigh it, but its the biggest fish I've got this year. Hit a lyman lures plug on a 200 copper.
  14. Fished from 70 fow to 215 fow and back. 3-3. Two kings about 8 and 18 lbs. Both immature fish. No milt or eggs. Third fish was a shaker. White paddle down 93 feet and 400 copper with blue flounder.
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