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  1. jdh

    2 and 3 color lead backer

    100 yds isn't much, especially considering you can let out 25 to 50 yards of backing out to get the board away from the boat on some days. I would recommend getting at least 200 yards of backing on the reel somehow.
  2. Fished from 7:30 am to noon. 1-1 laker. Worked 90-150 fow.
  3. Fished 220 out to 290 and back. Got 1 12" coho. That's all folks.
  4. There have been decent reports from up north (not much on this site though). I haven't posted lately, but haven't been out much either. Hopefully the fish are still out chasing bait in the middle of the lake.
  5. jdh


    Looks live Dreamweaver's Hellfire Double UV in the DW (Standard) size. https://www.dreamweaverlures.com/products/spoons/dw/dw1427duv
  6. Wasn't too bad yesterday. The weeds grow back quick though.
  7. I don't think those are all salmon. Got 4 lake trout in port Sheldon today on a 300 copper going 2.7 or 3.0 mph. No other bites.
  8. jdh

    Line broke at TX 44 planar board

    17 lb mono is way too light. I use a segment of 30 or 40 lb mono behind the lead core/copper and then 40 or 50 lb braid.
  9. They're around. Fishing was really good for a number of boats south of and north of Holland yesterday morning - really early though. Full moon has the bite a little funny right now.
  10. jdh

    Fish species

    Those are freshwater drum. File extension isn't working for you for some reason, but I've fixed the problem.
  11. Not much going on for the King Possible today. Went 2-3 (all lake trout) in 170 fow on divers back 250-300 ft with spin doctors & flies. Worked the pierheads for 2 hours looking for steelhead, but it didn't work. Water was COLD down about 5-10 feet below the surface. Lots of bait piles in 20-50 fow north and south of the piers.
  12. jdh

    Meat rigs

    Use them! I bring both herring and alewives and run them on seperate rigs. If one is getting bit more, I run more of that.
  13. jdh

    Johnson controls

    This is the part I ordered: Johnson Evinrude Trim & Tilt Switch Conversion Kit 176530 Control Do a Google search and see if it looks like what you need.
  14. Fished from 7 pm until 9:45. Went 6-9, with 3 decent fish. Started just north of the sliders in 95 fow and pretty much stayed from 95 to 120 fow all night. No troll direction was best. Actually did several large circles. Speed was best between 2.5 and 3 mph (varied a lot with currents as we were turning circles). 1-3 200 Copper with Moonshine Halfmoon Bad Toad (8 lb steelhead) 2-2 300 Copper with Silver Streak Mag Blue Dolphin (2 lb king, 10 lb king) 1-1 Regular Diver back 145 on 2 with 8" Spin Doctor Kevorkian and Glow Poofster Fly (19 lb king) 1-1 Rigger down 90 with 11" Coyote Double UV White Paddle and Poofster Fly (1 lb lake trout) 1-1 Mag Diver back 145 on 2 with 8" Spin Doctor Dragon Slayer and white/green glow fly 0-1 Rigger down 45 with Moonshine Bad Toad RV Wanted to fish into deeper water to do some recon, but didn't have time.
  15. Thanks for posting these. A couple more: Fish-On Bait and Tackle - Nunica (Grand Haven), MI Lakeshore Tackle and Firearms - Saugatuck, MI