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  1. It's a great fishery. I'm done there for this season. Moved my boat to Ludington for the rest of this year. Fishing at Erie in Michigan waters will be good for a few weeks but it slow down later in July. It will pick back up in the fall. I think May/June is the best time to fish there.
  2. We fished north of Fermi in 19 to 21 FOW. Spoons and diver disc's back on 70 ft leads. Mid morning our bite slowed and we dropped them back to 80 ft leads and finished with our limit of 18. Same spoons from prior weeks, pic in last weeks post. Good luck!
  3. We fish Michigan waters from 12-16 FOW both days and got 18 each day. Spoons behind diver disc's with 18-25 ft leads. Same spoons as the prior week in Ohio waters. Good luck!
  4. We left Bolles Harbor and made a long run out near the Ohio/Canadian line between Sputnik and East Sister Island. Big school of fish there in 31 fow. It was fast action and we got our limit of 18 walleyes. All came on spoons behind diver disc's on 80 and 90 ft leads and on riggers 2-3 ft off the bottom. Picture of the spoons we ran below. Good luck!
  5. A half core and a full core, a 225 and a 300ft copper.
  6. Fished Ohio waters a few miles east of the Toledo shipping channel. Trolled spoons on diver disc's. Started with half spoons and half bandits but they wanted spoons so we switched everything over. Got our limit. Leads were 40-50 ft. Good luck!
  7. https://www.petoskeynews.com/story/news/local/gaylord/2018/10/11/help-prevent-spread-of-invasive-new-zealand-mudsnails/44407813/
  8. Fished the afternoon yesterday. Had a slow pick and could not find a steady bite to turn and go back over a spot. Started by the chalets and went couple miles south of the Cook plant. Got 12 coho, most on thin fins and boards with 50-80 ft lead same as our last trip. Got a couple on small orange dodgers and green coho flies on divers out 10 ft. We fished 7 to 30 fow. Had the closest call to a collision in my life. We were trolling along and see this boat running on a plane right at us. We think he is going to turn but he keeps coming. We start waving and screaming and punch up the speed. That made a difference, he never altered course and ran right off our stern between us and our starboard boards. He wiped out that side. Just missed the port side boards. The lines from our boat to the outside boards got caught in his standing poles in his holders and it ripped those boards into the air crashing into his rods before the lines snapped. He stopped a few hundred yards behind us after that. We cleared our spread and motored over to retrieve our gear. As we approached, the crew was very apologetic and said their Capt had a seizure. The crew did not realize what was happening. Our anger quickly turned to concern but they said he was coming out of it and ok. He needs to see his doctor, he should not be behind any steering wheel with that condition. We got all our gear back. Hope the guy is ok.
  9. 38 to 42 degrees at St Joe Sunday. Odd it was warmer farther north. The warmest water we found was south of the Cook plant and coldest near the pier
  10. Hard to say, there is a small craft advisory right now going all day. Winds are SE tomorrow, generally not good in early season, then more high winds and rain Wed and Thursday. Outlook for this week is not very good. Some stable westerly winds that are not raging is best to warm up in shore waters.
  11. Have not got out, the past weekend was a steady blow.
  12. First troll of the year was good for us. Set up in 20 FOW and went on a south troll. We ran thin fins on boards staggered with 50 to 80 ft leads. Stinger orange spoons on divers out 15 ft. Fast action we trolled less than a mile and had 11, turned around and got our 20 in another half mile. Got into 7-8 fow, shallow was good. Good luck!
  13. https://www.koamnewsnow.com/tips-to-stop-spread-of-zebra-mussels-in-lakes/
  14. Here is some info https://www.petoskeynews.com/story/news/local/gaylord/2018/10/11/help-prevent-spread-of-invasive-new-zealand-mudsnails/44407813/
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