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  1. Nice job getting the kids out. Lakers everywhere this year. Where's all the immature kings for next year? We hardly caught any all summer. Could 2020 be worse than 2019?
  2. It will last almost indefinitely. If it does not have abrasions, frays or kinks, you don't need to replace it. You can also get away with just stripping off a few feet at the end if that is the only area with damage. if you drag bottom for lake trout, the end may get damaged but it will be fine a few feet up the line.
  3. After dark casting crank baits at Luna Pier, Sterling State park beach off the rock wall or the beach in waders. They come in shallow in the fall when waters cool.
  4. I've run them down to 1.3 to 1.5 and they pull OK but I don't think there are many trollers in the Great Lakes Region that can answer your question down to .3, I don't know anyone trolling that slow here.
  5. Those will work but they are a bit big. We normally use #6 baitholder hooks. When water temps start dropping in the coming weeks, spawn fishing should turn on. For whitefish in November use small #12 hooks for single or double eggs.
  6. No but you can use planers with big jon diver disk, they are smaller than dipsey divers. I use big planer boards and offshore clips to attach 3 or 4 poles on each side. Big fish will release the clips. I used matched rods and if a small fish is on, that rod tip will bend slightly out of position than the others. It is easy to see.
  7. Here is a good rig for spawn bags for steelhead and single salmon eggs for whitefish. That fishing will start going for steelies in October through November and in November for whitefish. We just run the line through a swivel and attach a weight rather than using a sliding sinker sleeve.
  8. Welcome to GLF. There is a some good pier fishing for steelhead/whitefish in Oct and November and for trout, salmon and whitefish in March/early April when the ice just starts to melt.
  9. https://www.mlive.com/news/2019/08/coast-guard-helicopter-rescues-2-people-from-lake-michigan.html?ath=e8c7a8688488a14a9ae7bacad788e082#cmpid=nsltr_stryheadline A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued two people from Lake Michigan near Waukegan, Illinois. Kathleen Root, 31, and Michael Root were hoisted by an MH-60 helicopter aircrew from Air Station Traverse City around 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Rescue efforts began after an unmanned watercraft was recovered approximately three miles offshore from Lake Forest Park Beach two and half hours earlier. The vessel had two cell phones, a set of keys and a wallet with identification cards aboard. Local authorities also located the Roots vehicle and empty boat trailer in the marina parking lot at Naval Base Great Lakes. The helicopter crew began a track line search from Naval Base Great Lakes to the last known position of the watercraft and eventually located both individuals wearing lifejackets and waving their arms in the water. The aircrew deployed the rescue swimmer, hoisted the survivors, and transported them to local emergency medical services where they were treated for mild hypothermia. Boat crews from Coast Guard Stations Wilmette and Calumet Harbor, an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Detroit and a C-130 crew from Joint Rescue Coordination Center Trenton also assisted in the search.
  10. Nice catch, we have not seen many immature kings this season. Good you found some, at that size, they will be huge next year.
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