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  1. https://www.mlive.com/news/2019/08/coast-guard-helicopter-rescues-2-people-from-lake-michigan.html?ath=e8c7a8688488a14a9ae7bacad788e082#cmpid=nsltr_stryheadline A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued two people from Lake Michigan near Waukegan, Illinois. Kathleen Root, 31, and Michael Root were hoisted by an MH-60 helicopter aircrew from Air Station Traverse City around 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Rescue efforts began after an unmanned watercraft was recovered approximately three miles offshore from Lake Forest Park Beach two and half hours earlier. The vessel had two cell phones, a set of keys and a wallet with identification cards aboard. Local authorities also located the Roots vehicle and empty boat trailer in the marina parking lot at Naval Base Great Lakes. The helicopter crew began a track line search from Naval Base Great Lakes to the last known position of the watercraft and eventually located both individuals wearing lifejackets and waving their arms in the water. The aircrew deployed the rescue swimmer, hoisted the survivors, and transported them to local emergency medical services where they were treated for mild hypothermia. Boat crews from Coast Guard Stations Wilmette and Calumet Harbor, an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Detroit and a C-130 crew from Joint Rescue Coordination Center Trenton also assisted in the search.
  2. Nice catch, we have not seen many immature kings this season. Good you found some, at that size, they will be huge next year.
  3. Nice catch! Leaving the dock at 9am can make it tough.
  4. Thanks for keeping us posted on the fishing in your area. There are too many lakers throughout the great lakes eating precious forage that could be utilized for kings and other silver fish. I hate fishing for them, like pulling in a snagged garbage bag. Hope some kings show up soon for you, the MDNR plants more kings in northern lake Huron than they do in all of Lk Michigan. The stocking sites definitely need to be reviewed. Might be better to spread them out along the south coast of the UP and in other places to get a better fishery return for anglers.
  5. Worst season we have ever had in Ludington in terms of numbers. At least we are getting some big fish but I'd rather have more action.
  6. Ran to Pentwater from Ludington and only hit 1 in the first hour. Then we had a slow pick hitting 7 and landing 3 kings and 2 cohos. The kings came in 70 to 110 fow of water on a green glow ace high on a 150 copper. A black tuxedo spin doctor and blue fairways fly on a low diver out 110 and a moonshine green shorts on a 225 copper. Cohos came in 140 fow later morning on a mountain dew meet rig on a 300 copper and a the tuxedo spin doctor. We fished Ludington Saturday getting a late start at 8pm. Started in 250 fow straight out and put it on an east troll. Got a nice king on a mountain dew meat rig on a 225 copper and a smaller king on a moonshine green shorts on a 150 copper. That one came after dark and we fished till 11pm with one other hit. Good luck!
  7. Made this tonight. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing Mega Byte!
  8. Yes, the depth needed would depend on water temps and conditions at the time you are there. Do you have a depth finder, look for marks and target that depth. Most divers comes with a depth chart showing how much line you need to let out to get to a certain depth.
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