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  1. I'm sure your report helped some people, you never know what is out there until you go. You finished strong after covering all that empty water.
  2. Great start for the season!
  3. First trip in my boat and Rich and I got our limit. All drifting jigs and minnows.
  4. EdB

    Good Friday

    4 salmon and 2 whitefish is not over limit. Could have caught one more salmon or trout and 10 more whitefish. The steelie has this plug in his mouth with my skein down his throat. Some angler was bummed.
  5. I was kind of bummed when my girls backed out at 8PM after I told them to pack their heaviest winter clothes and extra sweat shirts and pants because it was going to be windy and cold...."we had enough of ice fishing dad!" I ended up fishing alone. It was nasty for the morning with a ripping north wind and waves breaking over half the pier making that part unfishable. I don't think my girls would have enjoyed those conditions. I set up by the beach and picked away at the fish. Early they came on steelie skein on the bottom. That took the whitefish, brown trout and gold loaded steelie. When the sun came out late morning, a coho bite took off with a piece of shrimp and half nightcrawler off slip bobbers 7 ft down. Lost a couple coho's and blew my chance for a limit. Probably my last pier trip this year now that my big girl is out of the barn.
  6. I didn't measure any but they are a bit smaller than this time the last couple years.