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  1. It was great to find a board and be able to return it to a member here. Putting your phone number on your boards can pay off. I've returned a number of them over the years and had one of mine returned. Hope to see you around more this summer Mega Byte.
  2. Getting sporty out deeper with some whitecaps so we are pulling lines and calling it a day.
  3. Found a board, had a phone number on it. Called the owner, he is picking it up later.
  4. Got a small king on the 150 copper UV green jeans.
  5. Caught the fish in 80-90 FOW. We decided we did not want to pound on trout so we put it on a west troll and have not lifted a rod going west yet.
  6. Got another Lk Trout on a diver dragging bottom with a Lk Trout candy spin doctor and white yellow willy gig.
  7. Just got another Lk Trout on a rigger on the bottom with a chrome dodger and white spin n glow
  8. Good start with a double on kings and we also got a small trout. Hope we can keep them going. MS UV Green Jeans mag on a 150 copper, MS UV SOG on a half core and a MS Oscar on a rigger at 50 ft took the trout.
  9. Very sorry for your loss Erik. The Computer Source in Grass Lake may be able to help with your pics.
  10. Hex hatches are winding down we stopped and watched our graph in 23 fow NE of the dumping grounds. It looked good so we set up. We had 18 quick ones in 2.5 hours but had to work for our last 6 for a limit, they took about 2 more hours. The fish stopped feeding and turned back on after a lull, we hit 4 fish at the same time and threw 3 keepers back pulling lines. Small stinger and DW spoons on Big Jon diver disks on 50ft leads caught most of our fish with a couple bandit bites on riggers down 9ft. We worked 23 to 26 fow on the MI side of the Ohio line. Good luck!
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