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  1. Best budget rods?

    FishingFry23, I think I recall in another post you were going to be fishing Lk Erie. Most of the people on this site are focused on salmon fishing and the advice on this thread is geared toward that. Most people on Erie target walleye or perch unless you are fishing the eastern end or the Canadian shore off Wheatly. I fish the western basis some and use lighter rods and lighter tackle than I do for salmon. We do run divers and some short coppers but mostly 6-7ft rods with 10-12lb line. Walleyes dont fight hard and are more fun on lighter tackle than used for salmon. Just wanted to mention that in case you will be mostly fishing perch or walleye
  2. Best budget rods?

    If you are on a budget, I'd watch the want ads here and other online forums, craigs list and ebay, you can find some deals there. We also have a number of tackle shop sponsors at the bottom of the forums, check their websites for sales.
  3. Anyone prefer night fishing?

    They generally bite better in low light conditions, we occasionally get one in the dark setting up but the dawn and dusk times are usually great. I've heard of guys fishing the middle of the night catching them but I've never fished then.
  4. Anyone prefer night fishing?

    Daytimes for me although I like to leave the dock and be set up in the dark in the mornings during summer for salmon trolling.
  5. Hey guys

    Welcome to GLF, lot's of people willing to help here.
  6. New Guy

    A warm welcome to you!
  7. Here is the GLSI's President report from LHCFAC, the lack of a solid lakewide management plan and Lk Trout management is very concerning, especially if you fish the south end of the lake. Thursday 2/1 at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare was the (LHCFAC) Lake Huron Citizen Fishery Advisory Council meeting. The main topics of the Agenda as follows: *Lake trout overharvest in Northern L. Huron L. trout management zone MH-1 *Potential changes in L. trout stocks in Central and Southern L. Huron *Discuss of forming a subcommittee to compile a draft Lake Huron salmon and trout management plan *Review of the Saginaw Bay walleye and yellow perch regulations *Status and moving fwd with the experimental whitefish fishery in southern lake Huron Randy Claramunt L Huron Basin Coordinator 231-347-4689 The zone MH-1 from Rogers City to Drummond Island sport angling catch of Lake trout has exceeded the quota agreed upon in the 2000 consent decree. Due to this the council had basically 2 choices cut the season length or cut the creel limit to get back to quota allowances and stay within the law. The council voted to reduce the sport angling creel limit from 3 to 2 Lake trout. That being said the population of LT in northern L Huron has increased by 7 times since 2000 to 3,000,000Kg or roughly 6.6 million pounds. Yet half a million LT are still stocked in this zone and survival of stocked fish is decreasing because of predation by big LT. The catch rate of LT in this zone in the last 4yrs has gone up by over 7 times from 20 LT per 1000hrs of effort to over 140 LT in the same amount of time----in just 4yrs, but now you can only catch 2 per person. There are so many LT in L Huron that growth rates are slower, rehabilitation efforts have been achieved. Why are growth rates slow? At the meeting the MDNR said that they have exceeded the carrying capacity of the Lake. Why have catch rates gone up so much? It's not only due to increased populations it is due to (here is a quote from the meeting) "The salmon fishery is gone" et al Randy Claramunt Lake Huron Basin Coordinator That quote brings up another question the GLSI has asked over and over and anglers should demand an honest answer!! If Lake trout in Lake Huron have exceeded the carrying capacity why does Lake Huron continue to stock more Chinook than Michigan does in Lake Michigan? 85-90% of those fish go to Lake Michigan to live out their lives because of lack of food in Huron until they return at spawning time. As anglers are we going to let the MDNR destroy both salmon fisheries in both lakes?? The Michigan Basin team has worked hard to prevent this from happening but the Huron Basin team has been a failure in this on all accounts. Anglers of the Great Lakes pay close attention to what we are going to tell you. The GLSI is plural Great Lakes Salmon Initiative, we have members that fish in all of the great Lakes and are representing the angler in these Lakes--NOT just L Michigan!! Welcome to reality---AS THE GLSI WARNED EVERYONE SEVERAL TIMES THIS NATIVE SPECIES ONLY AGENDA IS CREATING A "LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH; FISH BOWL"---not a fishery for recreational angling. How much more proof do you need?? That brings to attention the native only CISCO agenda on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Ontario . Randy Claramunt fibbed in the meeting yesterday when the subject of cisco came up and he said that they are eating Sea Fleas and Gobies- in Lake Michigan; they are but they are also eating alewives and smelt and he damned well knows it! Are they going to compete with smelt and perch for food in Huron and then when big enough eat fleas, gobies, smelt---what about perch?? Remember that lake trout are eating smelt and are over the carrying capacity of L Huron--now they are going to have to compete with cisco for food and perch and young walleye are going to have to compete with CISCO for food and then potentially get fed on by cisco---all in the name of NATIVE ONLY AGENDAS!! We can not afford more mouths in these systems!! Randy's office phone number is posted above. Time anglers stand up and tell the DNR what type of fishery they want in Lake Huron. It is impractical to develop a plan then present it to the public. Do what Lake Michigan Basin team did, have focus groups, public input and develop a plan to accomplish goals based on science, economic and social factors. Unless we want to continue to see empty parking lots at boat launches outside of Saginaw Bay. Another major change is the current advisory team needs some modification. Virtually no questions or output were put forth by these people. They are supposed to represent the whole lake not just the north zone and Saginaw Bay. One person that attended the meeting told us, this committee should be renamed the NORTHERN Lake Huron Citizens Advisory Council. Thought that just about summed it up
  8. Observations on Cisco

    They are naturally reproducing and expanding from that area too. Good info in this video by Jory Jonas MDNR
  9. Here is a report from the GLSI President: Last weekend went ice fishing for Cisco so the GLSI can have first hand observations of what they are consuming. Understand this is just a winter observation and not a year long analysis BUT brings to light some huge concerns! We collected stomach samples and whole fish to send to the MDNR for otolith and stomach analysis. Otolith will give us age of captured fish. Fishing was slower last Saturday with nice, sunny weather than earlier in the week but with the help of some other fishermen we were able to get samples. MAKE NO MISTAKE---these planktivores are also predators and are eating ALEWIFE!! I observed one angler reeling in a fish that puked up 7 alewives and once on the ice still had 8 alewives in it's stomach What is the concern? Cisco (LAKE HERRING) have doubled their population in L. Michigan every year since 2011, on their own. We back the MDNR and Tribal interests that caution needs to be exhibited when considering any USFWS efforts to stock Cisco!! In fact all stakeholders should say NO TO CISCO and YES TO WHITEFISH! Shallow water Cisco (Lake Herring) compete with alewife and smelt for food when young then as they get large enough turn on Alewife, Smelt and Gobies for food. This is a double whammy on the same food that supports our salmon and steelhead fisheries. The MDNR has worked hard to insure a future salmon fishery in Lake Michigan, through predator level reductions and make no mistake Cisco are predators. The USFWS is trying to sell us that Cisco will be a great bait for Chinook. Are you aware that Pacific Salmon were planted in L. Michigan in the 1800's? Cisco were here at the time and not alewife and they failed! Don't believe that Cisco is a great bait fish for anything other than Lake Trout. These fish get far to big quickly to be eaten by salmon and steelhead and like Lake Trout live for decades---eating what? Alewives, smelt and Gobies!! Don't buy the Snake Oil! This is the fleecing of America!! The USFWS changing over raceways in their hatcheries not being used for Lakers to Cisco production, without state or tribal agreement is damned near criminal. Remember this is our tax payer monies! Wanting to bring in Gametes from Lake superior Cisco to cross breed with Lakes Michigan and Huron strains for genetic diversity is wrong. The biologists from the MDNR and tribes we have spoken with including basin coordinators are against this process wanting to maintain GENETIC INTEGRITY. The idea that they can create a market for Cisco is extremely misleading for 3 major reasons. #1 Consumers dictate the market not the producer and cisco is not the quality fish that whitefish are. #2 The commercial fishery has not created a widespread market for Lakers or they would be worth more in the market place as an example. #3 The real money in Cisco is in the roe (eggs) over seas. Table fair is not as good as whitefish except smoking them or Creamed or Pickled Herring. There is a solution to this problem. USFWS needs to recognize the economic and angler participation loss to the St of Michigan with the collapse of the salmon fishery in Lake Huron. Not enough is known about the impact of cisco in Lake Michigan and any efforts by the USFWS to stock them should immediately cease! We do know that whitefish recruitment over the last 5yrs is very limited and theories from food to predation or a combination are to blame except in southern Green Bay but even there it is at the threshold for continued levels of current production. Plant whitefish to assist in rehabilitation of whitefish, that already have an established market and commercial fishery. The GLSI was told that the internal environment of the USFWS was changing and not just about native fisheries and are in place to support states fisheries management plans and programs. Continued salmon fisheries is paramount in this invasive lake biological balance, economic status within the states and we ask the USFWS to listen and consider the implications the unknown may bring. Shown in the pics are some of the samples taken on the ice and from cleaning them at home.
  10. Nice job getting the kids outdoors!
  11. Need some help. Please

    I like 9 ft medium/light action rods for pier fishing. 10 ftrs or making some extended height rod holders are better for fishing off the beach to get your line about the breakers. Have not been in the market for new pier rods in years so can't help you on what's out there now.
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    Welcome aboard GLF!
  13. New to forum

    Welcome to Great Lakes Fisherman!
  14. Good morning with my daughter fishing 9-10 fow with minnow and waxworms. These jigs did the damage.
  15. Newb Questions (Bear with me)

    image of a 150, 300 and 450 ft lead core with inline planer boards