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  1. Nice catch, we had a good jig bite in Michigan waters in April and early May but I'm sure I'll switch to trolling my next trip there.
  2. Awesome catch Tom! Looks like last year is repeating, best king fishing of the entire season for a short window till they scatter.
  3. Welcome to GLF Theus, the wrinkles are getting deeper for all of us. Mike sold his great lakes boat and moved on to other activities with his kids. I haven't seen him around here in awhile but hope he is doing good.
  4. Got to love having some good water without the crowds, nice catch!
  5. Coho is just starting for trolling and should get stronger. The fish will move north when it warms to St Joe to Holland and offshore. You could probably do well dragging bottom for lake trout when the coho leave Michigan City. You can hit some kings in the spring for a couple weeks. Usually the first 2 weeks of May is best but I've never fished MC then. There was awesome king fishing off St Joe last year for about 2 weeks in May. In years past when king numbers were much larger than today, it was very consistent. Spring king fishing has been more sporadic in recent years since there are a lot less kings out there now. Mega Byte shared a good video on another thread for browns, these tactics could work on browns at MC, they are around in spring.
  6. If it has a water pump impeller, I would replace that.
  7. Had to work for them today on the river.. I hit 3 big males and boated 2 of them and my buddy got one. All drift fishing spawn. These 2 had some shoulders and put up a great fight. Sent from my SM-G973U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. We had a good bite yesterday, my buddy and I got 8 cohos and 1 nice brown. There were hitting both steelhead bags and steelhead skein fished on the bottom. The coho's are on the small side this spring compared to past years, threw 4 back that did not make the Indiana 14 inch size limit. Sent from my SM-G973U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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