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  1. EdB

    mangum metalz downriggers

    Yes, a friend has them and really likes them.
  2. EdB

    St. Joe/South Haven swap meets?

    http://southhavensteelheaders.com/community-service/swap-meet/This took place last year so you might want to watch their website to see if they have a 2019 swap meet. Usually swap meet planning doesn't get underway until later winter after the holidays.
  3. EdB

    Speedtrol downriggers - what is a fair value?

    Are spare parts available or are they obsolete? Many people are not buying trolling gear this time of year and that's factor but if electric and obsolete, your price maybe a bit high. If you are in no rush, the market will pick up as winter ends.
  4. Sure has been a strange fall, weather has been some of the worst in years for cold and rain. Hopefully we get some mild spells this winter for some steelheading.
  5. EdB

    Format change

    Welcome back, not many still trolling now but it will pick back up in the spring.
  6. EdB

    New Guy

    Welcome to GLF!
  7. EdB


    Nice, need to swap a rod for my gun soon.
  8. http://www.cbs58.com/news/body-of-missing-racine-fisherman-found-in-michigan
  9. EdB

    Lake Erie Largemouth

    Nice catch!
  10. We started off in 240 fow of water off the project and trolled SW out to 450fow. Went a long ways until our first bite after sunrise but we lost that one. Around 400 fow, we boated a double and then a 3rd so we turned around and worked that spot for a while with no more hits. Ended up 3 for 5. Had a warbler visit us for a while in the boat. Fished came on DW super slim 2 face on a rigger down 60. A high diver with a kevin's girlfriend and pickled sunshine fly out 200ft and blue bubble spin doctor and fly on a hi diver out 180.
  11. Link here with a phone number to their office and a map. Waterfowl is closed for a big chunk of rabbit season but check with the office for the rules there. http://www.michigandnr.com/publications/pdfs/huntingwildlifehabitat/sga/Allegan_SGA_Fennvillefarm_unit_map.pdf
  12. Nice to get some king action, the size increase this year is great but they have cost me some tackle this season too.