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  1. Got some nice sized fish tonight on Erie after dark, casting bombers with a slow retrieve.
  2. Tried something new, casting for walleyes after dark. We took a boat and fished 6-10 fow close to shore. My buddy had the hot hand landing 2 and losing 1. I lost the 2 fish I hit, they were all good sized. We casted bombers and my friend used a shallow stick bait but not sure of the brand. We will be out again if we get good weather some night soon.
  3. Boardman River would be your best bet.
  4. It was great to find a board and be able to return it to a member here. Putting your phone number on your boards can pay off. I've returned a number of them over the years and had one of mine returned. Hope to see you around more this summer Mega Byte.
  5. Getting sporty out deeper with some whitecaps so we are pulling lines and calling it a day.
  6. Found a board, had a phone number on it. Called the owner, he is picking it up later.
  7. Got a small king on the 150 copper UV green jeans.
  8. Caught the fish in 80-90 FOW. We decided we did not want to pound on trout so we put it on a west troll and have not lifted a rod going west yet.
  9. Got another Lk Trout on a diver dragging bottom with a Lk Trout candy spin doctor and white yellow willy gig.
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