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  1. We fished 90 to 100 fow Friday a little south. We were hoping for some silver fish but with them being rare lately, we put 2 divers and 1 rigger dragging on bottom for lk trout. They were the only rods that worked. Chrome spin doctors and chrome and green wirly gigs took 6 trout, with 2 nice ones. Sunday we decided to go way offshore with 2 other boats looking for salmon and steelhead. We ran west 12 miles and then set up on a west troll from there. We trolled to the 53 line west and 50's south and hit 3 fish getting 1 nice king. We lost a steelhead and another fish we didn't see. The elusive king came on a Kevin's girlfriend spin doctor and pickled sunshine fly on a 1-1/2lb out 150ft. The other boats with us got 4 lk trout on 1 and a steelhead and a lk trout on the other boat. We hoped to find a nice pod of fish offshore but didn't. It was a long ride back to port. Hope more kings show up soon.
  2. If you heard about the steelhead caught off Chicago with the wedding ring on his tail, here is the rest of the story. That fish covered some water in a few weeks. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/6/24/18715577/steelhead-wedding-ring-beginning-love-lost-fishing-jim-nelligan-grey-lion
  3. The wind was blowing hard both mornings so we held off until the afternoon to fish since the winds died down both days as the day went on. I didn't like the graph in Michigan waters so we kept going east and set up near the sputnik on Friday. It was a fast bite with spoons and diver discs back 90 feet and we had 18 walleyes in 2-1/2 hours. Set up on the same area on Saturday afternoon but had a slow bite and only had 3 fish after a couple hours. Pulled lines and ran east and set up a couple miles NW of W Sister Island. Once we got there it was game and on and we got our limit in 2 hrs. Spoons and diver discs again but we stretched our leads to 110 and 120 ft in the deeper water by the islands. A half core with a warrior flutter colville crusher was great on that rod both days, it's been steady all year. One more weekend on Erie and then it's off to the blue water in Ludington.
  4. A skunk report can help a lot of guys as much as a great catch report, thanks!
  5. I took Friday off for another 3 day weekend and fished everyday at Erie out of the Detroit Beach Boat Club. I regret missing all the king action on the west side but love eating walleyes. The bite was great and we put 72 walleyes in the boat getting limits of 24 Friday, 18 on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. We fished MI waters in 18 to 19 FOW Friday and did best in 20 to 22 FOW on Sat and Sunday. We trolled spoons behind diver discs off boards, rigger and 4 colors and crankbaits off boards. The cranks were best Friday and spoons best on Sunday. We ran leads of 30 to 50 feet running them shorter in the early morning and longer as the morning went on. Won a steelheaders club tourney on Saturday. Our strategy was to throw back all small walleyes under 20 inches immediately to build a bigger box of 18 allowed for the tourney. I should have taken a pic of that catch. We also got to enjoy the hospitality of the DBBC all weekend. It's a great place to slip a boat. I won a signed copy of Howard Tanners book, Something Spectacular, My Salmon Story in a raffle to fund the consent degree negotiations. Our best spoon was a warrior colville crusher, this was steady last year and again every troll this year so far on 4 colors and riggers. Smaller stinger and DW walleyes spoons were good too. Our best cranks were rebel crabs. It was an awesome weekend! Good Luck, fishing will be great on Erie for the coming weeks.
  6. We trolled MI waters out of Bolles Harbor from 19 to 23 FOW. Fish were scattered throughout this depth and we picked away and boxed our limit of 18. Best lures were a rebel deep wee crawdad in brown crab, orange belly crab and pink and white. Thundersticks in gold and black and brown trout. We ran these on 30-40 leads off boards. Our best spoon was a Warrior colville crusher on a 4 color. This was hot last year, glad I bought 3 more in the offseason, it took 5 fish. This fishery should be fantastic over the next month. Good luck!
  7. Nice catch, we had a good jig bite in Michigan waters in April and early May but I'm sure I'll switch to trolling my next trip there.
  8. Awesome catch Tom! Looks like last year is repeating, best king fishing of the entire season for a short window till they scatter.
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