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  1. Was the salmon fresh or frozen? While I skin and trim mine, freezing salmon much over a month can make it taste nasty too, especially if not vacuum sealed.
  2. Sea Ray 250, is was a one owner barn boat in near perfect condition.
  3. Nets around Whitehall

    If you fished Muskegon/Whiehall it might be worth creating a Facebook page or website forum to let people post up coordinates as they come across nets or find nets have been pulled or moved. Got to try to hold them accountable for legal markings if possible. If you had an administer to summarize changes, it would be great. Sure is nice we don't have them north of you anymore.
  4. Ludington 9-30 We didn't think we could get out this morning due to NOAA so we made no plans to get up. I rolled put of bed at 7:30, looked at the bouy and surface map and called my neighbors. We had lines down in the 55s in 100fow on a west troll at 9am. Had a pile of cold water inside and it warmed up as we headed west. Our first hit was a pop down screamer on a secret weapon rig with a mongolian beef ms down 40 ft on a rigger. It was a 15 pound sliver immature king. Put up a great fight and what a good sign for next year. We never expected that and we were smiling! Then we landed a 2 year old king 10 minutes later on a 3 color with a ms orange flounder both in the 35s. I thought we might light them up but we took a loop back in and out and no bites over the same water. We kept going west and released a small king in the 36s on a half core with a yeck jerid. We got a 9lb steelhead on a dw super slim carmel dolphin on a high line with a 2 oz weight in the 37s. We trolled a couple miles further west with no bites and then back in with no more bites. Has some awesome scum lines with rippin current and birds and no fish. Probably the last troll for us this season. Really enjoyed the new boat this year.
  5. Great catch and nice job on those 2 trophies!
  6. Nice catch! Michigan City has a large marina just inside the piers and a decent launch right there. I've only fished there in the spring, coho fishing is good then.
  7. Help with dipsys and releases.

    On your mag divers, it helps to keep steady pressure on them when deploying them. If you let line out quickly with no pressure, they will drop right back into your rigger cables due to their extra weight. When I deploy them, I just back off the drag some and let it slowly pull out line under drag pressure. This keeps the diver digging and pulling away from the boat instead of sinking and dropping straight back. I usually have a crew member watch the counter and I go set another rod. Sometimes I'll have 2 or 3 dipseys all deploying like this at the same time. It is less of an issue with regular divers but if running 4 divers, I deploy all under pressure.
  8. Sault Ste. Marie fishing

    Welcome to GLF! I have not seen anyone local from Sault St Marie posting much here but hopefully someone will see this who can help
  9. Crash

    Crash http://www.masoncountypress.com/2017/08/29/minor-injuries-after-boat-strikes-breakwater/
  10. Ethanol--EPA taking comments

    Thanks for sharing this.
  11. A decent run went up the PM the first week of August, we hit 9 kings on a blow day in PM Lake on August 5th. At the time, I thought we got lucky timing a small early run that happens every year but based on fishing since then, I now think that was the major push. There was cold water on the beaches, ton of marks in the lake and a lot of boats and jiggers were hitting fish. I kayaked the PM last weekend from Bowman to Sulak with the family and we saw kings everywhere. Fishing was dismal in Ludington today from some friends I spoke with. Some great captains had poor catches. Can't say it is lake wide but I think the peak between the Sable Points is behind us. Bummer with Labor Day coming, it is usually real good there but I'm adjusting my expectations downward. Your reports from Pentwater didn't help. 😣