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  1. 41 Year Old Gel Coat

    Looks great!
  2. Skein or loose eggs

    If you want me to save some, you would have to come to Chelsea to get it or meet me at i94 and us27 when I come home Sunday Aug 13. Let me know?
  3. Skein or loose eggs

    Stop by any cleaning station for the next few weeks and you can load up. Where are you at? I can save some from fishing next week but not sure how to get them to you.
  4. Can i get my old screen name back.

    What was your old name?
  5. They are both chunky Martin.
  6. Great catch! What a hot bite for nice kings during late morning. To bad day 2 got cancelled after you got dialed in.
  7. Way to go, been a good year for cohos.
  8. Some nice silver fish!
  9. Ludington 7-15 Finally got my new boat mostly rigged and on the water. We started off the project working 100 to 140ft of water. We got 3 trout there, 2 off riggers on the bottom with a crome spin doctor with a green/chart wirly gig and one off a mag low diver out 240ft with a tin can dodger and green/chrome dw wirly gig. We pulled lines and ran west 6 miles and set up on the 37 line had a good bite out to the 39 line working in and out. We hit 9 fish there but only landed 3 of them. Hit and lost a nice king. We boxed a steelhead, coho and laker there. Fish came on a MS sarge on a 300 copper, a yeck fireball on a 150 copper, a yeck jerid on a 200 copper and the same fish doctor and dodger went out there too. Also hit one on a 10 inch white/chrome spin doctor and blue fairways fly.
  10. Bummer on the forecast, hope NOAA is wrong on that. They are wrong a lot. We are not fishing the tourney this year since Friday will be our first trip on my new boat. Glad to share how we do, maybe it can help you guys. I hate missing it but I got delayed with the autopilot and didn't want to enter it never having fished this boat yet. My crew this weekend is not experienced either.