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  1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like a good day on the water. How early was the bite? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Thanks for the report. It has to get better.
  3. Great job for the first trip of the season Dan!
  4. Thanks for the report, Hope to have one for you on Friday!
  5. Thanks for the report! Any time we get Kings that size is a good day. Congrats on a good one! I will be out there later today in South Haven. Last Sunday we got 2 kings 30 and 33 inches in the same water as you. Clyde Real Therapy
  6. Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great day on the water. Reel Therapy Holland
  7. Thanks for the report! Reel Therapy
  8. Great catch! and thanks for the report. Hope to get out early on Monday.
  9. Well done, and thanks for the update. CAC Reel Therapy
  10. Thanks for the post! Going out tonight. Clyde Reel Therapy
  11. I agree. Its too bad, this was a great site. I suspect the stats will show a dramatic reduction in usage.
  12. CAC

    Canada and DWI

    I agree that the person with the DWI must not drive his own vehicle. They run the plate before you get to the window. As a previous drug and alcohol counselor I can tell you they can and will pull the one guy with the DWI out of the car and let the others through. Not the way I would want to start a vacation.
  13. Great report Ryan. Sounds like a great day on the water with friends. When the fish are biting, the flies bites aren't quite as irritating. "Reel Therapy"