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  1. All: It hurts me to post it, but we put a skunk in the box today. Trolled from about 8:30 am 4pm. Nothig. Tried fast, slow, deep, shallow, stained, clear water. Hopefully the fish move in soon. ON the plus side--it was gorgeous out there today. Scott
  2. I had planned to go out today....the gale warning scared me away...so I didn't go. Maybe someone else was braver today.
  3. http://store.navico.com/Search/lcx
  4. East Sider From my perspective, I'd stay close to the river mouth in the 35-40 foot range. I know they are getting them out deeper too, but they are stacked up close to the harbor right now at the edge of the dirty water. Spoons and flies/flashers are the ticket right now. Anything with green in it. Scott
  5. Yes, the kings are here! Fished yesterday out of ST. Joseph, midday noon-3:30 or so. Went 11 for 15, putting 3 of the small shakers back. All were kings except 1 coho. No lakers We fished 35-45 FOW and al of the hits came in the dark river plume or the edge of the scumline. The best was trolling that line in those depths. Green flies and green lures were best. The dipsies were the hottest set around 70-90 feet back. A few came on riggers, but the lead and long lines didn't get hit. Very fun day, and nice to get some hot action. Largest king was 15#. Scott
  6. We got out Saturday out of South Haven. It still is tough for this time of year! We went 4 for 5. Cleared the pierheads right about as it just started to get light. It was pretty foggy. We first went out to about 95-110 FOW a bit south. We marked some fish, but no takers. We bit the bullet and went out to 200 FOW. There we picked up the three nice eater cohos. They were mostly on flicker shads, back 80 feet from the board, but one came on a dipsy with a spoon. When the program shut down, we went back to the 100 foot area where we had marked fish. We trolled east until about 65 Feet of water where the big 11 pound laker struck on a spoon, off a dipsy, deep (near bottom). Water temps in the morning at the pierheads: 60 Water temps out in 200 FOW: 45 Pictures below. My son Jake was really excited about bringing in the big laker. Scott
  7. Thank you for that report. Great to be on the water again, isn't it!
  8. Nice and thank you. I was out Monday and am planning to go Friday. Here are my thoughts, and I'd welcome others input: I'm planning to head out to a bit deeper water and to fish like it were early May. I might even try South Haven instead of the Joes. This hot weather and VERY warm surface temps have made the set up strange this year. I just wonder if the bait and bigger fish are schooled up in deeper water. At the very least I'm going to find the western edge of the dark river plume. I agree that the clear water looked barren on my graph and the dark river water was lit up on the graph. However, those salmon were tiny, and hard to get many hookups. What do others think? Scott
  9. Size of the thin fins....Okay I'll have to check. I honestly thought there was just one size. For some crazy reason all of mine are the same size. Looking on the web, they seem to be the 1/2 oz 2 3/4 inch variety. One of the smaller shaker salmon came on a hot n tot that was about a size smaller than the Brad's thinfish. Scott
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