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  1. Congrats on the AP purchase. I bit the bullet too and bought one except I went with the Garmin GHP-10. Just finished the install last weekend. I took more time installing it than it should have because I replaced all the hydraulic lines to keep them short without having to create loops. Im ready for the sea trial if we ever ice out. Id be interested in how the installation goes on your rig.
  2. Im currently installing a Garmin GHP-10 on my rig. I went with Garmin because of all the positive feedback on this system. Will be putting it to the test this Spring.
  3. Does it usually specify if the batteries are isolated internally on the charger? Ill have to dig up the paperwork on the unit to see if I can find anything on it. Appreciate the advice.
  4. My boat has a 3 bank charger. One for each of the deep cycle batteries that are used for the electronics, and one for the starting battery. Can the two banks still be used for the two batteries in parallel?
  5. I was considering hooking my two identical 12V batteries up in parallel to double my battery capacity when running my electronics when the main engine isnt running and charging them. My question is this. Since theyre hooked in parallel ( positive to positive, negative to negative) would the doubled amp hours affect my electronics in any way such as overheating the wires, etc. Also, I have a 3 bank charger on my boat and if the batteries are hooked in parallel would they have to be isolated from each other when being charged? Im hooking an AP to the batteries in parallel too because its controlling the kicker and the kicker doesnt charge the batteries when its running.
  6. I dont like the thought of anything polluting our great lakes, but come on. Whos funding the study for microbead contamination? There's bigger threats to the overall health of the lakes like sewage spills, dumping coal dust, and asian carp.
  7. Has anyone here ever installed a Garmin GHP 10 on a Lund Pro-V with 150 Hp engine, and 9.9 Hp kicker, or any aluminum boat with outboards for that matter? I'm looking to possibly purchase one for my boat, but wondering if anyone had any experience (good, or bad) using an AP on a small (19') boat. I usually fish with a buddy of mine, and while he's setting lines I'm usually stuck steering the boat. This would make fishing a lot more enjoyable, and probably more productive since I'll be able to help set lines too instead of steering the boat.
  8. Anybody have a unique idea, or method for holding planer boards when not in use? I'm trying to think of something creative that holds the boards securely, isn't too bulky, or cumbersome, yet is easily accessible.
  9. My Mercury (Tohatsu) 9.9 Four stroke ProKicker is very hard starting, and idles rough. I realize some engines are "cold blooded", but I was wondering if anybody else who has one is experiencing the same thing. Please no Mercury bashing. We all have our favorites so If you don't like Merc's keep your opinions to yourself. I'm just looking for professional input to see if others had the same experience.
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