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  1. Could be an echo from a flasher off a rigger or a diver and thats how the processor interperates it.....just a guess
  2. Sorry I can't make this one we will be up to Muskegon representing South Haven in the Muskegon Tri Port
  3. The day was pretty slow for us too. We had 1 fish an hour for our first 2 and a big lul. We had several fish on and lost em, they we light biting. We fished from 80 to 160 and came back into 90 and stayed there. Once we hit some fish we circled on them to pick up our last 3. Best baits were the green sexy shad and another green and white silver streak spoon not sure of the name. Lots of coho around south haven....kings must all be up north.
  4. Just installed a new one a week ago..... but J1musser might be in the market.
  5. Red to black will add voltage making it 24v probably not what you want. Its always a good idea to have an isolated batterys to not ruin both if one goes down. If you parallel the battery's red to red black to common ground make sure your charging system can handle the load. I have a large agm battery with a large amp hour rating for handling many discharge/recharge cycles and an isolated starting battery. My battery switch will parallel them if I need an extra boost if for some reason the starting battery is dead.
  6. Costa 580 glass lenses. Best lense i ever had just alittle heavier than i would like.
  7. Welcome to the site. I also fish out of south haven!
  8. I think if all the leagues wanna have a final tourney together who ever can show up shows up. Have like a 30 dollar biggest 3 fish winner take all. Then a huge pot luck after. Just an idea might be fun.
  9. I have the great lakes planers and like them alot. The price can't hardly be beat unless you make them yourself. You can get the track option or a bolt on base.
  10. Sounds like a good project Don. I plan on making a new bimini/ softtop for my boat this winter myself. Lots of planning so it doesnt turn out looking dorked out.
  11. Im missing a tx 44 with a upgraded clip. Lost it a few weeks ago...it had 2unreel and some contact info in permanant that might have faded out.
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