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  1. Time to switch great lakes and head to lake erie to fill freezer with walleye and perch. October is the best month of the year for both perch and walleye. Several limit trips of both on same trip.
  2. Went 14 for 16 today in two hours in 220 fow. Coho are stacked out there, had 2 quads and three doubles
  3. Mine as well, works fine on ipad, but can't get on on my sg3
  4. I was out tonight out of south haven. Started in 120 and trolled in best bait was in 95 fow and marked a lot of fish at 75.
  5. Try a Crown Manhattan has became one of my favorites
  6. Nice job, good talking to u at the cleaning station.
  7. Went 4 for 6 tonight 2 kings and one laker and one coho. All on 5 and 10 color best fow was 75.
  8. Went out from noon to 6:30. Fished 170 to 230 fow with best being 210. Ended up14 for 17.With 9 coho 4 kings and one laker. Lost a 20lb plus king at the back of the boat fought for 30 min and straightened out a o ring on a lemon ice SS. Dad was sick but it put on one hell of a show
  9. Im in, before june would be a little tough for me, that teaching thing gets in the way of fishing. If I know the dates ahead of time, I can plan accordingly. All in all sounds like it could be alot of fun.
  10. I have a two unit set up as well. I have a new HD lowrance sonar unit that I love. My gps unit is an older X17 lowrance that has a 10.5 inch screen. I found that unit on line 3 or 4 years ago for 400 dollars. I really like my lowrance units and you can pick them up on linefor great prices if u find the right situation. Got the gps when lowrance was discontinuing their old models.
  11. Nice fish, I was out yesterday morning. Went 8 for 10, all small kings in 120-160fow. Wish I would have fished shallower water.
  12. I didn't know there are kings in lake erie, how did they get there?
  13. I have a 21 foot wellcraft with a blue top on it. I won't be back out till thursday, but plan to fill the freezer the next couple of weeks.

  14. I was out friday night & saturday late morning. We fished 80 to 100 fow and ended up 8 for 13. 5 kings between 5 & 12lbs, two lakers, & a 10lb steelie. Blue dolphin ss on free sliders took four fish with 5 & 10 color lead taking the rest.
  15. I will be out there as well, give me a shout on channel 10.
  16. I fished for perch until 630 then headed out to 110fow caught 10lb king on dipsey with a 3setting 200 back. Caught and released two nice lakers and lost a BIG king at the back of the boat in 115 fow.
  17. I was out there tonight as well, went 5 for 6 in the same depth. Two 5lb lakers and 3 kings all over 13lbs. Biggest being being 17 lbs. Great evening on the water.
  18. Had a bad day on % going 4 for 8 out of south haven. Did get a 14lber on full core with evil Alwive on it. Fished 80 to110 fow with 85 being the best.
  19. I had that happen and one of my connecting cables on the batteries wasn't making a good connection snugged that up and it fired right up
  20. Nice fish Terry, won't be able to get me some for at least two weeks. Something about mother's day and my daughters fourth birthday has me on land the next two weekends. Not sure if you keep posting pictures like these, I'm going to be able to make it two weekends without a nervous breakdown:)
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