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  1. Rick, I have been making a trip to Oak Orchard every year for the last 5 years from Michigan. We camp out at the Lake Shore State Park. We go the first week of August and have great luck off shore with limit catches most days. Last year our largest fish was 30#. This year 28#. Many fish over 20#. Lots of Steelhead and an occasional Brown. We find this to be a very nice area to fish, and a very laid back community. Hope to see you there. TT
  2. We have a habit of checking every hook before it goes into the water. Sharpen if necessary. Some hooks, Michigan Stinger in particular must be sharpened as soon as they come out of the package. This practice has helped us a lot.
  3. Nice report Captain Richard. That is not a bad problem to have. Buying a cooler.
  4. Nice report Ken, great way to start out the season. I will be getting my boat out of storage this weekend. I know it is a little late!!
  5. I fish both Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. For the past 4 years I have spent the first week of August at Point Breeze, Oak Orchard. We found the same thing, no early morning bite or late evening. Last year we just accepted it. Slept in a little in the morning, hit the water after it was light out. We came in before dark. When the sun starts getting low in the sky the bite stops. It was actually a very restful vacation.
  6. I will be there. There will be two of us. Thanks
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