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  1. I decided to get a new one… But sold my old one first while the selling was good last year. Part of my delay of buying the new boat is deciding on what I really want, the question of slip or no slip small or big old or new… I guess at least it's a good problem to have, but still wish I could find what I want. I also figured that I could learn a lot by doing some riding early this year with other people as well…
  2. Hey Terry, I will fish it if I find a new boat:eek:, if not then I will donate through the HSH, website link. Great idea… This a good way for fishermen to unite and protect a great natural resource.
  3. Agreed......I have dealt with them several times and was disappointed...
  4. Whats wrong with the dog? I was able to hook a piece of clear hose to the carb port and use a shop vac to "pressurize" the tank through the fill port, one it started syphoning it worked till empty....... Just a thought
  5. . :lol:LMAO!!! Never heard that one, needed that thanks!
  6. Great job driving the boat terry! lol Great job catching those fish!!
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