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    i,ll be 60 in may. have been fishing big water sinse 1977. love walleye on erie
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    muncie in
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    fishing and deer hunting with muzzleloader
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  1. just wanted to know what weights you decided on??
  2. you can get a pair of the weights from ebay for 99.00
  3. I use the 13# pancake weights and love them. I only use 2 riggers and only run 50' to 60' down on lake erie. but I get very little blowback. but I have had no trouble with not running straight. I would never go back to around ball. I use them with big jon downriggers.
  4. I would just remove the lower unit drain plug to make sure there's no water and the oils not milky looking. then just lower your motor at the ramp to let all water drain out before trailering it home. then store with the motor in the down position. and you should be good to go on your next trip. we use to use my boat for late season deer hunting. we would cross Brookville lake to get to our hunting spot and never had a problem with anything freezing. and its a good idea to check lower unit for water before it gets cold.
  5. have you checked out the helix model hb,s I have the helix 7 di with gps and it has the brightest screen I have seen. I use it in a tri hull open bow and can clearly see the screen in direct sunlight. and it has a very fast screen update. if the 7 is a little to big for a yak there's always the 5. but I like the 7" screen a lot better than the 5" screen.
  6. you need to get the ratio for the engine you have. I think the ratio for a v-8 is 1.50 to 1. you should be able to contact them and tell them what engine you have and they can tell you what ratio you need.
  7. i'm like pplepeu I only change my cable if I get a kink in it. but I use a big jon clincher assembly on the end of my cable. and I've never lost a ball after using riggers for many yrs.
  8. those bundeze will do the job. but I just buy the little bungees that has the little ball on them that I get at wall mart. you can adjust the length by pulling the cord back through the little ball and cutting to length. then I wrap the bungee over the diver then around the rod then back over the diver.
  9. if you don't want to lose your gear you better keep putting it in the cabin. I always use 20# seaguar leader on the central basin on my divers. this yr I went to 20# seaguar invizx on my downrigger rods.
  10. blue and silver has been a real hot spoon for us.
  11. I use small spoons that I get from galeforcetackle.com that catches quite a few steelies while trolling for eyes at 1.8 to 2.0. I'm sure if you run just a little faster with them you'd catch plenty steelies. 2.5 should get you into fish. and the paint doesn't peel off like with scorpion spoons.
  12. the more you use the bags the more you'll like them. I tried a pair of drift bags many yrs ago and didn't like them at all. the backs of the bags didn't tie off like trolling bags. but once I tried trolling bags I loved using them. now its so easy to put them out. and when we move we just pull the bags over the side of the boat and leave them tied off. so we just pitch them over the side when we start another troll.
  13. I use them on my boat on the central basin of lake erie when I need more lines in the water. I use 6 lite bite slide divers as my main set up, then run 2 downriggers which gives me 8 rods in the water. that takes care of 4 fishermen. if I have a 5th person I use the outriggers. I use 15# braid with a small dipsy diver and let out anywhere from 200' to 300' of line. some days they are a waste of time but on other days they catch fish. if you run inline boards I wouldn't want to use them as I think a dipsy type diver over the side would be a better way to get extra lines in the water if you need them. its easy to run 3 boards off each side then put out a dipsy type diver off each side and to the rear of the boat for an 8 rod spread.
  14. have you tried going to there wed site? walkerdownriggers.com they have a listing of service centers or you can contact them direct for parts if you want to do the work yourself.
  15. plates is much better than buckets but bags are better than a plate. I tried 2 buckets once and they just didn't get me down to speed. I used plates for some 30 odd yrs and tried several brands. the easy troller has worked the best for me. then I found a pair of trolling bags, and my son talked me into trying them, now we use the bags.
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