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  1. swing and a miss for us... tried it for about 2hrs last night in 4-5ft waves out of the north and no releases... weeds were not a problem but still no bite.. today checked three tubes by todd farm in fennville and no fish had arrived there yet so it makes you wonder... about 15 guys were fishing at allegan dam and looked to all be coho but not certain
  2. anyone driven to Allegan dam or "the tubes" at Todd Farm to see how many beasts have slipped through? Going to Fennville to inspect a property tomorrow and may have to check
  3. not us... we have had better luck leaving the 115 pound choc lab home and bringing....wait for it........ THE CAT!
  4. nope... all we've caught are hens so far... last year we caught em out front all the way through September. Last king caught was an anorexic 29.5pound male on a high line jplug in 15fow out front on September 30. Got it mounted - the thing was 41.75 inches and had probably weighed 37-38 pounds pre spawn out is our best guess... kids and i have this theory that a group of em never run to the dam but actually spawn out on the boulder walls midway down the channel - who knows if we are right - here is a pic of this 2019 finale fish
  5. misery loves company we went 0 for 2 out front this morning conditions were perfect but no good pod of fish to target
  6. kevin, are you trolling saug or holland tonite? good luck and let us know how you end up! I have to go to Indiana all weekend so it is up to you
  7. nice Kevin - everything we got last night were hens... good sign as the big males have yet to show! And as far as trolling speed we usually run plugs on the upper end of the spectrum 2.8-3.0. Seems like most guys might be trolling too slow, but who knows...
  8. Made the September ritual run down from Holland and setup fishing Saugatuck at around 4.30pm today Thankfully water had finally finished turning over and was icy cold outside of the mud 1st King smoked the mini-dipsey with chrome red head in 22fow south troll right in front – MISSED EM! 2nd King drilled the rigger 15 down blue spackle jplug in 23fow same spot same direction – GOT EM! 3rd King just ripped our small dipsey with jplug that was out only 19 feet (not a typo… just two poles length) on the inside of a turn in 16fow right out front same spot – GOT EM even though the jplug harness had buried itself in him halfway down! 4th King came on the rigger down 14 bright green jplug in 20fow same spot same southern troll direction as before – GOT EM! This one was our biggest of the night 5th King just drilled a 2 color moonshine super glow plug as we trolled into and through the channel after the sun went down – MISSED EM but it was very exiting as he just crushed it but eventually got off 6th King we had go was on the rigger at 8.45pm on a glow jplug 12down as we were trolling west back out of the channel – MISSED EM as he came off for whatever reason in the darkness after 5min So we ended 3 for 6 Tried flashers and got no takers It was all jplugs and no particular pattern of plug obviously Water is very weedy so requires lots of checking and resetting lines but still had a blast! This is the very best time of year and our favorite way to catch em. Everyone has been saying how bad fishing is and how hardly any of the fish that run are 4 year olds even anymore but hey guess what it was sure good tonight and resembled success we have had the last few years. Hope they stick around for a bit!
  9. Wilson and I were rewarded for getting up early and out before sunrise off of Holland Saturday morning. Ended up 4 for 6 Had a double setting lines in 80fow at around 6am (full core Yellow Dolphin while being set… the board had just been clipped on and we were letting it out when it went – managed to land our biggest chinook of the morning and year thus far) (high dipsey blue spindoctor & fly while still letting line out with only 60 feet out – landed a 2 year old chinook) From here we took a 3yr old chinook next in 90fow at sunrise 6.30am (high dipsey blue/green spindoctor with 140foot of line out) Then we missed a couple big hits on the downrigger (55 down moonshine mag flounder pounder got smoked twice but just didn’t stay hooked) Last we got another big chinook in 98fow at around 8am (deep dipsey with 100ft out green frog spindoctor and white fly) The east wind was howling and most guys left the shallower water so quickly… for us sticking around and little more in tight really worked out. This north wind brought the temp break up higher which was great to see. Was going to keep the boat on anchor overnight here in west olive like we have commonly done so we could fish again Sunday morning but the weather changed and the north wind started whipping so we changed our plans…
  10. my son was given the shirt when he won the kollen park catfish tourney this summer 1st place got him 670 in cash + the cool tshirt... if you are serious and want a shirt, then ask the nice guys at Powderhorn bait shop on River Ave
  11. 41 inches 29.5 pounds This ones going on the wall -- way to go kids!!! I almost filleted it but my son was smart enough to grab a tape and scale... apparently all the FL shark fishing has made me desensitized to trophies Congrats to my daughter and her Master Angler Chinook! 29 pounder on September 29
  12. decided to run out of Mac and down to Saugatuck to run the mud one last time... while setting lines in the sideways pouring rain hard east wind had a high line orange board get buried in 26fow off saug north pier... big ole male my daughter hauled in... last one of the year for us... actually probably our biggest too, for sure our longest... will weigh it back at the dock in Holland
  13. 4.5 colors out frog spin doctor of all things 22 fow off saug south pierhead - what a beast - what a fight - we were due for this! also caught this Pike while trolling out front in the kzoo wash out - 8ft down on rigger green ladder jplug got em
  14. everything we have gotten so far this fall has been either riggers 8ft down with a size4 jplug 50-120ft back OR smaller size dipsey ringless dialed to 3.5 with a size4 jplug on it running anywhere from 28-40ft of line out we fish the saug channel mainly but also holland channel and pierheads... we always fish 25fow or shallower good luck off muskegon!
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