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    I am 34 years old and I am addicted to fishing.
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    fishing and hunting
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    3rd grade teacher

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  1. Just got my great lakes holders and they are a work of art!!
  2. I just bout 6 great lakes holders today. I got the triple plates and the flush mounts so i can pull them off and use boat for family fun. Ordered them directly from great lakes holders and got a great deal. Shipped same day!!
  3. I feel for you. I broke my fibula, tibia, and tore my meniscus on May 3rd playing softball. Haven't gotten to dip the boat yet, but hoping within next week or two. I'm sick of sitting around. Cutting out caffeine was the worst part (not good for one growth). I hope recovery goes well for you.
  4. So far I love it. Pulls my 22ft trophy much better than my 08 silverado and gets 18 mpg towing. I pull about 28 mpg express way and 25 combined. I can get over 30mpg on trips where i can scoot at about 60 mph. The 8 speed tranny is so smooth.
  5. Late September I bought my 2014 Ram 1500 ecodiesel . Then gas prices plummeted...lol! At the time diesel was 3.79 and regular was 3.45 a gallon. Now, diesel is 2.88 and regular 1.72. Just my luck! It won't last long though. Oil only went down to stop oil companies from tapping into new honey holes, making it a easy choice to continue getting it from the middle east.
  6. Port Austin gets lots of traffic. They get guys fishin walleye when the green water from the bay migrates over. They also get a lot of pleasure boaters and salmon/trout fisherman. The real ghost towns are from Harriville north.
  7. I would go north of the harbor to sturgeon point and try it. Not an expert of that area in the fall but pull most of summer fish from that area.
  8. NA-B101.02 Feb. 1999 $50 or best 810-691-902five
  9. I run 2 boards with leadcore on each side. If a fish hits the outside we reel in the inside in a little so we can get by without tangles. Then to reset we let that board back to its spot and then put the inside board back where it was.
  10. Great job, Kal! I can't wait until the fish come a bit closer on Lake Huron as I am stoked to catch more kayak silver.
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