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St. Joseph Fishing Report - 2 April

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I ran the boat from South Haven to St. Joseph(23 from South Haven pier head to St. Joseph pier head) and fished today. We shut down 3 miles South of the piers, and set up and went South. We ended the day 22 for 23. :thumb: We fished 15-25FOW. We trolled all the day down to the power plant. We picked up 20 fish on this troll. We pulled lines ran back a couple miles north of the A-frames and trolled back down to the A-frames before we pulled lines and ran back to South Haven.



These are the baits that worked for us today. Our hottest bait was a 4" protroll prochip4 red sparkles flasher with a Siggs Rigs Blue Green & Gold Crinkle coho candy on a 3 color core. This went 7 times! I have this set up with the fly 9" behind the flasher. The clown colored husky jerk went 5 times, orange jointed rapala went a few times, red and black thin fin went a few times, blue and chrome thin fin went a couple of times, emerald shiner husky jerk went once, and the clown colored x-rap went once.



Our GPS speed was 2.7-3.2mph into the waves.

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22/23??? Is that good? :grin: Great job Mike. Looks like you put quite a few miles on the boat, must be trying to burn last years expensive gas:lol:


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