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  1. How soon do you need them done? What kind of rods? Do you have the rest of the components?
  2. 3 kings and 2 trout that were released. One of the fish we lost was also a king and I am unsure of the others.
  3. Wasn't planning on going because of grad parties but Dad woke me up and said we would be back in time. Ran a little north and put down in 70 fow pointed west. Set lines and then worked the water between 70-100 pretty much straight out. We found a small pod of fish in the 80 foot range and spent most of the day there. Fished for a few hours and ended 5 for 8. What worked: UV PK special on the rigger 58 down first thing, and then right on the bottom the rest of the day Carmel Dolphin 66 foot down on a rigger Blue Dolphin on a braided dipsy back 200 UV Dolphin on a braided dipsy back 225
  4. I would put everything on tracks, including the riggers. They will be much quicker and sturdier. Berts or Traxtech are both good options, and you can use the same holders for your walleye and muskie fishing. I would add lead to your set up. Depending on how deep you fish a 5 color and a 10 color run on planer boards would be a great place to start.
  5. If you go the red dot route, I would recommend spending a little bit of money. A 3 1/2" gun will wreck some cheap red dots in just a couple shots. I shoot Feds for just about everything. That gun should throw a great pattern at 50 yards with a little load work.
  6. This. Instead of buying a red dot put the money into some different loads to see what your gun likes. If you feel like beating yourself up with the 3 1/2s, go for it. Otherwise the 3s will do the job just fine.
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