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  1. I got both my boys to come ice fishing with me and I was able to put them on some fish!
  2. I forgot the wax worms, so I had to improvise.
  3. I have a lot of worms left over from the fall, so I've been using them for ice fishing. They work well, but I wanted to test them against the tried and true wax worms to see what works better.
  4. You can still catch fish while ice fishing without the super crazy mega chad giga live sonar scope view. I swear. Here's video proof.
  5. My end of the year review of all the fishing videos I made this year (I made 85 fishing videos in 2021. That's insane!) and plans for 2022. I'm going to try to get to 100 different species caught (I'm at 68 right now) and one of them better be a muskie!
  6. I had several fish on that I wish I landed this year. Instead of putting out the customary greatest catches of the year, here's the ones that got away.
  7. The ice fishing in Southern Wisconsin SUCKS so I took my kayak out and rammed through the really thin ice to ice fish... kinda. Caught a lot of fish, though!
  8. So this company, Runcl, liked a reel review I did and gave me some swim baits to test out. Here you go!
  9. Well, I shouldn't stay they are in all the harbors. They are in Port Washington, WI - A harbor in southern Wisconsin. Here's a video on how I catch burbot from shore in the harbor.
  10. The burbot are in the harbors of the Great Lakes in late fall and early winter. Here's how to catch them from shore.
  11. I love the beetle spin, but I never had a 1/16 ounce size until now. I tried it out in a little creek and then at the pond. It worked really well.
  12. I went this past weekend, and there were still several lively kings (and a lot of dead ones on shore) when I was fishing. Hooked up with a king, a little brook trout, a pike, and my boys caught a smallmouth (which is rare in mid November) and a dirty king. A good weekend to say the least. Also, I cleaned up some trash, as there's plenty of that (sadly) around the Milwaukee River.
  13. Finally got around to editing and putting together a painful creek fishing trip (in more ways than one) where I was testing out a barbless crawfish lure. Had a huge smallmouth on for a little creek and...
  14. Went out with my son, my brother, and my brother's son fishing for trout and salmon in the Milwaukee River. We caught a few!
  15. Went out with my son, my brother, and my brother's son fishing for trout and salmon in the Milwaukee River. We caught a few!
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