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  1. My buddy took me fishing in Lake Michigan out of Port Washington WI Here’s the video Started out at 100 feet of water, and made it all the way to 300 feet of water. We were using two down riggers and several planer boards. The best fish caught was a lake trout on a downrigger. The tastiest fish caught were some coho salmon. Those are delicious!!!
  2. Video Link - I took the kids out on a boating trip in the Milwaukee Harbor, not fishing too seriously, and hooked up with a nice northern pike.
  3. Thanks! I usually check out a spot to see if there's fish before I take any of my kids out. I caught a small burbot there before (here's the video) but nothing like the one he caught!
  4. My son caught a nice burbot. Another fisherman caught a brown.
  5. Hello everyone. Is there a place on here where you can share your videos? Just wondering.
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