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  1. Also known as eelpout or lawyers. They come in the harbors in Lake Michigan when conditions are right in the late fall, early winter. Also saw some nice browns being caught.
  2. The Kings are spawned out and dead. Browns are in there now!
  3. Apparently, leaving hooks on the floor is a bad thing
  4. It was such a blast to see my son fight with one and reel it in! My buddy got one, and I reeled one in as well.
  5. The King Salmon are in the river now in the Milwaukee River. We caught these fish on Sunday. There will be more and more of them over the next three weeks. Catch a few before they spawn out.
  6. Fished for about five hours on Sunday. It was a nice day out, but slow fishing. I was with two other guys and we were all using Skein. We got two bites, and one hook up which we were able to land.
  7. Fished from shore in the Milwaukee Harbor this Sunday. We fished for about five hours using skein. Only two bites. One hook up and one landed! Such a cool fish.
  8. Fished there on Saturday Evening. The boat traffic was nuts! Fished right where the harbor meets Lake Michigan. Saw lots of marks and lots of kings surfacing all around us, but only saw two people land a King. We were using spoons and didn't get any bites (well aside from two gobies my brother caught). I bet conditions have changed since it has been raining now.
  9. Carp eat corn. A LEGO head looks like a piece of corn, I think...
  10. I was stunned at how big this largemouth was. Caught in a pond in Southeastern Wisconsin.
  11. My son and I caught them like crazy! https://youtu.be/U60fYPeOQa0
  12. There's some saltwater YouTube fishermen who catch GT's, then release them and swim along with them. It looks really cool on video. I tried that with my kids in a little freshwater fish in a clear lake (Pine Lake - Waukesha County - Wisconsin).
  13. Took my boys out on their first fishing charter and we went 7 for 9. We left out of Port Washington. All fish caught were between 100 and 160 feet of water. The biggest fish was a nice steelhead. The rest were delicious coho and one small king.
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