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  1. Hooked up to a big fish on my ultralight. My line got wrapped in a tree, and in the river on a 2x4, and the fish bent my hook, but I somehow still landed it.
  2. Check out this vid where I catch two personal bests on the same trip with a wicked cheap Walmart Lure.
  3. The Kalin's Tickle Tail worked really good in the river and in the pond for Largemouth. It also was a pretty tough plastic.
  4. Navigated a shallow stretch of Southern Wisconsin Creek and found a lot of fish willing to bite.
  5. I went to the harbor and tried out jigging for the four year old king salmon that are hanging around before they run upriver.
  6. I've been told several times to try the rooster tail inline spinner for creek fishing. They were right! Caught a whole mess of fish in a little creek including some surprisingly large smallmouth with it.
  7. Got a new surface lure called a Revolver and tried it out as well as compared it to a Hula Popper. Caught smallmouth, pike, and largemouth.
  8. I tried to catch a largemouth on five different bass fishing rigs. I'm pretty partial to the Texas Rig after doing this. (Ned Rig is fun, too)
  9. First time in this creek with an inline spinner, and it worked awesome. Lots of rock bass and nice smallmouth bass caught.
  10. I tried out five different plastics to see what worked best. Ever used a moustache worm? That actually works!
  11. Went fishing in a ton of different spots and found a cool spot in Menomonee Falls. Caught a creek chub that was pushing 10 inches.
  12. Got a weird looking lure that really worked well to my surprise for rock bass, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. I caught a really nice one on it.
  13. This little crank bait worked really well for bluegill and rock bass in a crystal clear creek.
  14. I guess... myself? That wasn't fun. Had a duck tangled in my line once, but it got off before I could land it.
  15. I caught a snapping turtle (unintentionally) some smallmouth bass (intentionally) and then lost the biggest pike of my life
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