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  1. There is a giant retention pond by my local Walmart, and I wanted to see if fish were in there.
  2. One of the most ridiculous things that has ever happened while fishing. I caught a bass with just the hook. I was setting up an ice fishing contraption called the "Jaw Jacker" and before I could even put a minnow on, I caught a bass.
  3. My wife likes these "inspirational" Facebook videos, so I made an Ice Fishing Edition
  4. I keep thinking I'll catch a big one with tip-ups with minnows, but a jig and a wax worm is what's working best.
  5. I got a Jaw Jacker, which automatically sets the hook when ice fishing. I'm not so good at using it.
  6. Thanks! It was pretty clear, but a lot of southern Wisconsin lakes are pretty clear because of the invasive zebra mussles.
  7. Went fishing yesterday and caught burbot. Used shad on the bottom. Everyone that was out caught one, or at least was hooked up with one and lost it at the wall. Here's the video.
  8. They were all over the place and biting right as soon as the bait got to them.
  9. I bought the most inexpensive model, and I really enjoy using it. Here's how I set it up.
  10. I've only caught bass out of this pond, and I've ice fished it for the past two years. Seeing a perch was a surprise!
  11. Here's my favorite catches of the year. Not necessarily the biggest ones, but the most memorable. Lots of catches from friends and family this year. Never new how lucky I was to have fishing as a hobby until 2020. Fishing was one of the safest things you could do this year (outside - can keep distance from people - still can have a great time)
  12. Southern Wisconsin doesn't have any good ice on the lakes. I found a swamp pond with some ice I could walk on and fished for largemouth bass.
  13. The burbot are still near the harbors in Milwaukee and in Port Washington. Here's a trip I made to Port Washington in Wisconsin where browns and burbot were caught during the day.
  14. Also known as eelpout or lawyers. They come in the harbors in Lake Michigan when conditions are right in the late fall, early winter. Also saw some nice browns being caught.
  15. The Kings are spawned out and dead. Browns are in there now!
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