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  1. Slow today 1 Coho on red black strip burts, 2 Lakers red peanut fly, and 1 lost King on chartreuse jointed repala. S. troll 25'
  2. I Have one, Love it. working on fine tunning,easy install and the auto commission is right close to perfect operation. was in some good 4/5 footers NP works great. The only thing that is not stated in the manual is that if the control head runs in reverse change the wires around there is no + or - to the control head unit.
  3. :thumb:I like it sweeeet. Welcome
  4. Thanks guys I'm going for the bags. I may try couple 5gal buckets to see how they work.
  5. Any ideas on the best way to slow my troll on downwind leg? Don’t need much. I see they have Bags? Or trolling plates? The bags look like a pain? I have a alpha 1 unit.
  6. I'm in. I will have to get some info on landing the boat in South Haven. Never been there.
  7. :grin:Wahoo Fugitive lost her virginity. Hit St. Joe this weekend Fri. 3 Lakers, 3 Coho and 3 Kings. Sat. 1 mini Coho and a 1 nice King. I would like to thank all of the guys that helped me through the winter getting my gear in order and all the advice everyone has given. Jim, Mike, Hank , Frank and the rest of you… THANK YOU.
  8. Way to go Hank. Bet the granddaughter had a ball cant wait to get mine out. Hope this front gets out so I can get down this weekend.
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