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    I have been married for 50 years. I have two sons one of them is deceased. I love my 3 grandkids.
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    Retired Mechanical Contractor

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  1. Bruce, That's a nice rig. Frank
  2. Hey Paul, This past year was tough weather wise with a lot of Noreasters and rain. I was not 100% either due to bilateral knee replacement in late Nov 2016. The healing process takes a tad longer as we age. I had some other complications through the recovery, mainly bad side effects from meds. I'm doing fine now as it's been 14 months since both knees were replaced. I have a new GP Dr and he is getting a pretty good handle on medical needs. I hope to be on the pond when the water temps start getting into the 60s. Maybe we can put some eyes on ice. TC my younger friend. LOL Give me a call and stop by when you're passing through.
  3. The technology we have today is truly amazing. Any donation will help.
  4. This sure was a great event. I just enjoy the people. It's great to see how well the energetic youngsters get this all together. Visiting with old friends and making new ones is what does it for me. I hope to be there again in 2018. A big THANKS to the kids and their leaders that made this all possible.
  5. Holland I'll be at the Holland Swap Meet again this yr. Larry and the Church's Youth Group do a fabulous job making this event happen. It's a win win situation for the kids and all of us. If at all possible try to attend. I'll be there with some 13.3" Toughbook laptop style chartplotters that will sell for $400. I'll also have some 10+" Tough Tablet style chartplotters that will sell for $350. Both of these setups will come complete with all the GLs charts. Check em out. I'll also have a galvanized anchor suitable for a larger boat $25. Ask me how I caught it walleye fishing. LOL I'm looking forward to supporting the kids and their plans. It's also great to meet up with old and new friends.
  6. Yes Kevin is Far Beyond Driven but aren't we all. Our hobby is a disease.
  7. I hope your dad has good results with his surgery. We're lucky to be living in this time frame. It wasn't too long ago when these procedures were not even dreamed about.
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