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  1. "Salmon confidential documentary 2013" can be found on YouTube along with a few others and are worth a look also. I watched a news investigative report the other day based in Canada where they purchased over one hundred fish filets from various grocery stores to be sent in to a lab to be tested to see if they were getting the fish as advertised on the package label, and 1/5 of those fish being sold were not even the same fish as advertised on the package. They are selling farm raised salmon and labeling and packaging them as wild salmon for one.
  2. Is the Grand Haven pier fishable from a wheelchair? Dangerous/risky, or should we be fine?
  3. Nice job on the double down Roger! Are we sure it didn't lose its other set of antlers in a vicious spud battle with an irate ice fisherman?
  4. Congrats on your master angler Chinook and thanks for sharing your info with the MA program and us. You can do alot of analyzing and research with the info the MA awards provides. Right down to what time of day,month,year most MA fish are caught and what areas or ports are the most productive for a certain species. I try to analyze the brown trout info every winter. I'd love to see the info broken down like you did for each species and for every category going as far back as possible, but by the time I get brown trout done I have had enough.
  5. If that does not show pics they are in my gallery...or can email for more if needed.
  6. I have two Okuma Clarion CLR-553L reels for sale. One has the enlarged line guide for copper line applications, the other has the reg. standard line guide. Used very very little and in like new shape. Comes with boxes they were purchased in with reel schematics sheet, warranty info., reel seat attachments, and bottle of reel lube. SPECIFICATIONS Model CLR-553L Bearing 2BB+1RB Gear Ratio 4.2:1 Line Capacity LBS/YDS=25/680 , 30/520 , 40/440 $100 each, Might consider $190 for the pair. Id like to downgrade to two Okuma Coldwaters instead. Will try to get pics posted...if not I can email them. Thanks, Mike
  7. Atta Boy Boy's ...Duno how that cupcake survived again tho.
  8. Pretty sure you got the vicks idea from me at the cleaning station. It elps but they will still get yah. That dey I was wearing ziplock bags on my feet inside my sandals and wore a long sleeved shirt for pants (all I had ) and that helped too (but I did it more to add some style to my apparel). Fill a ziplock bag er two er three bout halfway w/water and add a buncha pennies and lay or try to hang them from something. Imma give that buggspray stuff a shot also...cause man those things can ruin a good time.
  9. Nice Eye! I can handle answering this one...NO!
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