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  1. I have some close friends that have been killing them in south haven.I also heard south of saugatuck(pier cove) has been good.I have been getting anywhere from 20 to 50 a trip out of holland.both north and south of the piers.28 to 40 fow.I also heard a report of 30 caught out of port sheldon.last sat.They have really turned on in the last 2 weeks.seems to be lots of perch this year.some sorting,but the ones were keeping have been real nice sized.hope this helps.
  2. I would sell them,and look for a couple manual cranks.
  3. I caught some 2 weeks ago out of grand haven.have not been back out since.waiting for the summer bite:thumb:
  4. went 2 for 2 trolling the sandbars. both lakers.firetiger husky,and gold and orange xrap 80 back caught the fish.talked to a guy at the ramp that went 1 for 3 with a beautifull brown.
  5. launch itself was not bad.when you got out a little bit thats when it got shallow.I tried to stay in river channel,and it was 4 ft at the very deepest.I only have a 16ft,so it was not a problem.
  6. west wind ,east wind.back and forth.I think half the fish are in wis.,and half here.not complainen though.have not been skunked yet.(now I did it).
  7. I heard that they just planted a bunch of browns yesterday out of holland.
  8. fished a few hours this morning,and went 2 for 4 both browns.best action was between the bubbler,and the piers in around 12 fow.orange tiger stripe thin fin went 3 times off a board.perch rapala floater went once.no fin clips on the browns.
  9. fished south of holland,about by the dunes.found 47deg.water,and went 2 for 3 probably 15min. went back thru,and nothing.we trolled right in close,about 5fow.blue and silver rapala took two fish.40 back on a board.the one we lost was close to 10 pounds.(brown) we had 1 3lb brown,and a nice 3lb coho,for the pan.
  10. nice job on the fish.I`ve been running amsoil gas treatment.cleared my motor right up.
  11. headed out in the afternoon. picked up a nice coho just past spyglass 12fow. orange thin fin tigerstripe took the fish.lake picked up bad,and headed in.he is headed for the oven now.
  12. saw about a dozen or so boats.early,but nobody stayed in any certain area.we trolled all the way to saugatuck,and almost back to holland.all our action was right around the creek area.I may try and get out this afternoon yet.
  13. I always look foward to your up to date reports.It helps out alot.Thanks.
  14. after having an awesome day out of st. joe on friday,we made the mistake of trying my home port of holland on friday.ended up 1 for 4 with a nice four pound brown.orange thunderstick 100 back took the fish .lost three other fish on a blue and gold thunderstick 100 back.all action was around 12fow around halfway creek area.
  15. Thats what you call catching...not fishing. nice job,and report.
  16. Job well done.buddy of mine went yesterday afternoon,and found a good school to the north about a mile.I am leaving shortly.hopefully the rain lets up.
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