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  1. I have some close friends that have been killing them in south haven.I also heard south of saugatuck(pier cove) has been good.I have been getting anywhere from 20 to 50 a trip out of holland.both north and south of the piers.28 to 40 fow.I also heard a report of 30 caught out of port sheldon.last sat.They have really turned on in the last 2 weeks.seems to be lots of perch this year.some sorting,but the ones were keeping have been real nice sized.hope this helps.
  2. I would sell them,and look for a couple manual cranks.
  3. I caught some 2 weeks ago out of grand haven.have not been back out since.waiting for the summer bite:thumb:
  4. went 2 for 2 trolling the sandbars. both lakers.firetiger husky,and gold and orange xrap 80 back caught the fish.talked to a guy at the ramp that went 1 for 3 with a beautifull brown.
  5. launch itself was not bad.when you got out a little bit thats when it got shallow.I tried to stay in river channel,and it was 4 ft at the very deepest.I only have a 16ft,so it was not a problem.
  6. west wind ,east wind.back and forth.I think half the fish are in wis.,and half here.not complainen though.have not been skunked yet.(now I did it).
  7. I heard that they just planted a bunch of browns yesterday out of holland.
  8. fished a few hours this morning,and went 2 for 4 both browns.best action was between the bubbler,and the piers in around 12 fow.orange tiger stripe thin fin went 3 times off a board.perch rapala floater went once.no fin clips on the browns.
  9. fished south of holland,about by the dunes.found 47deg.water,and went 2 for 3 probably 15min. went back thru,and nothing.we trolled right in close,about 5fow.blue and silver rapala took two fish.40 back on a board.the one we lost was close to 10 pounds.(brown) we had 1 3lb brown,and a nice 3lb coho,for the pan.
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