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  1. thanks for the report. heading out Sat. haven't been salmon fishing since May. That is a good trip any day of the year.
  2. What were you catching the Millers on. I want to catch those!
  3. well there you go. There here. leave it to terry to always find the fish. I guess i just don't spend enough time on the water. thanks for the follow up report. on the 20th there were no perch around. at least where i was. which was exactly where you just stated. water was still pretty cold from all the east wind from the previous days.
  4. I was out with my wife last weekend out of southaven fished from 25 fow out to 70. No Perch. fished around 50 or so other boats. most I heard of being caught was 7. wife lost a nice steelhead at the boat. on a 7 foot ultralight with 6lb test mono. Fun for her! used wax worms. minnows. and frozen wigglers. fished the bait balls on the bottom. caught 10 gobbies. Not to say that maybe there showing up this week but thought you might want a report. called tackle haven in Benton harbor and he was honest and said the same thing. fishing not catching. was testing out the new Ipilot with spot lock Love it.
  5. Putting your faith in the Michigan DNR to manage our fisheries is a 100% failure due to the fact that they react after the damage is done. The DNR has had Data collected for years on this and new it was coming. There solution was to let it happen. I think super tramp is not asking for a few more years of fishing. What he is suggesting is maybe we should take our fishery into our own hands and start practicing good conservation. taking all of the salmon out of the lake and letting the alewife come back is not going to fix the lake. Scientifically with the state the lake is in due to invasive species the lake cant support the amount of alewife needed to have the salmon fisheries that we have all become custom to. The norm is gone and will never be what it was. This is the results of the DNR's plan. The DNR is a business and its about selling permits, licenses and fees for all sports. Like stated in the other post it is about self preservation of the jobs of all that work for the DNR. WE need to Mange our resources better and our state has failed in all aspects. What happened to Phesant hunting, what is happening to our deer herd, especially in the UP, Grouse, duck, We have Had land stripped, sold and taken away and used for its Monetary resource rather than preserving it. When i was kid these resources were a lot more abundant than now. I dont know the best way to help preserve our resourses but I have alot of reservations about letting the Michigan DNR mange our resourses. At some point sportsman have to take ownership and use there own common sense to keep from loosing Michigan hunting and fishing as we have come to know it.
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