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  1. Made a trip out of Saugatuck yesterday after noon. Set lines at 5 pm and fished until 8:30 pm. Started in 140 and worked out to 210 basically straight out and ended up 3 miles north. north west troll was best 2.9 to 3.1 mph first Hit came on the rigger 81 down on #5 mongoose J plug 8 lb king 154 fow 30 ft behind the ball. second hit came on wire dipsey with 10 pro troll white paddle and Canadian Ketchup yogurt fly set at 2 190 out. 5 lb Lake trout. 180 fow, wonder bread dipsey. third hid came on the rigger again same set up as the first J plug. big rip had him on for about 30 seconds and came off. guessing big king 188 fow 4th hit came on Half core. bloody nose streak. 195 fow water. Steelhead around 10 lbs. got out to 210 and circled back in for another hour and no more hits. hit the dock at 9pm
  2. https://www.shorelinemedia.net/ludington_daily_news/news/local/states-secret-talks-with-tribes-could-reshape-great-lakes-fishing/article_981994a3-8812-5068-a136-869987f3d48d.html
  3. Thanks for the report. could not make it out this weekend. had my grandkids all weekend. What was the water temp out in 100 fow?
  4. Ended 5 for 7 . lines set in 80 FOW by 6:30 am first hit 300 copper, steak blue alewife. Big fish, new leader broke in the middle of the line when 50 feet behind the boat. 90 FOW when it hit. Tied back up and reset did not hit another fish until we hit 140 FOW. Wire dipsy with 10 inch pro troll white paddle with spartan strong fly went. 8 lb king set at 2 180 out next 300 copper went, moonshine bad toad. 5lb Coho. 147 FOW next half core Craig's flounder pounder 6lb steelhead, 160 fow next wire dipsey, pro troll blue bubble with dolphin fly another Coho 5lb. set at 2 160 out 168 fow. next same set up as the last hit. blue bubble again. came off about a minute into the hook up. assume it was a good fish. ripped out a lot of line. before he came off. 180 fow last fish on the rigger 62 down, 30 ft behind the ball, moonshine, wonder bread. Magnum. King, about 5 lb. made a circle back when the cold fog hit and picked this one up back in 145 fow. slower than last week. Should have kept heading out and skipped setting up in 80 FOW. A lot of marks in there though. Temptation got the best of me. my Crew were two young men that one had never been on the big pond the other 1 trip under his belt. boys had fun. couple of my younger employees. Speed 2.6 to 2.8 mph best troll direction was Northwest. Started in the 23's and ended up north in the 29's. surface temp was pretty consistent 54-55 degrees from 110 out. 58 when we started in 80 FOW.
  5. I have nothing against meat rigs. with the very little time I get to go out anymore I just drop and go. don't really mess with them. in the last two years I have made it out a total of three times. So its nice to get out and catch a few for the freezer . I probably would have caught some kings but my wife prefers the Coho so we were targeting those primarily. My old man probably has meat rigs he would give me. just got to go get them. AKA Super Tramp. I will keep hood in mind for bait though. thanks.
  6. Ya kings are around all year but the heard has moved north. I think the Coho are around because most were planted in ST.Joe last year and the water is still cold enough for them. also there are still some pretty good schools of bait fish we marked out in that 190 to 210 fow and the water is still in the upper 40's to low 50's out there on the surface. There is a big thermal cline down about 30 feet out at that depth and fish that are there are hanging on it. usually its gone by now but cooler spring makes for better June fishing than normal.
  7. Hit Southaven on sat morning with 4 on the boat, ended up 12 for 15 kept 11. 9 Coho, 1 steelhead and 2 lake trout. started 160 fow in the 25's so jut north lines set a 7am, and ended up in the 29's, did not hit a fish until we hit 190 fow and then we hit 4 in a row in a 15 minute span. wire dipseys started out hot taking the first 5 fish all Coho in the first hour. 1 pro troll flasher blue bubble setup at 2 on the dipsey 140 out, other MTN dew pro toll flasher with green dolphin fly set at 2, 160 out. Sun got up and half core took a nice 15 lb. steelhead. Good first fish for one of the guys first time ever on the big pond. trolled out to 230 and got out of the silver fish and picked up two lake trout 220 to 230. turned around came back into 190 and picked away at the rest until 1 pm. No hits on the riggers. all on wire, copper, full core and half core. hot spoons were, moonshine Craig's founder pounder on the half core and streak Easter egg. moonshine green knight on the full core, Steak Halloween on the half core, copper was set with streak yellow tail and moonshine bad toad. were able to shake off the last Coho and it lived. was only about 12 inches. hence only kept 11. all moonshine spoons were magnum spoons and streaks were standard. big change from last week. Kings have moved north. speed was was 2.7-2.9. took the Lakers when we got below 2.6 so kept the speed up to keep the Lakers off. northwest troll and south east troll were best.
  8. Wish we would have started earlier. But the wife wanted to sleep in. would have had more fish. typically I am pulling lines when we were setting. Just nice to get out though. first trip for the year for me.
  9. Wife and I also fished SH Sat the 28th. was a late fish. Ended 4 for 5. On the water at 11:00 am started 70ft. Worked out to 160. picked up two Coho in 130fow both on moonshine bad toad. one on a 1 color 100 back 75 out. second Coho on rigger. . got out to 148 picked up 10lb king on rigger 45 down 16ft behind the ball. bad toad again. got to 152 second king about 8lbs ,Craig's founder pounder. rigger same set up at 50 down. 1 more rip on the half core Easter egg spoon. gone when we garbed the rod. worked back in to cooler water but never picked up another fish. 130 fow we had 47 degrees. out 160 we had 50 degrees. all fish in the top 50 fow. off the water at 3:00 pm. speed around 2.7 to 2.9 mph, trolling direction did not seem to matter.
  10. thanks for the report. heading out Sat. haven't been salmon fishing since May. That is a good trip any day of the year.
  11. What were you catching the Millers on. I want to catch those!
  12. well there you go. There here. leave it to terry to always find the fish. I guess i just don't spend enough time on the water. thanks for the follow up report. on the 20th there were no perch around. at least where i was. which was exactly where you just stated. water was still pretty cold from all the east wind from the previous days.
  13. I was out with my wife last weekend out of southaven fished from 25 fow out to 70. No Perch. fished around 50 or so other boats. most I heard of being caught was 7. wife lost a nice steelhead at the boat. on a 7 foot ultralight with 6lb test mono. Fun for her! used wax worms. minnows. and frozen wigglers. fished the bait balls on the bottom. caught 10 gobbies. Not to say that maybe there showing up this week but thought you might want a report. called tackle haven in Benton harbor and he was honest and said the same thing. fishing not catching. was testing out the new Ipilot with spot lock Love it.
  14. Putting your faith in the Michigan DNR to manage our fisheries is a 100% failure due to the fact that they react after the damage is done. The DNR has had Data collected for years on this and new it was coming. There solution was to let it happen. I think super tramp is not asking for a few more years of fishing. What he is suggesting is maybe we should take our fishery into our own hands and start practicing good conservation. taking all of the salmon out of the lake and letting the alewife come back is not going to fix the lake. Scientifically with the state the lake is in due to invasive species the lake cant support the amount of alewife needed to have the salmon fisheries that we have all become custom to. The norm is gone and will never be what it was. This is the results of the DNR's plan. The DNR is a business and its about selling permits, licenses and fees for all sports. Like stated in the other post it is about self preservation of the jobs of all that work for the DNR. WE need to Mange our resources better and our state has failed in all aspects. What happened to Phesant hunting, what is happening to our deer herd, especially in the UP, Grouse, duck, We have Had land stripped, sold and taken away and used for its Monetary resource rather than preserving it. When i was kid these resources were a lot more abundant than now. I dont know the best way to help preserve our resourses but I have alot of reservations about letting the Michigan DNR mange our resourses. At some point sportsman have to take ownership and use there own common sense to keep from loosing Michigan hunting and fishing as we have come to know it.
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