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  1. I troll using one of the two motors. I switch from side to side to share the duties but my port side motor does troll better. I do not have a kicker. The transom on a Grady White will not all. I could put a 300hp on instead of two 150's and then a kicker but.... I don't know? I know I would probably use less fuel. When I find out more, I will let everyone know.
  2. Thank you. Glad I have a twin screw boat for exactly days like today. I sure am glad it didn't blow out in 200+ feet of water. It would have been a miserable ride in.
  3. Had an interesting day out on the big lake this morning. Of course the marine report was wrong...again. around 1 footers. Yeh right! More like 2-3 with an occasional 4. Got a late start and didn't drop lines until 6am. Thought I would try and find the cold water that was still in tight north. That did happen and no bites. Pulled up and ran west and set up again in 140fow. Down rigger went off at about 8am 61 down 10" with spindoctor green dots with riverside fly. 16lb king. Dropped it back down. High diver went w/green frog spotted heck spoon. 160' 12lb king. Waves started to pick up and we turned and went with the waves. Same rigger went off with a 10lb king. It was about 10am and we started troll towards shore. Picked up shaker on 200 copper and released it. Pulled lines and ran in. Then a terrible sound came from port side outboard. Then bam. Lower unit let loose. And put gaping hole in case. Limped in on one motor. Ugly. But we caught fish. Looks like I will have some repairs in my near future.
  4. Last fish for the weekend. Too bad that work thing gets in the way. Took wife and her friend out for a quick fish this evening. 3 for 3. Went straight out to 100fow. Set 6 lines. 200 copper, 8 color lead, two high dipseys and two riggers. Two kings 8lb and 7lb on fishhawk rigger done 60ft. Both came on Shelly Snack 50 ft behind ball. 8 color took 11lb steelhead on Raspberry Carbon rv. Two hour fish. Too fun. Fish were really starting to fill up screen at 7:30pm but wife said... that's enough.
  5. Took the nieces and daughters out this morning. Wow! A little rough out there this morning. Set lines at 6am 100fow north northwest troll. Marks all over screen 35-50 ft. Should have stayed in close. It took a while to get troll right and then the front pushed through and before we knew it we were in 200ft of water and 3 foot waves. Fish #1 Laker 6lb on high diver #3 150 out. White Slick/pickled sunshine. 150fow. Boated fish and we boogered up a couple lines. We turned around when we hit 200fow and headed in the waves. Brutal! Fish #2 16lb King high diver #3 155 out white blade green & block dots (glow) w/ novacaine salmon candy fly. 165fow Fish #3 shaker Starboard rigger 60ft NBK spoon (released to grow bigger) 150fow Fish #4 12lb King Port rigger 55ft down Shelly Snack spoon Mag. 140fow. Fish #5 11lb King high diver #3 155 out white blade green & block dots (glow) w/ novacaine salmon candy fly again. 125fow Fish # 6 inside Diver #1 110 out. Megatron flasher w/purple & white squid. Monster rip and took out a good 150ft on three great runs. Then gone. Poop! 110ish feet of water. Fish #7 5lb lakerLaker on high diver #3 130 out. White Slick/pickled sunshine. 80fow. Yanked lines and we head to pier head. It was a hard fish with 3 footers with occasiobal big roller and wind. Of course it laid down now that we are in. Night fish will be nice tonight I think?
  6. Thanks guys. I get such a kick out of watching people catch fish. When they grab the rod and feel the fish for the first time...priceless.
  7. What a difference a week makes! Went 6 for 6 last night near Whitehall last night. Took an all women excursion out with wife, daughter, niece, sister in law and mother in law. Wow, lots happening. Set lines at 6pm fished until sun went down. Water had flipped. 56 at surface leaving peer. Went out to 100ft. Set lines. Fishawk said 45 ft down was 42 degrees. So, I Set everything up shallow. Didn't do much on dipseys. I had them in range but tried flasher flies. Seemed to like 2.3/2.4 on speed. Of course it's always about course direction and current. #1) 4lb laker first on high diver out 120 #3 (yellowtail spoon). #2) 15lb king 6 color w/NBK standard spoon #3) 7lb king 150 copper w/green flounder pounder spoon mag #4) 23lb king 8 color w/NBK mag #5) 5lb king rigger way out back 30' down w/Shelly Snack spoon mag #6) 8lb king 150 copper glow winderbread rv. Hardly had any pauses. Lots of laughing and reeling. I actually reeled in my first fish of the year. It felt good!
  8. Amen! Those guys were an absolute mess and it was too fun to watch them and their reaction on every fish. I think fishing is going to get real good here the next couple of weeks. I hope the lake will cooperate and we all can get out there.
  9. Beautiful evening for fishing. Took my 82 year old dad and his buddy out. Thought it would be an easy fish. Set 8 rods in 140' on a west troll. 400 copper w/UV Raspberry Carbon. 300 copper w/ fuzzy bear blue 1/2 slice. High dipsey green fuzzy bear 1/2 slice. Meat moo moo rig inside dipsey . Outside dipsey other side green chin music pickled sunshine. Inside dipsey fish paddle green gasoline meat rig. Starboard rigger 90' beckold white slick w/ riverside fly. Port side rigger 80' yellow tail w/ yellowtail freeslider. 7:30 400 went 15+ lb king at boat dads buddy couldn't reel anymore gave rod to dad he asked to net. Missed and hook caught in net...gone. 0 for 1. Reset line and moo moo meat goes off. Dad reels fish. Great fight another 15+ lb fish. 10 minutes later fish at back of boat. I hand line it to dad's buddy he dips net and catches it in side of head....gone. 0 for 2. Reset line. Half hour and other side high dipsey goes off. Another nice fish. Dad's buddy fights the fish for 10 minutes or so. Back of the boat. Dad's dips net misses and fish goes through and around both riggers. Yep...gone! 0 for 3. Take care of mess and Reset everything. Starboard side rigger I put on a 10" glow slick spin d with pickled sunshine rig. 5 min. Bam nice fish a ripping. Get fish to back of boat...you guess it. The boys lost another nice one. Getting dark and decide to call it. I pull all the lines and the last rod I pull is the 300 copper. Dead as a hammer 2lb king swinging. 1 for 5. Beautiful night and we left a bunch of nice ones out there for you guys. Argh!
  10. Are you saying put it on trailer and head north or put in and head north out in lake towards Grabd Haven?
  11. Well, haven't been out in a couple of weeks. Work! Talked wife into going out this morning. Offshore breeze this morning 6:00am. Went out to 140 north of pier. Set up 6:45. 6 color orange crush spoon 10 color other side with glow blue knight. Braided dipsey set at 3 150' out and other side dipsey at 3 120' out. 150 had krytonite salmon candy flasher/ novacaine fly other had mongolian beef rv spoon. Ran two down riggers one at 35ft green dolphin other with 2 color swr with down 45' so around 55' with blue dolphin spoon. Went on north west troll out to 170ft. Hardly marked a fish. 6 color went off on turn small fish came off after a few minute fight. Secret weapon rod went off on north east troll in 160' bounce bounce off. Other downrigger bounced funny no release didn't check for a few minutes and snapped it up and 1-2lb shaker king on. It swallowed hook and wouldn't make it. Threw it in box. Trolled into 135' hardly marking a fish. Turned boat back out. Waves picked up with still off shore breeze in 1-2 foot Chop. Changed a bunch of stuff out trying different colors and combinations. No takers. Came in at 10:30am. Not a great outing. Saw a few boats out further. If anyone has any suggestions, please share. I am going out tomorrow again. Should I try deeper? 190-220 ft? Colors or combos that are working for you. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  12. Beautiful morning out on water. Fished south of pier head on south southwest troll. Wow did I find weird currents down below. Just when I thought I had current figured out... I didn't. Took a newby out fishing for the first time that had never lake fished. First fish nice king on high diver at 105 setting 3 w/ mongolian beef rv. In 90 ft of water about 7:30am. Lost it at boat. Argh! 2nd fish on 10 color. Drove board under and it didn't release. That usually spells disaster and it did. Lost it too. Argh! 3 color went off in about 140ft of water. Pretty sure it was a coho on fireball spoon. Yep... lost it. My goodness one of those days. Ran out to 160ft of water. Then the fish finder went blank. Where did they go? Pulled lines and ran back. All I marked were lake trout on the bottom in 110 ft. Ran flasher whirly rigs on two down riggers and picked up two 6lber class right away. He caught his first fish. Released one and ate the other for dinner. Fish seem to be in tight still. People were either in tight 30-50fow or out deeper in 120-160fow and further in the fog. I thought I would try something different and started deeper and fish were there early then went away by 10am.
  13. Thanks. When moma is happy...well let's say it makes it easier to go out next time. Especially at $4.31 a gallon!
  14. First time out this season. Just wife and I. Went out of Kolen Park. Not one boat launched other than us. Hit big lake and sent south out of pier. Started in 50ft of water. Lots of marks between 20-30ft. A few good hooks at 45ft. Ran two planer boards 3 color and 6 color. Blue dolphin on 3c and gold Rasta Goose 6. Two high dipsy on 3. 90ft and 100ft. White slick spin doctor w/salmon candy novacain fly on 90. Krytonite flasher w/pickled sunshine fly 100. Two riders set at 25ft and 35ft. Blue knight and red dodger green/yellow fly. Trolled south west at 2.5 at Ball. No takers until 7:45am and krytonite/pickled sunshine went 10lb king. Nice way to get season off to a start. BlueKnight at 35ft went at 8:15 8lb king. Went dead and made turn with waves. 3 color went and lost steelhead after a couple of jumps. Krytonite/pickle sunshine went again. 13lb king in 65ft 110. Boat got turned to quick...oops and crossed up in current and downriggers got all messed up. Yanked lines at 10:15am and head in. Good first trip. Best part...wife had a nice time and landed 2nd fish.
  15. Like many this time of year, you have to wait until the lake cooperates. This morning was beautiful but the water is still so warm. Started a little south of pierced in 110ft of water. Temp was down again between 75-80ft. Quite a few good marks early as we trolled north- northwest. Got pinched by another boat and ended out at 150ft. The deeper I went the less marks. We eventually got back to 130ft and started marking fish again. Quite a few in the 20-40ft range. I could not get a hit. Had most of the program in the 70-90ft range. Had two bites on riggers green jeans spoon 70ft. Kevins girlfriend pickle sunshine fly 65ft. Both were on and then off . High and low divers never had a hit. Ran white spindoctor/fly combos on lows and spoons on highs. 300' copper and 250' coppers washed lures as well. Pretty morning but tough fishing.
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