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  1. Fun times!!! Good job on the fish too! Gotta love those outer bay walleye!
  2. Oh I hear yeah! I like action and catching but those weeds suck!
  3. Nice job Frank! fished in there last weekend and caught a lot of fish but I would almost fish out deep and get less bites then fight those stupid weeds...LOL!!:lol:
  4. You Da Man Frank!!! I'm not going to pay for Tow Boat next year knowing your around!! Your a lot cheaper....:thumb:
  5. Yes its the 14th! Sign up is at Rivers Edge on Friday from 6 to 8 pm or in the morning of the tournament at the boat launch!
  6. Yes I have been out! 3 times now!

  7. Had a great weekend fishing with Jason and another buddy last weekend! Kept 102 on Satuday and 46 Sunday morning! Best water was 16 to 18 fow just south of Standish! Weather was a little rough both morning but layed down real nice! Thanks for letting me hop aboard Jason!
  8. Thanks for the invite buddy!! Lots of fun and not just anyone can catch sheeps like me!!!! Dish washer was full too!!!
  9. Nice job again Frank!! Its just amazing how many fish are out there and it doesn't really matter where ya go!
  10. Nice job Chummer! I seen you in there on Sunday when we were comming in!
  11. NIce job Chummer!! I got a later start then normal as my bro was late but we still managed a dozen!
  12. Another great day on da Bay!! That brown hit in my hand as I was bringing in the board to check it! About ripped the rod out of my hand!!
  13. NIce video!! I have to do the samething when i take Jason!!:lol:
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