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  1. Friday Evening 7/12, was gonna try a little Perch fishing but couldn't get bait after 5pm. so we went salmon fishing. Set up 5:45/55 fow SE of the harbor trolled around some of are old way points 70-95+ fow first hit while still setting lines was on a reg. bl./grn Dolphin spoon on a braided dipsey #2/150 loc but came off after it peeled off a few yards of line. Then nothing for a good hour or so even though we were marking bait and fish 50-90 fow, But the current was strong and I may have been going a little too fast 2.2-2.5 gps , but when the sun set and the lake calm down some and it seamed the current subsided some too. Then the braided dipsey rod #2/70 loc with the reg. NBK spoon shinned for a little while and took 4 hits in a row, first a weird hit and miss tangle with another rod, then a nice 8-9lb. coho, a small king and a another hit and miss. Ended 2 for 5 which was kind of what I expected from the recent reports, nothing on the flasher fly rods? It was a beautiful Friday summer evening to be out on the water. J.J.
  2. Report Sat. 6/8, Finally got back out after two weekends of tough winds. Set up 2:30pm 60 fow se heading out of the harbor, fished 60-105 fow with a few fish here and there. After two hours we were 3-4 with 2 coho and a laker and didn't know if we should move or keep picking away at the fish we found? We went with don't leave fish to find fish and stayed and worked the 60-90 fow area we caught the first two cohos until our gps tracks looked like a bowl of spaghetti. We were 8 for 12 with the sun setting trolling back towards port when we hit a double in 48 fow to finish our two man limit 10-14 9-coho 1-laker. Ran all standard coho stuff but a #00 green and white glow dodger and a light green fly was the hot rig taking nearly half the hits. That was on a dipsey #2/28 loc right behind the boat and the short dipsey on the other side caught a few also. J.J.
  3. Going out tomorrow afternoon to the hills 50,60,70..., will report but I predict a big weekend out there from the other anglers. Good luck be safe, J.J.
  4. I think the warm weekend of east winds warmed up that shoreline and pushed the salmon out. Now with the rain and a big north wind tomorrow I'm not sure if they'll be back in or stay out deeper. Going Friday after work and it's tempting to set up shallow and give it a quick check but my gut feeling is go out to the hills and save precious fishing time. Still don't know exactly why they call it the hills, but in Kenosha once you hit 50 fow going east it's quite a while before you hit 60,70,80....... J.J.
  5. Sat. afternoon we set up in 20 fow a mile south of the harbor, had a bite before I got the third rod in. The bite was on for a while but kind of fizzled out later in the afternoon, with two passes through the target zone with no bites. Ended the night 7 for 12 and a few short of our two man limit. Same deal this morning fishing solo got out late set up 7am, caught fish right away but couldn't fill up going 3 for 6. I ran all coho rigs and caught all coho. Nice to finally get out the boat ran well, no problems and great weekend. J.J.
  6. Late report from Friday evening, headed s.e. of port out to about 75 fow set lines at 4:30 had a bow on a board with a spoon that got off after a few jumps that was at 100 fow. We kept working the 90'-110' area, not fast and furious but getting steady action. Caught em on boards and divers some on flasher fly and some on spoons the only thing that didn't get hit was a standard coho rig 0/0 org. dodger and coho fly. Ended up 5 fer 8 with (2) coho (3) kings. J.J.
  7. My friend and I went out Sun. afternoon/evening started perch fishing again but after a couple hours we switched to salmon. Tried around 30 fow first for a short time then moved out deeper 60-110 fow. No hot spots just a few hits here and there went 2 for 4 with a couple coho, was a beautiful evening out there. Gave Brads cut plugs a try with some minced up Alewife but no hits, all our bites came on on the two rods with standard coho rigs. Sometimes it's not all about filling the cooler up, we had a great time out there even though we only took a couple fish home.
  8. Launched today around 3pm. and tried perch fishing for a couple hours didn't get a bite. Set lines for salmon fishing at 6pm. same spot as last night and didn't take long and the rods were going again. Finished up at 7:30 with my limit of coho went 5 for 8, the big one was pretty spunky. J.J.
  9. Headed out after work solo went southeast of the harbor started setting lines about 6pm, 65 fow, east troll. By 85 fow lines were set, at 95 fow I marked a large pod of baitfish and a few minutes later had the fist coho in the box. Marked the way point and kept working around that bait pod out to 115 ended up 3 for 4 all coho. Had a double where the first fish got tangled into the rod next to it then the other rod went, only got the second one in the net. Pretty strong current from the southeast could be why I had the mishap. Best was on the deeper side of the bait, ran all coho rigs 0/0 org. and flies. J.J.
  10. Report from Sun.6/5/11 - Had so much fun sat. afternoon with my buddy I went back alone sun. am. Set lines at a leisurly 7:45am 30 fow south of the harbor, put the first three in the box pretty quick but then the wind and the waves picked up some and I had to work a little bit to get my 5. Ended 5 for 7, same 0/0's and peanuts worked. J.J.
  11. Me and a friend fished a beautiful Sat. afternoon set lines 4pm. ( south troll) a little south of the harbor 25 fow, figure we'd try shallow first and if nothing go deep. First fish came in 30 fow around southport then a double and it was game on. Worked that area for the next couple hours and limited out going 10-13, 1-2 on our doubles. None of those little 3lbers. that skip on top of the water, all nice size cohos, a couple around 7-8 lbs. Org. 0/0s with green and blue peanut flies off boards and dipsies did the trick. Need a new camera so I have no pics. J.J.
  12. Report from sun. 5/22, 5:30am buddy over sleeps and cancels, so I head out at 5:45 solo. Set up 25fow just south on the harbor started getting bites 25-30 fow but had a tough time getting em in the box. Went 0-6 to start before finally getting one in then about 8:00 or so the bite really slowed only got 1 after that, ended 2 for 8. By far the worst catch to bite ratio for me, but I can't wait to get back out there after them. Org, 0/0's and coho flies was all I ran. J.J.
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