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  1. somethin' fishy

    Holland 10-4-16

    Terry, thanks so much for a great and fun day on the water. Good to fish with your dad again also.
  2. somethin' fishy


  3. somethin' fishy


  4. somethin' fishy

    Walleye 6/24/2015 4 man limit

    Once again Frank, a job very well done!
  5. somethin' fishy

    Holland June 20

    Great Job Mr. Dog! in all directions.
  6. Good job Frank and crew! Glad to hear Alex was on board again.
  7. Thanks again for another great day on the bay Frank. It was a also a pleasure meeting your grandson Alex. You've been teaching him well and it shows. It's great to see kids working the boat and handling fish like he does!
  8. somethin' fishy

    3rd Trip Wed 6-3-2015

    Good work Frank and crew!
  9. somethin' fishy

    2cd Trip 5-28-2015

    good job on a tough day Frank.
  10. Way to go guys! great job.
  11. somethin' fishy

    Tue 5-26-15 Shakedown Trip

    Good job Frank! Glad to see your reports again.
  12. somethin' fishy

    Holland 5-17

    Good job out there JD! It was a pleasure meeting you at the fish cleaning station.
  13. somethin' fishy

    Copper help

    Mine all seem too without much trouble
  14. somethin' fishy

    Sh 5-2 wmfl

    nice work and congrats on your 2nd place.
  15. somethin' fishy

    South Haven May 1-2

    Good work Mr Dog. You certainly know how to break in a new ride!