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  1. Line Dancin

    Copper question

    Your churches board will pull those no issues. Get some of the steel pins for them if you don't have them.
  2. Line Dancin

    Newb Questions (Bear with me)

    don't just get meat rigs flies produce tons of fish. Spin doctor and fly combos are awesome. I run a meat rig or two but mostly flasher fly combos.
  3. Line Dancin

    Little cleo- to add split ring or not?

    yeah I like the smallest I can get with a good test pound rating like the vmc sampo or spro.
  4. Line Dancin

    Little cleo- to add split ring or not?

    I have always used just a snap. I learned a long time ago when spoons are designed they are either designed to have the snap or not. If they don't come with one don't add one if they do don't remove it, as it can change the action of the spoon.
  5. Line Dancin

    Wire dipsys

    A full spool means more line picked up pre crank. I back mine with 50lb pp as 1000 ft of wire will not completely fill a reel. I want the max pickup when I am cranking them in.
  6. Line Dancin

    Moore Subtroll parts

    Last year I lost my subtroll probe and I know it is well known that they are out of business since 2015, and not making parts any more. I just found out a company is making the parts again. If you need a probe or other parts contact: Big Blue Enterprises 733 Delaware Rd. Box 221 Buffalo, NY 14223 716-573-6341
  7. Line Dancin

    Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon)

    I skin all my salmon trout and steelhead. trim the lateral line out and it tastes great everytime. It grills just fine with no skin you just cant flip it a half dozen times. Cook till done on one side flip cook till done remove.
  8. Line Dancin


    50lb power pro. Yellow or green. yellow is easier to see out to your planer boards. Red bleeds red dye everywhere on the boat the first season then it seems ok, and the color fades really quick.
  9. Line Dancin

    tying 2 colors of lead to copper

    I've heard of it and am not sure about it. Not only that I have a heck of a lot of copper that would need replacing and that steel isn't cheap to just replace it all .
  10. Line Dancin

    Got a new new knife sharpener

    I was wondering if I could do my twister blades. Thanks
  11. Line Dancin

    Got a new new knife sharpener

    By the way the cheapest place to buy replacement belts is amazon. you get 10 for the price of three at cabelas.
  12. Line Dancin

    Got a new new knife sharpener

    Bob when I went there he was explaining that the only time you use the green belt p80 is when there is really no edge. My 12 inch Victorinox couldn't cut butter. He ran it through three times on each side and then lightly on the first side to remove the burr. then went to the red p220 belt five times on each side then removed the burr. Finally he went to the purple 6000 and did ten times on each side and once on the first to remove the burr. When we was done you could literally shave with that knife. He used the 20 degree (40 included) kitchen knife guide as most fillet knives are sharpened at a 18 degree angle. the only way to get the 18 degree is with the ken onion version. I used the red belt on all my other knives when I got home with mine and between three to five pass they were razor sharp. I didn't use the purple belt on them. I think when I have to touch them up I am going to use the purple belts till they need an aggressive sharpening again. I bought this one the kitchen guide 40 included is the black large guide that slide over the top. There are a couple videos on youtube that went into really good detail on using it and there are videos on the website that teach you to use it.
  13. Line Dancin

    Got a new new knife sharpener

    Got a new new knife sharpener So i got this new knife sharpener for my fillet knives. Let me tell ya i am supper impressed with this thing. It is called a work sharp. This thisg is awesome. Cabelas has a demo unit that they tell you to bring in a knife and they will sharpen it. I took my 12 in victorinix to a couple different place and they just could not get the thing sharp. I was ready to go and buy a new one. They guy at Cabelas spent ten minutes on it and you could shave with the thing. So i was sold. Went home did all my fillet knives. Knives that I haven't been able to get really sharp in years you can now shave with them. Sunday when i went to clean fish i sliced down and went right through the spine of 2 fish like it wasn't even there. Totally impressed with how sharp this thing got my knives. I did Jon Marvins knifes also with it. Not sure if he has had a chance to try them out.
  14. I had to have a new carb put on . Kept doing the same thing speed would change stalling. Best thing I did hold speed perfectly now.
  15. Line Dancin

    tying 2 colors of lead to copper

    Thanks for the ideas guys greatly appreciated. I want to do this so my son can set lines a little easier.