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  1. Pirate spoons He only made them for about five years in the late 80's. I used to work his booth at the fishing shows.
  2. Where did you order it from? We are having a heck of a time finding whole baits. Everything i am seeing says can't ship to michigan.
  3. 5200 thats it. I do have marine tex in the basement i will probably just use that since i have it already. Thanks everyone.
  4. Yes it is glass. Somone posted something other than marine tex a few years back on the old site and i can't find it on this new site. It was in a tube like silicone and i believe a loctite product.
  5. I am upgrading my fishfinder this year. What is the best way to seal the holes for the old transducers that were on it.
  6. That's kind of the way I was leaning that the little bit wider angle may hold a little longer. But as you said I was worried about the fine cutting like skinning or removing rib bones.
  7. Last year towards the end of the season I bought a work sharp knife sharpener. It is awesome. Question is what is the difference in knife angles? It came with a 40 and 50 included angle . They recommended a 40 in the instructions for fillet knives. and a 50 for hunting /outdoor knives. With the way we fillet salmon taking off the fillet and cutting through the bones would the 50 be better than the 40? I have a couple old knives and sharpened them with the 40 and 50 and they both seem equally as sharp.
  8. Nice job. Hope to be out Saturday morning out of Holland.
  9. Your churches board will pull those no issues. Get some of the steel pins for them if you don't have them.
  10. don't just get meat rigs flies produce tons of fish. Spin doctor and fly combos are awesome. I run a meat rig or two but mostly flasher fly combos.
  11. yeah I like the smallest I can get with a good test pound rating like the vmc sampo or spro.
  12. I have always used just a snap. I learned a long time ago when spoons are designed they are either designed to have the snap or not. If they don't come with one don't add one if they do don't remove it, as it can change the action of the spoon.
  13. A full spool means more line picked up pre crank. I back mine with 50lb pp as 1000 ft of wire will not completely fill a reel. I want the max pickup when I am cranking them in.
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