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  1. It was pretty warm Sunday , seemed to be a lot of boats out , but every one was scattered , no one to the north , I think to to the mud flowing that way .
  2. I also fished south haven Sunday from 11am to 3 pm and did very well , they were about a mile south and in 35-40’, fast and feriuse at times.
  3. This may clarify a lot of things , go ahead and use your boats , you will most likely have to go to court to a case they will most likely be thrown out.
  4. I messaged tackle haven yesterday and they said yes.
  5. Same to you , makes me a little nervous going down there with all what going on , but if I do I will post a report like I used to.
  6. thanks Dennis , I’ve decided this year it’s back to the way we used to do it , pull the boat to the fish instead of slipping and waiting for them to get to holland
  7. Thanks for the report , does anyone know what the schedule is for the railroad trestle, as in when it’s open and when it’s closed , I’m thinking about going Sunday and haven’t been in a few years and my boat will not fit under it.
  8. Yes sir 11.39lbs, it actually had some spawn let in it.
  9. Did a shake down cruise on the DIRTY DOG 3 before putting it in the slip for the season. A fiend and I left the dock around 8:30 after we had a no show and headed south to Saugatuck. We fished 15-25 fow and finished the day going 14 for 17 with 8 coho, 2 nice browns, 2 Lakers and 2 small Kings released Here is a list of what took fish sorry I forgot Peice of paper to take a pic of the baits, next time. 1) Red and Black Thin Fish on a hi line. 2) Gold and Org Thin Fish on a hi line. 3) Margarita Silver Streak mini on a 2 color 4) Smurfet Silver Streak mini on a1 color 5) UV Mixed Vegi Silver Streak mini on a 3 color 6) Hot Lobster Silver Streak mini on a 3 color Direction didn’t matter , down speed was 2.8-3.0 and water temp was 40.4. and hears the catch not a bad 4 hr tour.
  10. LOL , no , but there was a boat that came into Yacht Basin to refuel that was from Wisconsin, and had a very nice box of coho and steelhead . One of the charter capt told me this.
  11. I hear that John , I put 2 bills in it Friday and I think I went Thru almost all of it., but it the weather hold and overtime is reduced, I may just do it Sunday.
  12. Holland 9-23 Had a great day, decided because the reports from 100-200fow have been dismal at best . I decided to Fill the DD3 up and take a long distance run offshore, and it paid off very well with a finish 10 for 18 with only one lake trout , the catch consisted of 3 nice steelhead , 1 lake trout and 5 nice coho. We left the dock around 8 am because im a firm believer the off shore fish bite better later and set up in 215fow and trolled straight west to 270 with only one 9 lb laker to show for it , there was a lot of marks in that area 100 down , just like every one has been seeing in the shallow water for the past month. At this point we made the decision to pull line and make another 12 mile run to 300 ft , at this point we reset and continued our west troll out , we had a fair amount of action but not a lot of fish in the boat , we decided to make a turn back to the east at the 360' area and as soon as we did the action resulted to fish in the box! With two new boat records , one was a 15.3 lb COHO, and the second and most impressive was a 17.41lb steelhead wich will be heading to the taxidermist. We continue to take fish and steady action all the way back to 290' were we ended the day , as a side note , we didn't mark any fish beyond 300 ft. Here is a list of what worked and our two master anglers! 1) Silver Streak UV Blue Dolphin 90 down on a rigger 2) Silver Streak UV Hat aTrick on a 350 copper 3) Silver Streak UV Slap Shot on a 400 copper this was by far the best, it took 9 bites and was ran on both 400 coppers 4) Silver Streak UV Lite Green Diva on a high diver out 200 5) Silver Streak Pink Pantys on a 300 copper I did run higher line , heck every thing from a 100 copper all the way to a 400 in 50' increments but only took fish on the deeper rods. surface temp out there was 72.6 and it was 64.1 at 95 down , best speed was 2.7-3.1 down And here are the two master anglers, and other pics from the day
  13. Sign up thread for August 26 This will be the sign up post for the final event to be held August 26, Morgan's Tackle and Fish Hawk will be the sponsors. I will also award the trophy to the season points champion at this event. With that said who is in? DIRTY DOG Reel Property Screamin Seamen Joel Sanders Offshore Account Not A Clue Reel Nauti Motion Show Mo Fish Happy Daze
  14. We only fish out of Holland , there is a separate league for Muskegon. I believe it is called the Muskegon summer time Challenge.
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