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  1. Fishing is still far out of Holland if you don't mind fishing for a mixed bag. Friday I left the dock at 5:30am with my dad and a couple old friends and set up in 70' near Tunnle park and headed south west. We set up from top to bottom with 4 divers , 6 coppers and 2 riggers and ended the day about 11:30 going 14 for 17 with 2 steelhead , 6 kings 3of them were shakers and let go unharmed, and 6 lake trout. what worked is as follows. 1: Silver Streak Sponge Bob as a slider on a rigger at 60 2: Silver Streak Green Dolphin Glow back on a rigger at 60 3: 8" Closer Spin Dr and Chrome and yellow spin and glow in a rigger on bottom 4: Chrome Dodger and green glow spin and glow on a low diver on bottom 5: Lemon Berry flodger and same spin n glow as above on low diver in bottom 6: Chrome Frog spin dr and pickled sun shine on a hi diver back 200 7: mag Silver Streak S.O.G. Glow on a 250 copper 8: Silver Streak lite green diva on a 200 copper The best depth was 120, speed at the ball was 2.4-2.7 and best direction of troll was S.E.. hope this helps here is a pic of the catch , sorry for not haveing picks of the baits lately but I can't seem to remember to bring a few sheets of copy paper to the boat.
  2. WMFL June 17 sign up thread

    Ok , we fell short of my goal for 15 teams but we have 10, sounds like it may be a little wet so make sure ALL TEAMS STAY ON channel 72 and make sure to monator for weather updates , 3 hrs will constitute a scoreable event.
  3. WMFL June 17 sign up thread

    Ok we are at 9 teams , let's try for 15.
  4. WMFL June 17 sign up thread The next event is this coming weekend June 17 and Big Weenie Brand will be the sponsor , I hope to see every one back this week as Gary and Karen are always very generous. And with that said here are the teams in for this Saturday DIRTY DOG Joel Sanders Happy Daze Wreckless Offshore Pursuit In II Deep Screem in seamen Not A Clue Wild @ Heart Holland Piper
  5. Grand Haven 6-2 thru 6-4 Had the pleasure to be part of the Bigger Bi$$s this weekend for the Grand Haven Offshore Challenge and we did fairly well for our standards. We prefished Friday and started infront of port Sheldon about 6am in 100 ft. On a NW troll and finished a little north of Grand Haven in 280ft around 1pm. The catch that day was 14-17 with 3 coho, 7 kings ranging from 2-14 lbs and 3 lakers from 13-17. Lbs and 1steelhead close to 13 lbs. Saturday we took off from the piers at 6am and ran south to port Sheldon and set up in 80ft and did a NW troll out to 120 picking up a couple small kings by 8 ,so we decide to run back to grand haven and spend the day grinding out the big trout , and had 3 in the box by 10 am when the tournament was cut short do to a storm coming across the lake , we ended up weight 5 fish with 2small kings and 3 big trout in the 8- 16 lbs range. sunday we figured there was now way they would cancel so we wan out to 190 and set a spread from top to bottom , and ended the day 9-12 with 3 salmon and 6 trout Witch was enough to put us in 9th place and 2nd in the 333 we never changed much of you spread all weekend , what work is as follows. 1) UV Yager Bomb on a 7color 2) Sponge Bob on as a slide in a rigger at 55 3) UV Blue Dolphin on a 200 copper 4) Blue Hulk on a rigger at 65 5) Dream catcher spin dr blue spin and glow on a 600 copper with 2 6oz dive bombs 6) Uv Mountain Dew Spin Dr with a chrome yellow spin and glow in a low diver back 670' 7) Closer spin dr with a blue spin n glow back 600 on a low diver. And hear are a few pics of the nicer fish.
  6. Yes both riggers and about 7-8'
  7. No problem , just a suggestion .
  8. I noticed all the shakers last week , I kicked the speed up a a little to the 2.8-3.1 at the ball and got away from them and got a lot more aggressive strike from the mature fish as well , just a thought.
  9. I use eather the ones from Dream Weaver or the Alberta Clippers.
  10. Thanks guys and it was great talking to you at the marina. You guys were slipped next to me.
  11. WMFL May 27 results Sorry for the late update on last Saturday's scores and season totals but here they are. I would also like to congratulate team Wreckless on winning big fish for the day , he fished the smallest boat we have ever had in the league , and did it completely solo, great job sir!
  12. Holland 5-27 & 5-28 Had a pretty good weekend of fishing , fished the WMFL Saturday. We set up in 90' and went on a SW troll out to 140, with a steady pick most of the morning till about 10am when we fell in a dead slump, decide to head out a little more and found a pocket of nice kings in 160 , we finished the morning 10 for 14 with 6 kings and 4 coho ranging from 2-13lbs. And landing us in 3rd place for the day. Sunday I left the dock and headed to the same general area around 6 am with the same similar results ,but smaller in size, we fished from tunnel park to castle park in 120-140 and finished the morning around 11:30 and going 12-16 with with 7 kings and 5 coho from 3-8lbs. I ran the same spread all weekend and this is what took fish Glow Back Green Dolphin silver streak on a rigger down 75 Silver Streak Sponge Bob as a slide set at 65, this was by far the best! Silver Streak Yellow gator as a slider set at 55 Lemon Berry on a 250 copper Miami Dolphin on a 300 copper Mixed Veggies spin Dr with a yellow brad marage on a high diver back 160 Chrome Frog Spin Dr and pickled sunshine fly on a high diver back 20O Direction did not seem to mater but speed did, the most productive speed was 2.9-3.2 on the fish Hawk .
  13. WMFL May 27 sign up thread

    Ok everyone , there is 13 boats in for tomorrow's tournament,and the forcast looks as good as it gets. I would like everyone to make sure they know the rules and if you have any questions ask them at role call in the morning, with that I will see every one at 5:50 am for role call.
  14. WMFL May 27 sign up thread

    Well we are now up to 7 teams , I know a few of you are out dew to mechanical issues and family commitments, but it sure would be great to see 10-15 teams this week. Fishing is as good as it get right now.