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  1. I remember when hunter's dad would look the OTHER way. But them when Hunters Dads, Dad would fall asleep i guess someone had to watch the rods
  2. How about REMOVING these SNOW PICS them MAKE ME ILL LOL
  3. Phistix: How did you make out ? Please keep us posted. I hope and pry it is nothing serious
  4. Ask GLF about sinking in a boat off of Ludington
  5. Nice job mike Need to save about 30 pounds of steaks for a fish boil here. lake trout are really good also
  6. LOL sorry about that I just thought this would get a giggle out of ya
  7. nice story Just throw a cat down there and when the smell is gone let the cat out
  8. <Go to nascar.com and get registered. The name of the league is Great Lakes Fisherman. The password is: bigfish I am still trying to figure everything out there. Sign up if you want to get whipped by my team, GLF Racing > Hummmm !! 8 GLF Racing 10 26 L6 17,225 looks like a whipping not a whopped lol Nice try though son
  9. I switched from Verizon to Alltel and couldn't be happier. I have had a lot of the others and i will stick with Alltel !!
  10. I have one in the bottom of LaKE Michigan near Manistee in about 800 feet of water But i think the one i had was wireless and just hooked up on a cannon ball. Then it transmitted the readings to the receiver in the boat.
  11. Hi all I used to have a charter fishing business in Manistee, Mi In the 80's I now live near Canton Ohio and do not fish to much any more:( I still have quite a bit of fishing equipment left (Mostly Lures) My new passion horses but i still think of the great lakes and some tiems wish to be back on them Gary
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