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  1. Ok, so what are your Ham call's? KA9QWV here. JC
  2. Hey Tony, I think We came into the dock when you all were there! Thanks to your crew for their help tying up. We had a blast in Ludingto this past week... JC
  3. Hey Todd good talking too you out on the water this AM. we ended up 3/4 taking the last one a nice 8lb steelie while we were still chatting. on the radio. The 2 kings would be in the 14 to 15lb range. All 4 of our hits came on the North troll white & orange spin dr & a glow Squid, glow green 00 dodger & a gotcha mystic fly, and a small white hooticie mama & red squid. The run back in was fun more 3 footers than one footers. will have to see if it lays down this afternoon. will call you on 05 when out or pm me & I'll give you my cell# JC
  4. Thanks Todd, we were out today as well but i think we hit the water too late at 6;30am. we'll be out earlier in the AM. JC
  5. Thanks Terry, we picked up the Hot lure & the direction to head.
  6. Well got to the cabin around 8pm & discovered one of the downrigger pulleys had come loose on the way up. went up to Capt Chucks but they closed at 8. will hit hem up in the morning & hopefully get out tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Will be in Ludington Next week have room for a rider or two. Never fished Ludington in my own boat, anybody want to show me the ropes? or anyone mind if I follow you out? Let me know, send me a PM, or respond here, leaving tonight will check in along the way. If interested PM me with your phone # and I'll call you. Vacation... Finally.... JC
  8. I had an OMC 800 on my SeaStar, and it was a workhorse. Even when I hit a sunken pier post and threw out my reverse in St Joe, we were able to fish all day (didn't know reverese was gone until we tried to get back into the slip) But parts and repairs weren't cheap for it . I still have a couple of website links that offer OEM, and rebuilt OMC stuff if anyone needs them send me an email or PM. JC
  9. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families. I guess what I don't understand is were they coming in on plane, or were they heading out? If heading out how fast would they have been going? But all the technology in the world cannot replace good ole horse sense.
  10. Now that I have thought about it and read your guys posts it makes sense that there would always be fish out deep. But Like Mainiac says why drive over fish... Thansk Fellas!
  11. Ok had a service guy from Wi. in the shop this week, and he was saying that the fish have went deep already? I'm thinking this is a bit early, but he proceded to tell me how his brother and another guy were already fishing 150ft + with a great deal of success. I'm thinking they might be fishing for Lakers, but from what I have experienced in the past, looking at the surface temps, and the reports on here, I think the fish are still in close at least for another month or so. What do you all think?
  12. Sweet... way to get after them! Ditto on what Mark said. We often find ourselves breaking from the herd and catching fish.
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