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  1. Sorry.. I had a family emergency over the holidays and it actually slipped my mind getting back to you. I'll x all you sunday and we wil work out how to get them to you
  2. Port austin was my main port from 94 thru 06'. Tell me it's not a ghost town. Hell they even turned the light in town off. It's a shadow of its pre collapse days. I still fish it a few times a year but it will never be the mainstay port it used to be.
  3. Op if all that's left is lakers and steel. You will fall off the map just like Rogers city and port austin. Any one can go out of those cities and get lakers and steel head. But they both died with the salmon fishing
  4. Yes sorry if it falls thru I'll pm u after Christmas
  5. We're are you from. They are in rochester. But I go all over the state for work
  6. 2 functioning DT II's and 1 extra display\cpu box. $300 also 2 converted to Marlin 20's with out auto stop .150 Steve Kelly if you have any questions feel free to call. 248-840-8841
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