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  1. I've got 12-31 and 2-4 but never January. I'm game...
  2. 9/10 this morning. Four 16" kings, all natives, and five Lakers @ 4, 9, 10, 12, and 15.76#. We were throwing the boat out of gear to fight those, which stuck to the bottom like glue. Would have loved to keep a few. Jerry Lee mini streak took five, blue rapala two, magnum mongoose stinger, black river rocker, and black prism junior thunderstick a hit each. Spoons were one color cores. Fished 15-20' then tried the beach for browns, ended up with two kings in 4-5'. Kept the last two kings for dinner.
  3. Saturday looks good. At least between the waves laying down and the rain starting. Anyone else thinking about it?
  4. Saturday looks good. At least between the waves laying down and the rain starting. Anyone else thinking about it?
  5. Full, because I'vé always done it. Never had a fuel related issue.
  6. 3/3, 5# steel ön a magnum mongoose stinger slide diver back 50 out 15. 7# steel j-11 black silver rap 35' off a yellow bird. Released a small brown mixed veggie mini streak off rigger. Ãll fish close to pier in 15' őr só. Laps around bubbler while in warmer water nothing going, although tons of marks on bottom. Anyone wanting to jig whities would be a good place to look.
  7. Have big note on the fridge saying "boat not winterized". Thanks for the reports going to try to get back.out still...
  8. Fished Thursday am 10-20' from Holland south. 0/1, broke off a large laker 2' from netting it. Hit a gold red herring bone thin fish.
  9. Slightly better this year. Fewer and smaller steel. Not enough kings either year. Brown fishing best I''ve had both years. Out of the 150 fish over the last two years, over 100 were Brown's.
  10. Two weeks of north and east winds are not typical now. Usually there's 60 degree water 80' deep and a thermocline out from there.
  11. We were out too, three for six boards being best. Mini streaks and rapalas. Got a Sheep, heavy Brown, throw back king. Lost a small Brown, another dink, and a dark king pushing 20#.
  12. Pier might be good. Jerry Lee Mimi streaks on one color cores and j 11 rapalas 100' off yellowbirds might work. Trolling a bit faster than normal could help.
  13. Before we knew it was you we saw you trolling back into them. My crew said "that doesn't look like much fun". We tried later. It wasn't.
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