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  1. Nice job to all that joined the group.
  2. Great Reports from all
  3. Wow, nice fish. So there may still be hope for the lake.
  4. Not able to do this event, youngest is running the 25k river bank. Maybe the next one.
  5. Sounds better than work. Good job
  6. Beautiful day, was in the same water on a friend 's boat for his shake down. Very similar results. One here , one there. That morning frost was thick
  7. very "cool"
  8. Here are the spoons that worked.
  9. I pass you by the airport, had to run back out to put stuff away from last night at lunch time. I'm sure it was just wet and cold out.
  10. Holland 4-12-17 PM N II Deep Shake-Down Great night out for a shakedown trip. Alex and Jim Bobber tagged along for the 1st trip of the year, thanks guys left dock about 5:45 back at pier head by sunset. We ran straight out of Holland and sat down in 198 just inside a few other boats and headed W - SW SOG 2.6 - 2.8 Hot rod of the night 7 color with a Silver Streak Mini copper back Orange White (will post pic later of spoons) Went 3 times 2- coho 1-long skinny Steelhead. 3 color went once similar spoon 150 copper went once another orange / copper back spoon riggers never went, did not run any divers. Boat ran as it should, nice and smooth.
  11. I switched all of my copper / lead cores over to these rods. http://www.basspro.com/Offshore-Angler-Power-Plus-Trophy-Class-Boat-Conventional-Rod/product/2231540/ have yet to break one. I had three of the Okuma GL rods break, one rigger & two copper.
  12. same as flies,, Noodle, with slit . put the paddle in the slit and wrap the fly or meat rig around the noodle.
  13. Holland DNR gate was open to fish cleaning station on Sunday, not sure if they had the water and power on.
  14. Wow, new item just added to my bucket list "spring trip to Lake 'O' Thanks for sharing the pictures.