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    I have been in the metal turning industry for 20+ years. just started fishing in 2009.
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  1. 2017 Bigwater Catches

    Thanks for the share
  2. Holland 9-23

    Very nice Terry, sounds like fun but Nii deep is out of fuel funds for the year and for me that would be a 2-bill trip....
  3. Copper Rods

    http://www.basspro.com/shop/en/offshore-angler-power-plus-trophy-class-boat-conventional-rod I have 13 of these rods, looks like they are only available in store all in 7 foot one pc, ss eyelets. bought my first 2 rods six years ago, no issues so I just keep adding more each year. the price was around 35 each had 6 of the okuma GL classic copper rods, 3 broken tips during first year, local dealer did replace, then sold them all.
  4. nice job on the Kings Ken.
  5. ouch, did same thing this spring.
  6. Copper Line Guides

    Use the stainless. And bigger the eyes the better.
  7. Nice work on the Lakers. Looks like you had a great time.
  8. Yes, Raspberry Pi board, and a 7" touch screen
  9. WMFL June 17 sign up thread

    N II Deep is in
  10. Once we do a couple more test runs with it I will put a post out on what we did. what I can say right now we are less than $1000 into it minus our labor. the key was keeping it simple.
  11. Production has been limited to one unit. but I may share a few pointer for you Shane.
  12. Holland 6-3-17 N II Deep Did a late morning trip to play with our new homemade autopilot. Fished north between Tunnel Park to PS, 55 to 75 FOW Ended up 6 for 7, pulling lines by 11:30 Wire divers went 2 times 8" mix veggie Spin Doc with pickle sunshine fly out 120-ish 150 Copper went twice Green spoon with orange ladder, blue spoon with orange ladder Riggers down 40 went 3 times mix veggie std size. the prototype autopilot worked great I attached a video where you can see the touch screen behind the wheel that controls the hyd system that holds the course. we want to do a few more software updates to the program logic before we do the final install. 20170603_083411.mp4
  13. Nice job to all that joined the group.