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    I have been in the precision metal machining industry for 30+ years. started fishing in 2009.
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  1. We had a bat come aboard about 10 years ago when we did the West Michigan Fishing League. very calm, foggy day, it was about 3 miles off shore. it was very tired. trapped it in a cardboard box, kept it in the darker cabin, then released at the fish cleaning station back of the lot in the wooded area. left the box, came back a few hours later, it was gone...
  2. left dock 7:30 return 4 pm. with two man limit........................... had seven by noon should have called it a day then................... lost three fish could of been in by noon.............. covered both north and south of pier head, 10 foot to 55 foot. any thing orange. riggers, high lines 2 and 3 colors one nice king rest coho
  3. look at the GPS info Capt. Jeff was all of 260' he was only showing the top 30 feet on his graph. and I think they have moved on already, I was out Monday night in 220-250 straight out of Holland. 3 for 3. 1 Hoe, 1 Steely - that put up a nice dance show, and a dink that went back in. thanks for the report Jeff.
  4. on the front dash is two silverware drawer bins with spoons and/or plugs for the day, and flashers and flies wrapped up around short sections of swim noodles.
  5. Holland DNR ramp is being used at your own risk, the water level changes day to day. last I looked only the start of the docks were under water. they are very slick. if you use them be very carefull
  6. I run the church boards walleye size. replace the plastic pin in the back with a Stainless steel pin. as for the Tx-44 I had two sets. did not like the way they pulled, keep wanting to dive. lost one, still have 3. but I found them to be a pain. the Walleye boards I have had no issues. I have boards that are over 10 years old.
  7. I have used these from Dreamweaver for fixed sliders, they work great.
  8. it was that way first thing yesterday Tuesday morning. I drove thru to take a picture before they had closed the ramp. 3 families of geese swam in front of me in the parking lot by the guard shack. another 4" and most of the docks at yacht basin will be under water.
  9. over three seasons on Blood Run Mono. very happy with the performance.
  10. Not a fan. here is why all of us that would by a stamp to run 6 rods great, Low-life "Sam" does not, but still runs 6 rods. so now the DNR will stop a random boat with one person on board that appears to have a 6 rod spread out. I'm not going to be very happy to keep being pulled over to see if I have a stamp or not. make it all or nothing. charge everyone higher fee and move the rod limit to 6 or leave it alone. this shall not become a buy up by choice option, as it will be impossible to enforce.
  11. The Wife and I went out for what will be our last trip of the season, on the 5th time this year the boat has fished. 9:30 am left dock started in 200 worked out to 260ish 150 copper double orange crush mini spoon = small coho diver 205 back set on 3 8" mixed veg spin doc - blue fly = small king 3 color mixed veg spoon = other small coho plenty of bugs, and small birds. had not been fishing since Vet outing in July. great day on water
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