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  1. over three seasons on Blood Run Mono. very happy with the performance.
  2. you will be very happy with Capt. Mark good luck with your trip
  3. Not a fan. here is why all of us that would by a stamp to run 6 rods great, Low-life "Sam" does not, but still runs 6 rods. so now the DNR will stop a random boat with one person on board that appears to have a 6 rod spread out. I'm not going to be very happy to keep being pulled over to see if I have a stamp or not. make it all or nothing. charge everyone higher fee and move the rod limit to 6 or leave it alone. this shall not become a buy up by choice option, as it will be impossible to enforce.
  4. The Wife and I went out for what will be our last trip of the season, on the 5th time this year the boat has fished. 9:30 am left dock started in 200 worked out to 260ish 150 copper double orange crush mini spoon = small coho diver 205 back set on 3 8" mixed veg spin doc - blue fly = small king 3 color mixed veg spoon = other small coho plenty of bugs, and small birds. had not been fishing since Vet outing in July. great day on water
  5. not sure if he is still running a charter boat but try Aaron Hendrickdson Big Arn Charters. He bought my old boat from me about 5 years ago. http://wfxd.com/category/featured/business-matters/big-arns-charters/
  6. thanks Tung. glad to see you are still at it.
  7. Late start had to wait for fuel dock to open fished 10am to 1pm set down 50 fow half way to Saugatuck trolled without a bump. made the turn just south of Saugatuck pier head moved into to 30 ft of water right in front of the pier head 5 color went ripping caramel dolphin = 12# King. no other hits, pulled lines had a lively 9" king on a rigger that was released. good day on the water, no issues with the boat.
  8. any body doing good headed toward Port Sheldon? in that same depth range?
  9. nice work Terry. I hope to get out this weekend.
  10. I put a fish hawk x4 on the boat 3 years ago, would not fish with out it now. no issues at all with the newer style screen and the new style probe is great compared to the older versions. no leaks. much better design, price point is not that bad for the x4. I had the older fish hawk version on my last boat with the older probes. it leaked and you would go thru 2-3 9V per season. and the 9v terminal would need to be repaired once in a while.
  11. Hi Bob, welcome to GLF. What you suggest is a good starting point, but if you are buying new line I suggest the 32# super coppers. It is much easier to deploy and the depth curve is very similar. I run all Blood Run Product and have had very good luck with it. send me a PM with your current number, once I launch the boat would be great to get you out a find out what your up to these days. Jon M
  12. JD - go to the GR show and talk to Chip @ Sliver Streak. or if you have Terry Dirty Dog's number give him a call.
  13. Had a shepherd mix as a kid and would take with me for small game. Dog was so fast they would kill the squirrel before it would get up a tree.
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