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  1. I guess I didn't know how to insert video....sorry Mod please delete
  2. We went out of Holland a couple weeks ago, just getting the video to share here.....been a while since Ive posted. (lost my login info) This was my son's first trip out. We joined up with my friend Aaron and put a few in the box. Hope you enjoy, video is 11 minutes....kinda long but it was a fun day.
  3. Stocking up on tackle is about it for now. Looking forward to getting out with the boat soon as ice leaves.
  4. Sorry to hear of your fire, they can be devastating. (We had a shop fire in 1974) Glad to hear that your family is safe, that is the most important thing of all. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  5. *EDIT* It turns out that all 3 were Coho's. (Thanks Nailer for the fish I.D. schoolin )
  6. Bill, any chance you have a picture showing how your downriggers are mounted on your Thompson?
  7. I think you are right Mike, I can feel an addiciton starting
  8. I got invited by a friend to go to St. Joe today to go fishing for trout/salmon. Prior to today, I have never caught a Lake Michigan trout/Salmon. On our way out a guy told us he limited out, south of the channel and in shallow, so we took his advice and headed that way. We were fishing in 20-23 FOW when we landed our first 3 (and only) fish. We had a couple more hits, but didn't land any more. Those 3 consisted of 2 cohos and a steelhead, caught on a orange jointed rapala, a red thin fish, and a firetiger husky jerk. My two friends caught the cohos. After we got to the launch a guy told us we should have headed 4 miles north, everyone limited out there.....oh well, just my luck. Although this "report" isn't as good as some.....catching my very first steelhead ever made it a success to me.
  9. Not yet Jim. I kinda put that project on hold to see if I need a kicker motor mount back there instead. I got a trolling plate from Nailer and if that slows the boat down enough then I'll go ahead with the cooler rack back there.
  10. Here's mine. 19', 1985 Thompson Cutlass. 4cylinder Mercruiser I/O. Set up with a set of 3 Tite-Lok rod holders on each side and a single out each rear corner. Lowrance HDS5 Lake Insight......and a big beer cooler, for fish of course.
  11. Nice pictures, but that second one is exceptionally nice!
  12. My local wal-Mart did not have them so I went to Gander Mtn. I bought the package of 4 and it seems it was about $24.00. I took my old outdated ones to the local fire dept. so they could get rid of them. Although I thought about keeping them around for the 4th of July.
  13. When I bought my boat, it came with the following that I'd like to sell. I am using offshore planer boards instead. I was asking $125.00 but I really don't know what a fair price is .....just a guess. I am open to offers, and trades. If I get the $125.00 then I will donate $25.00 back to this site. Please respond via PM. I live near Lansing, you will need to pick up or we can meet part way. Thanks.
  14. Link http://flintsteelheaders.com/spring_show.htm
  15. I'm headed that way too on Saturday, should be fun.
  16. One must stay hydrated for a long day on the water. I'm like most, I need my GPS/Sonar....and a detailed lake map is a must for me.
  17. Boat never got unready.... I'm itchin to go fishin as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
  18. I attended the Lansing one tonight, I didn't know what to expect.....but after sitting through the first one it was well worth my time. I'll definately go back for parts 2 & 3.
  19. Congratulations Nick! Being a dad is the hardest job you'll ever love!
  20. That's me! I'll keep the link for the drag upgrade in the event I need to do it....or decide to do it anyway.
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