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  1. I got skunked both times on Lk. Michigan this year. Last year I averaged two fish per trip. But due to health issues at home, my trips were far fewer than last year.
  2. Finally made the first trip of the year on the big lake, and went 0 for 0 (unless you count the three balloons I pulled out of the lake). Marked fish in 60 to 90 FOW, all huggin the bottom. Threw everything at them, spoons, flies, body baits, but could not get anything to go. Varied speed betwen 2.2-3.0 and changed directions many times. But it was a beautiful night and got to spend some time with my dad. Hope some of you had better luck!
  3. I agree. I have yet to venture out this year because of time, but am not chomping at the bit like I normally am because of the reports coming in. I still enjoy catching lakers and like to eat one here and there, but silver fish are what gets my heart pumping. It's hard to say what the season will hold, we will know more when the season is over. I too hope more silver will show up. Good luck to all!
  4. Nice haul, Ed. Great time with the family, thanks for sharing!
  5. Don't forget the life jackets. I did that once the first trip. Luckily I remembered before we got the boat in the water.
  6. Gord, I have always loved looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
  7. Nice! I went rabbit hunting yesterday. Took my dog out for the first time. She put one out in front of me, but didn't like the sound of the shotgun. She slept good list night. Nice job on the squirrels. Great way to spend a winters day.
  8. Nice job, and nice story too!
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    Nice Buck Ed! Good Luck on Saturday. Should be fun with some snow on the ground.
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